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a shame the art we were gonna get fell through...

Another UPL concluded with many new faces getting their shot in the spotlight - and a new winning team! Congratulations to the Dapper Dracovish on their victory.

As expected here is a zone for everything post-UPL. Feel free to discuss your experiences with the tournament including cool ideas and teams that you (or your team) brought to the table. Let your team know this thread exists if they wanted to showcase anything!


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After the spectacular tour run of the Dapper Dracovish, it's only fitting to post the teams I used. Thanks for everyone who helped me build and test these. Replay is in the week title and click team for the importable.

Week 1 vs Ballfire (W)
:Urshifu-Gmax: :Chansey: :Corviknight: :Eternatus: :Quagsire: :Volcarona:
The first team I built was maybe a week after the DLC had dropped and I didn't yet have time to use the new Pokemon. However, I still really liked the idea of Volcarona as a dmax abuser. I stuck on Urshifu to act as the breaker and punish switches into Chansey on Volcarona or Eternatus. This is the first time I tried out body slam on banded Urshifu, and it ended up saving me this game by paralyzing Ballfire's Eternatus and enabling Urshifu to 2hko everything on my opponent's team. I originally had Zamazenta there for bulk and speed but switch it out for Urshifu due to better coverage and STAB. The rest of the team was a pretty standard defensive core. Chansey for special attackers, Quag for physical attackers, most notably Zacian, Corvi for defog and Excadrill, and Eternatus for opposing Urshifus and Marshadow, among others. I opted for shadow ball on Etern to deal with Lunala better. Overall, the team was fun to use and a big win to usher in my first UPL season. It's pretty outdated now but with a few minor tweaks it could be ready to go in the current meta.
Week 2 vs Nalei (L)
:Tyranitar: :Excadrill: :Lunala: :Corviknight: :Quagsire: :Eternatus:
For Nalei, originally Dice, I wanted to use Excadrill. I knew from pre-DLC that it was an amazing sweeper and dmax abuser. I used the LO offensive set with shadow claw to do as much damage to as many Pokemon immediately as I could without setup. Max phantasm is very nice on Excadrill because you can hit the Rotoms, Corviknights, Skarmorys, etc on the switch and pick up the 2hko from the defense drop. Tyranitar was of course essential to set sand. I used the standard rocks set with t-wave and earthquake to do as much to as many Pokemon as possible, whether it be chip or para. I chose to go with specs Lunala as my breaker since it was a favorite of mine pre-DLC. It is a crazy breaker with no switchins if you can get the predictions right. Like Urshifu the previous week, it also punishes switchins to Excadrill checks. Corviknight, Quag, and Etern round out the team. The one thing about this game is that I wish I clicked sball vs Dusk Mane when Nalei doubled into Dragapult, but for some reason the thought never occured to me at the time until immediately after I clicked flamethrower.
Week 3 vs Fc04 (L)
:Cinderace: :Skarmory: :Zacian-Crowned: :Eternatus: :Chansey: :Quagsire:
For my first game vs Fc04, I brought Cinderace + Zacian hazard stack, which sounded good on paper, but I unfortunately jumped on that bandwagon too late and got met with a pretty tough matchup. Cinderace is the standard set to just click buttons for 3 turns. Zacian is 4 atks to put pressure on Quagsires with play rough and stall out recovers as much as possible or get a crit. The rest of the team is standard and fills the above mentioned roles.
Week 4 vs TonyFlygon (W)
:Tyranitar: :Excadrill: :Gothitelle: :Zacian-Crowned: :Quagsire: :Eternatus:
For Tony, I got a pretty rough matchup but made up for it with hax. This team is for sure more suited to beating standard balances. With the rise of boots as the preferred item, people have to forgo their shed shells for Gothitelle, so I capitalized on that. Goth traps the counters to Exca and Zacian and enables them to sweep. I went with a utility Excadrill set with air balloon which enables Excadrill to get an SD off more often than not. It sacrifices the immediate power and ability to break some checks for the power of an SD. Goth is there to pick off Quag and weaken Corvi and Skarm for Exca so that immediate power is less important. I ran spin to have hazard control which isn't a big drain on my offensive capabilities. Spin + jolly nature enables me to outspeed Zacian as well so it can function outside of sand. The rest of the team is pretty standard. Eternatus has agility because I feared weather teams, and it did have a nice matchup vs Tony if I would have used agility vs his Mandibuzz.
Week 5 vs Peli (W)
:Grimmsnarl: :Zacian-Crowned: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: :Gyarados: :Mewtwo: :Zekrom:
Peli threatened to bring KB vs me all week long, so I built screens to throw him off from cteaming the balances I used thus far. This is probably my second favorite team I built this whole tour and the only thing I would change is making Dusk Mane bulky for a better lead Zacian matchup. I didn't use a hazard lead like Mew because of all the boots in the game, so I found it useless and would rather roll with another sweeper. The EVs on Grimm allow me to live adamant Zacian's behemoth blade behind reflect all the time if needed. A lot of people used Lunala on screens but I opted for Mewtwo due to its speed, and it worked like a charm in testing due to increased speed and nasty plot. Zekrom has the draco meteor tech to surprised Quag since the team is slightly bothered by it.
Week 6 vs Manaphy (L)
:Urshifu-Gmax: :Togekiss: :Blissey: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: :Rotom-Wash: :Eternatus:
This is my favorite team I built this entire tour. It started off as a "wouldn't it be funny if" thing in the discord until I actually built Togekiss paraspam. I sat on the team for 2-3 weeks before I used it. This team has 5/6 Pokemon able to set paralysis which prevents it from being utterly passive. It also has a nice volt-turn core of Rotom and Urshifu. I brought the week 1 tech back too! The real attraction to the team is my defensive core though, mainly Rotom and Blissey. I discovered Rotom was a crazy good defogger that helps tremendous vs hazard stack, check to rain, emergency Zacian check, and para setter that lives any hit from a lot of Pokemon, paralyzes it, and gets wished up later. Its typing really helps it with wish due to its ability to switch in on so many defensive Pokemon totally for free. I used shadow ball on Eternatus here because I didn't like my Lunala matchup and wanted to take the burden off of Urshifu. Don't want to take a moonblast on the switch. Unfortunately Togekiss didn't get the good parahax vs Manaphy, but it was one of my favorite games all tour.
Week 7 vs Goat Heart (W)
:Torkoal: :Zacian-Crowned: :Charizard-Gmax: :Eternatus: :Venusaur: :Mandibuzz:
If Week 6 was my favorite team, this was my favorite game. Once Blissey took ~25% chip, I knew I could set up Zard and KO Blissey after rocks damage. That's how crazy strong Gmax Zard is under sun. I was able to avoid the possible Haban on Etern too since max airstream just deleted that mon. Zacian also has no (common) switchins under sun with fire fang and solar blade. The rest of the team is pretty standard, offense Eternatus, Venusaur as a sun abuser, and Mandibuzz for defog. I think the team can be improved by rapid spin > rocks on Torkoal, since hazard removal is so crucial here.
Semifinals vs Manaphy (W)
:Grimmsnarl: :Zacian-Crowned: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: :Kyurem-Black: :Mewtwo: :Rotom-Wash:

