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Tournament hosted by Apagogie, cromagnet, and Jett
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Welcome to the first edition of Unofficial Metagames Premier League (UMPL)! This is an all-out team tournament among players from 1v1, Anything Goes, ZU, and NFE, who will compete in a 5-week round robin. The top 3 teams will then move on to playoffs, where the winning team will be crowned UMPL champions!

Here's a few things to remember:
- A replay / log must be saved of your match or it will be considered invalid. No exceptions.
- General tournament rules and regulations apply. Pokemon Showdown is the default simulator for all metagames unless both parties agree. If you play on anywhere that isn't PS! you must save a log of the match. All matches are best of one, except for 1v1 slots, which are best of five.

We reserve the right to judge any individual match on a case by case basis, regardless of assumed precedence set. If you don't like that, you are welcome to not play. Be aware of this.

To protect yourself as much as possible from DCs and timer issues, play on Showdown (because it has an at least semi reliable system of rejoining after a DC) and make a gentleman's agreement to not hit timer.

Regarding time outs, they are a bit more complex, specifically because some timeouts are due to DCs. The best we can do for this scenario is say that there is some number between 1 minute and 2 minutes (which we will not publicize) that we will set as a limit for timing out, and if you timeout with more than that limit time remaining, we'll assume it is a DC, whereas the opposite is a true timeout. A true timeout defaults to a loss, while the DC timeout is prone to the DC rules.


(3) The Gliding Grookey vs. The Aesthetic Articuno (5)
SS 1v1: Itchyy vs Potatochan
SS 1v1: Close vs Bilbooo

SS AG: Fardin vs WSun1
SS AG: PinkDragonTamer vs Bread Sandwich
SS NFE: frisoeva vs tlenit
SS NFE: 85percent vs professor tox
SS ZU: EviGaro vs 5gen
SS ZU: TJ vs Quagg


(6) The Mankey Monkes vs The Star Road Lunala (2)
SS 1v1: Bopher vs BlanchedAlmond
SS 1v1: Scraftionite vs D2TheW
SS AG: Royal1604 vs lotiasite
SS AG: Serene Grace vs Shivam3299
SS NFE: Skysolo vs King Leo V
SS NFE: ojr vs xavgb
SS ZU: yovan33321 vs Hys
SS ZU: Fille vs czim


(4) We Sawk! vs The Zealous Zweilous (4)
SS 1v1: smely socks vs Maki
SS 1v1: Mubs vs Mishlef
SS AG: Geysers vs Fc
SS AG: Rotten vs 64 Squares
SS NFE: S1nn0hC0nfirm3d[/USER] vs Greybaum
SS NFE: Rav3ndan vs pileosand
SS ZU: Feliburn vs pattek
SS ZU: daniYSB vs Landon

Deadline is May 2 at 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4)
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ZU predicts

SS ZU: yovan33321 vs Hys

ZUPL GOAT vs NFEPL GOAT. Would normally be hard to pick between them but they are playing ZU so I'll have to hand it to yovan here. Yovan is pretty unorthodox as a builder and doesnt have a ton of experience with SSZU but he has been more invested than Hys. Although, Hys has better build support from Czim and is a good player overall so there could always be an upset. and Yovan is perhaps due to have some bad luck after his double freeze last week lol

SS ZU: Fille vs czim

Another NFE vs ZU main pairing but the sides are reversed this time. Czim has proven track record to be a very competent player and easily in the top 5 ZU players in general so I have little doubt they will come out on top here.

SS ZU: Feliburn vs pattek
Felburn has great build support from Ho3n, DaniYSB, and Rav3ndan, and is the better player.

SS ZU: daniYSB vs Landon

HL Match. This is the only one that is a pure tossup. Landon recently won ZU Open and is very solid in general. Problem here is because Landon doesn't have a solid second ZU slot, he is somewhat isolated when it comes to teambuilding and testing while Dani has ZUTL Ho3nconfirm3d backing him up. This vulnerability was somewhat apparent week 1 imo and could very well become an issue for the Zwelis again.

SS ZU: EviGaro vs 5gen
SS ZU: TJ vs Quagg

Not really gonna comment on these since they are my team. I will however say that these are hype matchups and will be incredibly fun to watch. Good luck to everyone this week!
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ag predicts, take these with a grain of salt, these are just for fun

SS AG: Fardin vs WSun1 - really hype matchup. i think fardin is the most accomplished player in ss and has the best hold on the meta in terms of playing and building. will is still somehow underrated but i think he's extremely solid overall and should give fardin a good fight. this matchup probably depends on either a) how many sheer colds are used and b) whether these sheer colds are coming from kyurems or laprases.

