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I stand by "spinblocker" and "wallbreaker" without either a hyphen or a space. Using a space instead of a hyphen is grammatically incorrect and also not common terminology. We are suggesting the coined terms spinblocker, wallbreaker, and stallbreaker (among other similarly formed ones) on the fact that they are coined. None of them are to be capitalized, and moves are only to be capitalized when they are fully instanced. (ie. Rotom-H can block Rapid Spin, Scizor can Baton Pass Swords Dance boosts, etc.)
How is it grammatically incorrect to say spin blocker over spinblocker? in fact it's wrong of us to actually use spinblocker without having to first coin the word itself, which really says quite a bit about it. Once again i'm not for using non-words in an analysis and then just coining them because our writers refuse to do something correctly. Just because it is a norm for a user to put spinblocker doesn't mean we should use it, we should use the best grammar and prose when checking and editing sets, and unfortunately spinblocker doesn't fall under the best.

As to Genny's point --

There are many things that are used incorrectly insofar as you are claiming it as a problem. STAB, for instance, is something that we allow as an adjective, when that which it abbreviates is not an adjective. Same Type Attack Bonus is a noun, yet we even go so far as to use it as a noun to entirely replace the word "attack" as a "STAB". (Again, another incorrect coined way to describe something) I think that the introduction of new words as coined terms is entirely legitimate; this is how new words are introduced in many different communities and endeavors. (such as Physics, a career I am very familiar with)
STAB, OHKO, sweeper, tank, wall, all of these are pokemon jargon. These aren't made up words, we're just using them in a different way. (Also STAB and OHKO are acronyms but they are still words I guess?) Comparing something like wallbreaker to sweeper is silly, since they're two different things (one's a real word while the other is not)

The community has "coined" words before (outspeed), so I don't see why the same can't apply to "wallbreaker/spinblocker/etc".
I also don't think we should be using outspeed as I mentioned earlier. The correct term is outpace or outrun, or if someone really wants to use it then out speed.
Coined terms such as wallbreaker, stallbreaker, spinblocker, outspeed, etc. should definitely be allowable, as they are Pokemon jargon just as much as STAB, OHKO, sweeper, tank, and wall are. They're generally accepted, and they're also fairly self-explanatory, so there's no issue of "confusing new users."
Okay, so basically terms like "wallbreaker" are just as acceptable as terms like "SubSeeder" and "RestTalker". All are coined terms, and none are actual words in the English language. One might argue that the latter are both "Pokemon jargon" as opposed to the former; however, I do not see how this can be true as "wallbreaker" defines a Pokemon designed especially to KO opposing defensive Pokemon.

I also, for the record, oppose the banning of coined terms on the basis that they make analyses and articles look "unprofessional" for the reasons that SDS has stated.


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Frankly, I don't understand how "sweeper," "tank," and "wall" can be considered to be Pokemon jargon while terms such as "wallbreaker" is not.

"Wall" is a coined term by the community used to describe a Pokemon that is exclusively defensive. Similarly, "wallbreaker" is a cointed term by the community used to describe a Pokemon that excells at beating "walls." It's true that "wallbreaker" is not a real word, but I do not think that really matters in this instance; the meaning is clear.

If we are aiming to be grammatically correct, we should use a hyphen: "wall-breaker." I'm willing to let this slide though since the terms in question are already coined and commonly used.
Coined terms are generally accepted in our analyses, so it is completely fine to use them in our analyses. "Spinblocker" is fine, we don't need to use "spin blocker". Also, if a user doesn't understand what "spinblocker", "wallbreaker", or "SubSeed", etc, means, there is a dictionary written specifically for these terms. If a reader doesn't understand these terms, all they have to do is look here and all goes well.
Genny said:
How is it grammatically incorrect to say spin blocker over spinblocker? (...)
The part of my post that you quoted doesn't even say that. It isn't even relevant in terms of grammatical pretenses in the argument between "spin blocker" or "spinblocker". The only argument that can be made here objectively is that spinblocker is not an actual word. My counterargument to that, however, is that it is a coined term much like the dozens upon dozens of other coined Pokemon jargon we use, making it completely fair game.
Genny said:
STAB, OHKO, sweeper, tank, wall, all of these are pokemon jargon. (...)
They are different, but they're all Pokemon jargon. That's exactly the point, and exactly why wallbreaker, stallbreaker, and spinblocker should be allowed just like outspeed. It's important to balance what the community actually uses with using actual words and so forth. In this sense, I stand by that it's more important and relevant to use these coined terms than to use strange rewritings of them just to satisfy some "correct word" requirement.

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