Vs my friend Manaphy the second time, I opted for screens again. I figured it's the most solid offense style right now, maybe the most solid overall. It also shreds common balances and other offense very effectively as long as screens are up. I switched up the team because I wanted to try out sub KB since I feared playing it so much week 5. The EVs on KB prevent chansey from breaking sub, outspeed Zekrom and Reshiram with no boost, and put as much into attack as possible for the Zacian roll. Rotom is the secondary dmaxer and helps a lot vs sand and rain, which typically have good matchups vs offense,
Tiebreak vs Reje (L)
:Zacian-Crowned: :Gothitelle: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: :Rotom-Wash: :Blissey: :Eternatus:
Unfortunately, this is where the ideas started to run out. I originally wanted to try an updated version of the week 1 team, but I settled on something similar to what ice brought week 7. The idea of this team is to get Quag in a situation where its either trapped or toxiced by Etern depending on its item. I brought back the core from the paraspam in hopes that it would work again. It's a very fun and effective defensive core. Unfortunately, Reje got me with screens pretty bad so this one was lost. I still like the team though!
Finals vs Fc04 (L)
:Pelipper: :Dracovish: :Drednaw-Gmax: :Ditto: :Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: :Eternatus:
Finals was a crazy week. In semis and tb, every ss game between me, ice, reje, and manaphy was won by screens, so we had to prep hard for it. I debated between this rain and another screens team but I decided to try to ct screens. I didn't do anything crazy like brick break Gothitelle, but it was an option. With this team, Drednaw, Dusk Mane, and Ditto seemed to be enough to beat screens along with TSpikes from Etern. Drednaw and Vish also acted as a nice way to beat balance. Overall a pretty standard rain team and a variant of the one brought by PG in finals and in one of his weeks. For the game, Fc04 saw into his matchup crystal ball again and brought a team I had a very difficult time getting the upper hand vs and ended up with a loss.

Overall though, thanks to all the Vishes Stone_Cold absdaddy Icemaster PurpleGatorade orch Eternal Spirit Carl Murray Melle2402 shrang Ophion hs Shivam3299 for the support and for the experience. I hope everyone can find a use for these teams and have as much fun with them as I did in these two months of UPL.​
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My builder wiped a few months before UPL, so most weeks I built a lot of stuff.
some highlights: - the first deo-s HO ive liked in the last few years. i opted for darkrai over the arceus slot as it can really tear apart slow, fat teams. unfortunately some games can come down to the speed tie with marsh - I think mence performs really well against the current set of cores people use. +1 mence pretty much stomps everything in the tier, especially when you add in spikes, eq coverage and dtail to chip zygardes and arc-grounds - there are a few similar cores to this in the paste. I really wanted to get cm dark or flying + perish song gar to take out mag and spdef dusk mane to work, you protect on the volt switch and then disable it. unfortunately i never really felt comfortable enough with any of them, but funnily enough zesty brought a similar set that week anyway

I didn't play this in UPL but i built a lot and played plenty of test games vs the regulars. most of these teams are pretty unfinished, but we ended up using a few of them
some highlights: - these three won me dpp cup back in the early days of farceus. it seems like steelceus has declined in popularity since then but i still reckon its pretty good. forretress is also fantastic as a non-overheat ekiller check and spinner. lefties twave 3 attacks ogre is also great now, whereas it used to be mostly a lead set pre farceus. - i think we had chilan darkrai for the game - my version of ekiller sun - status + cm spam
shoutout to Hamhamhamhamham for piloting these and anything else he used great, he managed a couple of great clutch reverse sweeps


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First off, I want to thank everyone on Team Melmetals for a great run and a great tour. Definitely a great team atmosphere during the entire run (with those who were still active), and always people willing to discuss my teams and playtest which I greatly appreciate. Shoutouts to KyogreF4N, Alkione, Fc04, fourmi, Ayoukoo, Kei Kikuno, Sharow, Royal1604, Corazan, Fogbound Lake, Kushalos, 0NI (sorry if I forgot someone!). Also shoutouts to abs, was cool to discuss, playtest and talk again.