SS AG: PinkDragonTamer vs Bread Sandwich - agl's really good, especially in the teambuilding department, but the combination of pdt's play + fardin's teams is basically unstoppable and there's hardly any people i would bold against pdt. this ag core is definitely the strongest in the tour.

SS AG: Geysers vs Fc - another very cool matchup, one where i'm particularly keen on seeing the teams that are brought. im still not fully sold on geysers as a builder but last week his play and build were definitely very strong, netting him a solid w vs royal with some innovation as well. on the other hand, fc is who i'd consider the second best in ss behind fardin (debatable tho). his teams always look very nice and he backs that up with polished play.

SS AG: Guard vs 64 Squares - 64 is undoubtedly good but his ss knowledge is a bit lacking, which i think will make a matchup against guard a very uphill battle. guard is like 10-1 atm between the three most recent team tours (including this) and i have no reason to believe that anything will change for the rest. fantastic builder and player all around, but 64 shouldn't be counted out either imo.

hype games all around, good luck to everyone :)
My NFE predict score is rn 1-3 with two games doesn't count since there were subs involved. There were some upsets and misprediction on my part, so I'm getting punished for that. I learned my lesson to not underestimate some players, so a rough start for me. Btw I don't ever do an even mu ratio. It's kinda lame and doesn't add any pressure or hype.

SS NFE: Frisoeva vs Tlenit (45:55)
Probably a highlight match in terms of the strongest players that isn't an NFE mainer. Both of them are excellent tournament players for their own right. The matchup itself is interesting to say at least. Both of them share similar strong points as players, particularly prefer defense over offense so it indicates the match will be a long, slow one as I see it. They have also brought unusual/uncommon pokemon before, but in Tlenit's case, he hasn't brought anything unusual recently. I'll note though that the team Tlenit used in w1 was also used at NFE open, supported by 85%. Funny enough 85% did also support Friso at NFEPL IV. Sounds like 85% is trying to plot his dominance in NFE somehow, somewhere...

All jokes aside, this is going to be an interesting one. I'll give Tlenit a slight advantage for the fact he's more recently involved in NFE as opposed to Frisoeva and the recency bias from w1 ofc. I'm 15% sure on who will win, but 85% more sure that this is a must-watch match that people should take notice of. It's going to be a good one, that's for sure.

SS NFE: 85percent vs Professor Tox (55:45)
85% really dipped in week 1 and made predicting harder for me. Anyway, I've still lacked info on what type of player 85% is, so it's hard to figure out if he's better than Tox. His builds however are obviously proved to be superior to Tox's builds and that alone makes me believe he has more chance to win. It's not one-sided at all though since Tox has the Quag support. Quag knows 85% the closest out of anyone in NFE, so I expect Quag involves to help Tox preparing against 85%. This is why it may be closer than you think since 85% should be pressured by having to deal with one of his closest friends supporting his opponent. I'll still give the favour to 85%, but Tox has a huge chance to win his first UMPL match.

SS NFE: Skysolo vs King Leo V (52:48)
Last time I saw these two fight against each other was at NFEPL IV, where Leo won and prevented the morgrems from advancing to finals lol. So it's interesting to see them meeting again, although at a different tier. I believe both of them are aggressive, pivotal type of players but can play the long game as it depends on the teams they will be using. I'll give Skysolo the edge on teambuilding even if his teams are basic af, especially if Leo is going to bring any type of stuff like the Sliggo set that he brought from NFEPL IV once again. Otherwise, both are excellent players in their own right, and it's probably going to be the closest MU in this week. I think it boils down to who has the momentum at the early-midgame, and the clear advantage at the endgame. I don't completely trust what I said though, which why I'll definitely watch this match live lol.

SS NFE: Ojr vs Xavgb (40:60)
After talking with Jett about Ojr, remembering that NFE is relative an easy tier to learn(play nfe btw), and even experienced players can win over NFE mainers, I was too harsh on Ojr lol. But being realistic, I don't see Ojr having a good chance over Xavgb. Xavgb is basically the better NFE player, more versatile on his builds, and has much better support. It's like Xavgb is slightly better in everything over Ojr in NFE. But everyone is suspected to be upset with this player pool, and I hope Ojr will take this upset even if it goes against my prediction. For MU wise, it's been so long since I've seen/fought Ojr while I've already told about Xavgb in w1, so no talking from me here. Xavgb is the supposed winner, but Ojr can still have a chance to win.