Week 1 vs Hamhamhamham (L)
:froslass: :giratina-origin: :latias: :kyogre: :kingdra: :arceus-steel: (clickable)

The first week of this tour I just returned from a 4 year hiatus, never having played with Farceus before so I was not really confident. I did not know what was good and what wasn't in this meta, so decided to stick with something I know that worked in pre-Farceus meta with Froslass Rain. I experimented with swapping Giratina-O for Arceus-Ghost and playing a different Steel type, but Gira-O showed more utility on this team. I almost went Arceusless with Jirachi or Bronzong > Arceus-Steel to have more insurance against DD Rayquaza but could not justify it.

Froslass still is a good lead in this meta even with the shifts, cause it is so reliable versus Deoxys-S and Tentacruel. Tyranitar is a lot worse, but generally you are getting Spikes up. Destiny Bond is a consideration with all the Kyogres popping up in the lead slot this tour. Specs Ogre is still as ridiculous as it ever was, and probably even better: people were dropping true Kyogre counters all tour and instead relying on Giratina-O / Dialga. In the end, I went with this too as Specs Ogre was invisible but at this time I still went with Latias. I went with Splash Plate Kingdra instead of Life Orb, but this choice was unfortunate in hindsight where Life Orb might have saved me the game with a slightly higher roll vs Mewtwo.

Week 2 vs Lord Thorx (W)
:kyogre: :giratina-origin: :latias: :dialga: :jirachi: :arceus-fighting:

After the first week, and playing a bunch of test games all week I was a bit more confident in the meta. For this week, I decided to really start playing with Arceus in focus. This team is built around Arceus-Fighting which a lot of teams have problems with: Psychic and Flying moves are kinda rare so it's hard to KO and strong after a boost. Thunder Wave Kyogre is here to lure in and paralyze Latias and Latios, which can normally deal with Arceus-Fighting by outspeeding and going for their own boosts. Other than that, the this team uses the most useful mons in the metagame to deal with most things somewhat reliably while dishing out damage.

Week 3 vs absdaddy (W)
:tyranitar: :palkia: :mewtwo: :dialga: :groudon: :arceus:

I knew that abs could bring anything and play it well, so I didn't try to prep for anything specific or even a specific playstyle. Instead, I assumed that my playstyle was more predictable than his and he'd try to take advantage of it. After all, I am a lot more comfortable bringing rain than straight up offense. For this game I decided to step out of my comfort zone and bring offense, hoping to throw off abs.

This team had a Deoxys-S lead for a long time, but I'm just not that into it - everyone knows it's coming and is prepared for it (of course it still works even then). Instead, I went for a lead that starts by dealing out damage right from the start in Sash Tyranitar. The Rock Polish Groudon with ExtremeKiller Arceus combination is one that really shined this whole UPL. With Dragon Claw and Overheat, Groudon lures in Giratina-O, Latias, Skarmory, and Bronzong and cripples or kills them - leaving room for Arceus to win the game. Palkia, Dialga and Mewtwo round out the team, simply, because they are crazy good. Palkia is a Kyogre switchin, Dialga is a great Scarfer in case I need it (that resists ExtremeSpeed), and Life Orb Mewtwo easily gets two kills with its coverage and boom.

Week 4 vs TSR (W)
:ho-oh: :giratina-origin: :latios: :kyogre: :kabutops: :arceus-steel:

This is one of my favourite teams I built during this tour. I had noticed two mons that seemed well positioned in the meta. Ho-Oh seemed great against most teams brought, but not worth the trouble: Giratina-O is very commonplace and the standard spinner in Forretress seemed like such a momentum killer on sun offense. Kabutops seemed like a great Swift Swimmer (if you haven't noticed, I like Swift Swimmers), with a resistance to ExtremeSpeed as well as Low Kick, and notably: Rapid Spin. For this team I decided to combine them and go with Ho-Oh rain, as weird as that might sound initially.

The Ho-Oh lead set allows it wreck havoc from turn 1 without having to worry about rocks, while also having a good matchup versus a lot of common leads. Choice Band with Sleep Talk also works, but forces Ho-Oh to switch out more often which I don't want. If the Ho-Oh train is unexpectedly stopped I can switch it out and potentially spin with Kabutops later. The rest of the team is again the rain stuff I'm used to, with Giratina-O and Arceus-Steel as defensive core. Latios was originally Latias as obligatory Kyogre switchin, but later switched to Latios to deal more damage and weaken a team for a Kabutops clean. Also I was afraid of getting a too high Latias usage stat and becoming too predictable (that didn't turn out to be true, I would never use Latias again this UPL).

Week 5 vs Hack (W)
:deoxys-speed: :giratina-origin: :dialga: :palkia: :shaymin-sky: :arceus-ground:

Hack is a formidable opponent and I figured I couldn't just bring rain again and hope for a solid matchup, so I switched it up a bit. I hadn't brought Deoxys-S so I didn't expect an anti-Deoxys lead and felt this was a good moment to bring it. For this team I brought out the forgotten Uber in Skymin, which I believe didn't see play at all in other games this UPL. It is not at its best in this meta, but it still is incredibly annoying and solid. It also forces switches like no other with Leech Seed, Seed Flare and Air Slash which pairs great with Spikes. Of course, we're also talking Skymin and in a tough match it always gives you outs and increased odds - which was perfect for a match like this. I also wanted to try out Arceus-Ground cause it seemed potent and this felt like a good team to try it. I'm not sure if it's much better than Arceus-Fighting but an immunity to paralysis (Thunder mainly, but also Thunder Wave) is very useful.

I switched up the sets later and Scarfed Skymin, which is not nearly as good at forcing switches as SubSeed or Life Orb sets but is a very nice insurance against a lot of things and can still flinch or SpDef drop its way through things. It also has Healing Wish as a very useful move to heal up something else.

Week 6 vs Finchinator (L)
Semifinals Tiebreaker vs Aishia (W)

:giratina-origin: :dialga: :skarmory: :tyranitar: :garchomp: :arceus-fighting:

One thing I expected from day one of Farceus meta is that Garchomp would be great - perfect speed tier, threatening dual STAB and OHKOes Arceus at +2. When I realized that I still hadn't brought Garchomp, and both Garchomp and especially Skarmory had way too low usage, I built this team. I think both sun and rain Garchomp are both very viable too, but in the end I had to go with sand as Sand Veil is too good to pass up. SubSalac is also a very good set but I didn't want it to fall to ExtremeSpeed or Skarmory, so I went with Life Orb Fire Fang (which KOs Skarmory at +2 with minimal chip!). I figured the most prominent obstacle to a Garchomp sweep (besides Scarfers) is Latias / Latios. For this I decided to give Scarf Tyranitar a go, which can Pursuit trap them - although this isn't as easy as in OU. Arceus-Fighting also appreciates removed or weakened Lati@s.

I decided to bring Skarmory too, as I felt it was just as underused. Giratina-O and Dialga finish the team off - as usual - to provide a solid balanced team. I really wanted to fit Latias and a better lead (no I don't think Dialga is a good lead) on here, but I didn't know how to so just stuck with this. Magic Coat is obviously a pretty shit move in DPP, but it really helps with opposing Darkrai lead. It could potentially be dropped though, as Skarmory + Arceus-Fighting can probably deal with it.

I felt this team didn't get the chance to perform in my first game, so decided to bring it a second time cause I felt it is solid enough. I also simply didn't have the time to build something new for tiebreak's short deadline and this team felt well positioned (although it was almost a mirror match with only a difference in Spiker).

Week 7 vs default0 (W)
:froslass: :dialga: :scizor: :kyogre: :kingdra: :arceus-ghost:

I wanted to give Froslass and Kingdra another shot at a win after my Week 1 loss, so I decided to combine it with my other idea of reviving Scizor. Scizor was a mainstay in Ubers for a long time but it has vanished a bit with no usage this UPL that I saw. I wanted to give it a go again, as it can be very useful in the right situation. After doing some calcs, I noticed that its Draco Meteor tanking potential isn't as high as you'd hope: it can only tank a Draco Meteor once from Latios for example - and that is with a Careful nature. However, if you don't repeatedly switch it into Draco Meteors but play it to its strength it can be great. I wanted to abuse its slow U-turn with giving free switchins to hard hitters such as Specs Kyogre (which in the end I changed for Scarf). It can potentially Pursuit Lati@s too, helping out Kyogre a lot as well as Specs Kingdra. In addition, it can check some dangerous stuff like Arceus, Darkrai, Mewtwo, etc with its typing and Superpower or Bullet Punch.

I decided to go with Specs Kingdra after my disappointing experience with Splash Plate Kingdra week 1. Specs Kingdra is a lot stronger and you notice it in the calcs: it OHKOes Arceus after Spikes instead of 2HKO, and brings a lot of things such as Jirachi and Bronzong into KO range earlier. The downside is not being able to Lati@s, Palkia or Gira-O while locked into Hydro Pump or Surf. This requires a slightly different playstyle, but is not as big of a problem as you might think. Lati@s can be Pursuitable with Scizor, Palkia is not that common anymore and gets crippled by Kyogre's Thunders, and Gira-O with no recovery is easy to wear down to KO with the immense power of Specs - Hydro Pump does up to 57% vs Naive Gira-O!

Kei Kikuno --- Semifinals vs CKW (W)
:rayquaza: :groudon: :palkia: :jirachi: :wobbuffet: :arceus:

This is not my team but Kei Kikuno's, so all credit goes to them and their clutch win. However, I'm not sure if they're posting and I still had some input in this team so I figured I'd make some quick comments (but thus I do not have a paste).