SS NFE: S1nn0hC0nfirm3d vs Greybaum (58:42)
I was not left with a happy impression on both of them from w1. But I think I'll like this matchup, and I don't know why really. It's a matchup I could love to watch all day lol. I think Ho3n has a slight advantage at a lot of things over Greybaum. Stronger teams, skill level, making better plays, more experience, etc. Just slightly of course. Frankly tho the matchup is something I'm very unsure about. Both players can always make whatever type of teams they can make. But I've taken notice that Greybaum has been building teams focused on breaking the common defensive teams while Ho3n has built in more favor of staying bulkier. This doesn't help me exactly to pinpoint the matchup, but I'm holding an eye. What I've hoped for both of them is having a better performance from week 1. From ho3n going for HJK(hard read I think?) in turn 2 and then got cornered right after, and Greybaum making such passive plays around mid-game. Otherwise, this is a matchup I've always wanted for no reason lmao. Ho3n is the clearer winner over Greybaum though.

SS NFE: Rav3ndan vs Pileosand (52:48)
Pileosand took an upset while Rav3 took a much weaker win. But frankly, this prediction is where I'm most unsure of. Both of them are players I've always felt like I can't explain properly. What I was right though was Pileosand brought one unused pokemon while I expected Rav a more normal bulkier archetype of a team which I was right too. I think both of them are extremely even in NFE. So if I have to actually pick between one of them, I'll predict for Rav3ndan. I think Rav3 has a little better team structure and is more prepared over what Pileosand will bring with Ho3n support. Ho3n and Pileosand share some similarities in their teambuilding in short, at least what I see. I think as the same or even closer than Leo vs Skysolo. I'm very invested to watch this match for my own personal reasons. It's a close one that I don't even know who will win.

This week is much closer than week 1, and I'm personally excited to watch all of them. My reasoning is different, but let's just I'll finally learn more about the players I don't know and some matchups I wanted to see. Good luck to everyone, I'm hyped up to watch all of it.
Also, this is my 69th post. Nice.
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pileo predicts but again, even less effort edition

frisoeva vs tlenit - id honestly put this game at a 50/50 but im not going with the cop out of no prediction so im going with my gut of tlenit because ???

85percent vs professor tox - i hope 85 plays this week, should be a good game, i slightly favor tox but its really really close

Skysolo vs King Leo V - skysolo had a really strong performance last week, and again it is not playoffs so leo is not at full strength

ojr vs xavgb - i know better than to bet against stresh


formerly professor tox
After going 0-1 in games I actually called that didn't get subbed out, hopefully I'll do better this week x) and not see any more subs

SS NFE: frisoeva vs tlenit
Friso's performance last weak tbqh was pretty weak. The team he built seemed odd, and I know his building style is more...avant-garde than most x) but it's really only cool to build out of the box when you win, and they didn't. tlenit was as solid as ever last week, and bias aside since they are my teammate I have no reason to think that they will do any worse this week. This is one of the highlight matches of the week and I hope both players give it everything they've got, but I have to give the advantage to tlenit since they put in a stronger week 1.

SS NFE: 85percent vs professor tox
No comment x)

SS NFE: Skysolo vs King Leo V
Similar to friso/tlenit, Skysolo was solid in week 1 and Leo was not. Similarly as well, Leo tried to get cute with his building by using Sliggoo and Skysolo on the other hand used a very balanced BO team. Leo is more than capable of doing well in this tournament, but consistency is key in NFE and I don't think Leo has shown anything to signal he can get the W here.

SS NFE: ojr vs xavgb
As pileo said, it's always hard to bet against stresh. ojr unfortunately was unable to play week one due to scheduling conflicts, but he's back for week 2 against the most difficult opponent in the draw. I think ojr is a great player who is very good and he has probably (one of) the best NFE support squads in the tournament. However, he's playing against stresh, and while stresh has bemoaned the mediocrity of Gen 8 NFE, he still puts out consistently innovative squads and plays at a very high level. It will be hard to best him

SS NFE: S1nn0hC0nfirm3d vs Greybaum
Both players lost their first round games and they'll be hungry for a win here in week 2. It's hard for me to judge who here has the upper hand, as I think both are great players and great builders in their own regard. I don't like saying a game is necessarily a tossup, but here I think both are fairly equal and are more than capable of getting a win.

SS NFE: Rav3ndan vs pileosand
It's always difficult to predict a pileosand game as they, while being a great player, they have a tendency to be a bit inconsistent in their quality of play. However, after a very strong week one where they defeated friso, I think they go into this second week with the ability to get another win. Rav also won his week one, beating Fille in a one-sided game. It's hard to judge where both players are this week but honestly, again I do think this is capable of going either way. Both have solid NFE support and both are coming off a good win, so I'm excited to see how this goes down!
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