Wobbuffet is still an amazing Pokemon which was criminally underused this UPL, I believe the only other use was abs vs Hack. For this match it seemed like simply using Wobb as a Scarf killer and setup creater seemed guaranteed to give good opportunities for Groudon or Arceus. Custap + Destiny Bond is the cooler Wobbuffet set, but Safeguard really helps out Arceus here to set up in the face of status (and forces Scarf Darkrai to Trick). Groudon + Arceus here is the classic offensive core that is hard to stop and especially Arceus again showed its usefulness here. Rayquaza aims to get the offensive momentum going T1, Palkia is a nice glue and Jirachi sets up rocks and uses slow U-turn (lower your Speed IVs) to bring in the others.

Finals vs shrang (L)
:forretress: :dialga: :jirachi: :kyogre: :ludicolo: :arceus-ghost:

I am still pissed at myself for this game, I feel I played the worst game of the tour here in finals of all moments, costing us the chance for a tiebreak. Congrats to shrang and Dracovish on winning the whole thing, definitely deserving.

I felt I had to use something non-standard for the finals (although in hindsight maybe I should have went for something more reliable) and considered many options, ending up at Ludicolo. This thing was bonkers in testing, as long as I could avoid status it regularly 'swept'. I added Toxic Spikes as support but it is not even necessary for it to perform. Dialga and Arceus-Ghost are important support, as Stealth Rock and a spinblocker I feel are somewhat necessary on this team and they are able to check a lot. I considered Giratina and Giratina-O for this team as well, but they felt either too passive or lacked any form of recovery. Scarf Jirachi is important for checking a lot of things like Garchomp, Rayquaza, Arceus with any form of status or seed, etc. RestTalk Kyogre lives a lot longer than Choice sets and is also very threatening on its own, especially with Toxic Spikes.

The downside of this team that it is weak to status. Opposing Toxic Spikes force you to spin before bringing in Ludicolo, while paralysis from Thunder ruins Ludicolo's potential and makes it harder to switch into Kyogre with it. I originally had Gira with Refresh Arceus-Steel for this reason, as Kyogre cannot absorb Thunders. For this reason, you have to be a bit careful with Ludicolo and Dialga might be good to scout Kyogre as well.

Feel free to me hit me up if you wanna discuss anything DPP Ubers related. PS I realize now I haven't Darkrai once but that thing is still broken.

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Hey!! First of all thanks to everyone who made this tournament one of my best teamtour experience ever, something I'm usually sick of 2 weeks in, may it be through people I already knew, cool teammates I met, or cool matches to watches.
Thanks to Tomahawk Fc04 and Fogbound Lake for all being very motivated and nice all tour long, and to Lacus Ichinose as well, despite your activity issues I'm really glad I got some nice chats with you, you're a super enjoyable person and hope everything will go your way in the near future! :blobnom:

Kei Kikuno --- Semifinals vs CKW (W)
:rayquaza: :groudon: :palkia: :jirachi: :wobbuffet: :arceus:

This is not my team but Kei Kikuno's, so all credit goes to them and their clutch win. However, I'm not sure if they're posting and I still had some input in this team so I figured I'd make some quick comments (but thus I do not have a paste).

Wobbuffet is still an amazing Pokemon which was criminally underused this UPL, I believe the only other use was abs vs Hack. For this match it seemed like simply using Wobb as a Scarf killer and setup creater seemed guaranteed to give good opportunities for Groudon or Arceus. Custap + Destiny Bond is the cooler Wobbuffet set, but Safeguard really helps out Arceus here to set up in the face of status (and forces Scarf Darkrai to Trick). Groudon + Arceus here is the classic offensive core that is hard to stop and especially Arceus again showed its usefulness here. Rayquaza aims to get the offensive momentum going T1, Palkia is a nice glue and Jirachi sets up rocks and uses slow U-turn (lower your Speed IVs) to bring in the others.
I originally did not plan to post on here but I really wanna complete Toma's post by posting the paste of the team. (There might be very little spread changes from what has been played but no major changes).

This is hands down my first DPP Ubers build ever, as well as my first interactions with the tier since farc got in, and I'll really bless Toma for the ideas and recommendations. On the thing not already mentionned, Rachi + Wobb has been surprisingly great and actually comes pretty handy with the fact this Rachi may be a massive momentum sink. I'd also like to point out Safeguard was also a really great option to win vs T-Spikes.
I want to thank all melmetals for this super cool UPL, i think none of us expected to go so far in the tour and every week was fun and full of suspense. Thanks to my french caps and friends Alkione and KyogreF4N for picking me and trusting me despite my horrible 1st week. Was a real pleasure to team with my french boys Sharow fourmi Kei Kikuno and Corazan. Tomahawk I didn't know you before the tour, and now I'm convinced you're one of the best Ubers DPP players ever, you carried us so much so just go on. Thanks Kushalos for playing your games despite your busy IRL life and your " PROBLEMS " . Thanks Fogbound Lake for your expert EVs spread and your so solid teambuild.
Ayoukoo you still have a lot to learn about teamtours but you're young, it will come with time, you have a really good potential to become a solid player.
I will end this one with Fc04 . If someone says he is better than you in SS atm he is definitely dumb or crazy. I already knew you were a good player because of ULT, but with this tour you showed to all the Ubers community how insanely good you are. Always accurate teambuilds for preps, lots of incredible ideas, and one of the best ingame i've ever seen.
Sorry if i forgot someone, was a pleasure to play this UPL with you all guys❤, hope i'll have a chance to team with you again in the future.
Finally thanks to Minority for hosting and thanks to all UPL players, let's continue to work all together to improve this tier, because IT IS a tier.
I'll post my teams later

Sorry if there are some mistakes, i'm french
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S/o's will be at the end, I'll keep the teams are the front of the post. Going into UPL, honestly I had very little expectations to even be drafted, so making it as far as we did as a team was a great surprise for me to say the least. I had a ton of fun building in SS, and even though the meta's gonna change in a few months, I want to share the teams I used here. (Click sprites for importable)

Week 1 vs TonyFlygon (L)
:eternatus: :chansey: :quagsire: :magearna: :skarmory: :gothitelle:
This is was of my more disappointing showings, the meta was extremely new and I thought that a hard stall actually looked really solid going into it. Then he brought mewtwo. The team kinda loses hard to mewtwo aside from if gothitelle or magearna can set up first and get going, but gothitelle got crit while setting up and magearna found no opportunities, so that was a huge loss for the team. It might be slightly different then in the game since I made a few changes later to make it better but tried to change it back for the paste.

Week 2 vs Rhmsitb (W)
:quagsire: :eternatus: :tyranitar: :kyurem-white: :skarmory: :zacian-crowned:

This week was when I started to get a bigger hang of things, understanding the meta a bit more. Early on skarmory spikes balance was very common, and I saw that he was a fan of it from replays with volcarona and dracovish, and he brought that kind of team. Mine was fairly standard, I wanted to have checks to those threats like dracovish and volcarona while applying constant pressure with spikes and the kyurem+zacian offensive core. It worked well, probably not as well now with heavy duty boots blissey being more common than chansey, but it worked. Skarmory for me just had a few extra ev's in speed than what was needed and usually ran for faster taunts, since with quagsire skarmory doesn't need much bulk investment.

Week 3 vs Cromagnet (W)
:marshadow: :chansey: :gothitelle: :quagsire: :skarmory: :eternatus:
This is one of the more odd teams, but it worked perfectly. The main idea is just trap eternatus, skarmory, and quagsire with gothitelle for marshadow to get kills. It's adamant since there's very few things in that speed tier since if eternatus is creeping it's going for jolly marshadow speed anyway. Payapa offensive eternatus was for gothitelle and mildly cinderace, and that worked great against cinderace. More defensive standards in the other slots for spikes, a zacian check, and a special wall.

Week 4 vs Goat Heart (W)
:quagsire: :tyranitar: :mew: :corviknight: :zacian-crowned: :eternatus:
This was the week I wanted to try something more fun, since people typically don't prep for unexplored things. DD mew was supposed to be the star of the show, and it did alright getting almost 2 kills. It's coverage is insane, and it was super fun using it. Standard stuff most of the way through the rest, defensive cores+breaker zacian.

Week 5 vs Reje (W)
:eternatus: :quagsire: :dragapult: :corviknight: :tyranitar: :mewtwo:
This team I really liked just because I think pult is really fun to use, and s/o's Ayoukoo for this mewtwo set, it was super good and would have worked better if it hit the first fire blast, but it still put in good work. More standard defensive mons to compliment those offensive ones, forcing things like defog or eternatus to come in and absorb tspikes which allows for the offensive breakers to come in and set up.

Week 6 vs Shuwri (W)
:kyurem-black: :lunala: :mandibuzz: :eternatus: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :tyranitar:
I really liked this team, it's flawed on paper but is able to put in work. The idea is just pressure opposing necrozma with lunala for kyurem to late game win. Tyranitar does annoy both necrozma trying to heal and lunala trying to keep shadow sheild, but it's still solid at improving the weather match ups which blissey can't do as well. More standard defensive mons with the breakers, mandibuzz is ev'd for dragapult max wyrmwind at +1 without dynamaxing itself to foul play it.

Week 7 vs Ballfire (L)
:hydreigon: :blissey: :zacian-crowned: :eternatus: :quagsire: :skarmory:
I was a little down on ideas this week, but thought a team with sub nasty plot hydreigon could possibly put in a lot of work, and it would have, if I didin't sack hydreigon by clicking earth power on a body press skarmory. Not my best played game ever, and the team is only a bit better. Pretty gothitelle weak, and hydreigon is slow so it's not the best lone offensive mon alongside zacian, but it can work, just didn't this week.

Semifinals vs Jaajgko (W)
:excadrill: :rotom-wash: :tyranitar: :zacian-crowned: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :eternatus:
I think this was one of my best teams, and the first time I realized how good both sand and rotom wash were since I hadn't used them too much. The team worked great, it pressures excadrill checks with rotom to pivot around and slowly forces it's way through teams. Quagsire proved to be a little annoying for the team but eternatus and rotom are able to shore up that weakness alright, and more standard defense with eternatus blanket checking a lot of things on most teams, and tyranitar providing a special wall alongside setting sand, and a ton of ways to deal with zacian with necrozma, rotom, and excadrill.

Finals vs Cromagnet (W)
:darmanitan-galar: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :rotom-wash: :tyranitar: :eternatus: :dragapult:
I really liked this team overall. Darmanitan was super unexplored, and I think this was the only win it got all upl. I have more standard defense again in the middle which patches basically every weakness the team might have, and dragapult at the end for a dedicated dmaxer unless things go really wrong, and it pairs well with darmanitan, since dragapult removes or chips necrozma and the steel birds for it, and darm pressures mandibuzz and uturns on tyranitar.

Okay with teams out of the way, shoutouts I gotta put out. First off, to Alkione and KyogreF4N. You guys were great managers throughout the whole season, and really are the reasons I'm at this point. I was a cheap buy with few results going into the tour, and even had a poor showing week 1, but you kept me in playing SS and it really worked out which was amazing. Big shoutouts also to Fogbound Lake, Ayoukoo, and Royal1604 who all worked together and made the SS channels a really fun place to talk and learn about the meta, while also prepping hard for each week. Also fourmi and Kei Kikuno who helped me test teams and were just great chat presences alongside their positive playing record. Also Tomahawk who I had a ton of fun playing DPP with and testing some teams even though I wasn't the best at the tier, it was great to have you on the team and learn more about DPP. Last but not least is the rest of the melmetals, 0NI, Corazan, Kushalos, Lacus Ichinose, and Sharow, (sorry if I forgot someone) who all contributed in chats and in play, we coulda never got this far without everyone on the team. And thanks Minority for hosting a great tour I can hopefully keep being apart of!
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Had so much fun this season. I truly enjoy old gens of Ubers despite not being the best teambuilder I tried my best to be helpful for my team. Huge thanks to the Rays I hope I can team up with you guys again. That said I am gonna share stuff that I built by myself.

[Yo Perreo Sola vs. The Kyle - W2 vs. The Kyle]
Built a standard rain offense for The Kyle cause I didn't have much information from him so decided to roll with this one cause it's easy to use, it performed well however I realized I should have abused more of Deoxys-A and instead I saved it for the end as a cleaner. Thunder spam is annoying for this team but it can be played around, tho I had a different version with Blissey over Snorlax which of course is a more solid one and solves the thunder spam issue, but I wanted to play more offensively that's why i went with Snorlax.

[Dancing In the Sun - W3 vs. Finchinator]
I was 100% convinced that I wanted to bring Ho-Oh Sun but not stall so I built lot of versions and I was starting to get frustrated cause everything was so boring. Then, I scrolled down in my teambuilder and saw the HEAT (eggy) right there so at first I was memeing in test using the sub leech ''unset'' but it was paying results!! so I trusted the EGG. Last minute change was probably the best decision that I made overall, EV'd Groudon to SpD and you probably know what happened...
The opposing Latias used Dragon Claw!
(Garyto lost 28% of its health!)
Screenshot 2020-09-09 at 10.06.55.png

:deoxys_speed: :salamence_mega: :groudon_primal: :mewtwo: :xerneas: :arceus: (W)
[Dual Psychic HO Screens - Semis vs. fourmi]
Not gonna lie, I was nervous for this match, I didn't play ORAS the whole season and fourmi was the best ORAS player in the pool. I know he brought Ditto in all his games I think? So I expected him to prepare vs me and not bring the same stuff cause it was an important match. Ever since MW I wanted to build a Screens team but not the standard Deo-S so ended up building this thing with Mewtwo Screens and I loved it so much and it worked out. I didn't reveal all sets so this import has changes cause I would like to showcase them first before sharing.

:deoxys_speed: :tyranitar: :dialga: :arceus: :giratina_origin: :garchomp: (L)
[Hawái Sand - SemisTieBreaker vs. Tomahawk]
I won't talk too much about the game cause even though there was some luck involved I also messed up and I am aware of it,_,
I have to say that I LOVE THIS TEAM, I am big fan of Garchomp and I wanted to build a team around it, a crucial change I did before the match was Toxic over Calm Mind on Arceus-Fight cause Mewtwo can be a pain in the ass for this team. If Arceus stays I hope one day I can use this team again :]

|~~Teams that I built for my teammates~~|



[Dual Weather Balance - W9 Ismakhil vs. Ophion]
Isma asked for a stall team with Deoxys-D and I had this old team, the main idea behind it was the core Ogre+Groudon in support of Spin Block and Gengar trap. Not a fan tbh it probably has lot of flaws but Isma liked it.

[Salamence Stall - semis ChillShadow vs. 0NI]
Initially, this was prepared for Kushalos. I don't have much to explain except I pushed Chill-chan to use this cause he spammed Snorlax teams way too much and never brought stall and I think this is kind of a interesting one cause Wish Mence is so damn good *-* and I took Isma's idea of having Deo-D cause we fkin love this mon.

:tentacruel: :groudon: :mewtwo: :dialga: :giratina_origin: :arceus: (W)
[TSpikes Sun Offense - w9 CKW vs. absdaddy]
This team is a different version of the Steelceus + Ogre team that I brought vs squinn (yet not a team of mine) but I remember after my game vs him I did changes that might have won the battle so I suggested CKW to run this instead. Turned out pretty great cause absdaddy is such a great player and we were favored in the matchup.


Until the next team tour! n_n (si Dios lo permite)
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Hey. :psyglad:

Let me start off this post by saying that I enjoyed SS Ubers way more than I thought I would. I had to get used to remembering that Dynamax was still a thing, though that didn't stop me...

Starting off the tour we had a pretty good system going. I was still getting used to the tier and its interactions, so I basically watched replays, came up with an idea I wanted to use and asked Skysolo to build around that for me. Thank you for that my man.. <3 My main thing going in was to ensure I didn't lose to those Quagsire + Blissey + Skarmory/Corviknight balance teams that were everywhere, which is why I went extremely breaker heavy to start things off. Fc04 already outlined in their post that Mewtwo was a nightmare to come up against for their stall, while cromagnet ran into the Charizard Sun team we cooked up after seeing Zard go crazy in WCoP round 1. I was hellbent on being able to break everything and everyone. As I started to become more and more familiar with the tier I was able to find more comfort in being able to navigate those match-ups without crazy Dracovish OHKOs or other such independent breakers.

As you can see, I gradually started using less match-up dependent offenses and more rounded teams aiming to beat the entire metagame. I tried to steer away from Quagsire as much as I could, because I didn't want to fold over at preview against Goth among other measures that prepped so hard for it. Solo already posted the earlier teams and the Sun is even a sample now, so I won't go over those. The main team I want to focus on is the week 7 one; by far my favorite team of the tournament.

Week 7 was the do or die week for the Durians and I wanted to make sure we didn't lose out on the playoffs because of me. I had been playing well, absorbing all the metagame knowledge from my games and the other teams' replays, and I was super confident in my ability to build a season saving team. I was equally confident in my playing ability and metagame knowledge by this stage, so my goal was to build as solid of a team as possible that allowed me to outplay as many match-ups as could be thrown at me.

The team building process was actually the opposite of what you might expect. I started with Necrozma-DM, because I had been quite vulnerable to Kyurem-Black for most of the season, while I had also depended on Scarf Dugtrio to truly keep Zacian-Crowned in check the week before. I ended up going with Knock Off to have a way of making progress against Boots, to threaten and potentially ruin Quagsire and to provide good synergy with Toxic Spikes Eternatus to provide the team with a good counter measure against offense. Toxic Spikes on Eternatus covered the otherwise dire Dragapult match-up against TrueNora the week before this game, for example.

I was fairly set on Rotom-Wash as a partner for Necrozma-DM on a balance build. Eternatus was mentally already on the team, so I wanted to address the physical attackers that still threatened DM and 'The Cannon' efficiently. Rotom serves as a Ground-type immunity, specifically being great against Excadrill, and a Knock Off absorber to ensure the other two can keep their Boots. This is especially important, because it allows me to go quadruple Boots and more importantly, Defog-less. Your Knock Off absorber really can't also be weak to Spikes without having Defog, in a perfect world anyway. Rotom is as physically defensive as possible while still outspeeding Dracovish and Gothitelle, which actually came into play during the game.

Blissey and Zacian-Crowned were added to patch up the remaining defensive issues I was primarily worried about, but also to form a.. Volt-Port (?) combination with Rotom to ensure Zacian is able to enter the game. Between Zacian and Toxic Spikes Eternatus I was starting to feel a lot better about my offense match-up, too. Not to mention the fact it can feel quite wasteful to not use Zacian at all, given how incredibly good it is. Having Blissey and having status spread around the team already allowed me to run Stealth Rock on Blissey instead. This freed up Necrozma's moveset to be sturdier against Kyurem-Black and Zacian, while still having room for Knock Off. Not having Knock Off was not an option for me. I went with Wild Charge on Zacian to improve my match-up against the Skarmory/Corviknight cores I was talking about before, but also to soften my Gyarados match-up for the scenario they used Power Whip for coverage. This would be my third Rotom of the tournament, so I couldn't assume that wouldn't come my way. Pelipper also dies as a bonus.

Lastly I was mostly focused on having an offensive Dynamax outlet; Rotom was currently my only real option in that regard. Looking at overall viability as well as synergy with the rest of the team, Volcarona turned out to be a perfect fit. I wanted to be able to blow past defensive Steel-types like DM and Skarmory, while also bypassing Quagsire and Eternatus for those (still dreaded) defensive teams. Volcarona was perfect. I went with three attacks instead of Roost, because I believe Volcarona has many chances to set up on a switch/free turn and the coverage can prove crucial. Bug Buzz is stupid strong from Modest Volcarona and this way you can actually muscle past the very common Tyranitar. In balance vs. balance Volcarona often proves to be difference. Be wary of Payapa Berry Eternatus, though!

Unfortunately, we didn't qualify for the playoffs. My own game that week, however, went pretty much as planned. I felt prepared for everything they could throw at me and thanks to my early offensive weeks this team definitely came as a surprise. With only one attack below 100% accuracy (Rotom's Hydro Pump) and a sound overall structure I was super confident that I had prepared better and that I would play better. I love this team.

As for the tournament itself, I enjoyed it a LOT. Ubers is my OG tier and our team chat environment was fantastic. I'm very much looking forward to the DLC and will absolutely stick around and get involved in the community more. It feels good to be back. Thanks for reading!


Name's Pietre
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This is long overdue and I'm writing this because I am unable to sleep if I am being quite honest. I want to give shout-outs to everyone on the Dialgas, you all were the best you could be; I have no doubt in my mind we could have won every week yet we had to settle for 3rd place. Special shout-outs go to Hack because I was an awful presence and never stopped complaining about minute things, I wish I could have been my best self. Same goes to March Fires I know you believe in me you goony Australian yet I always mess it up in front of u :/.
Shit-out Reje because I wanted you to gas me up at times and you called me a bad player instead, suck my dick for the rest of eternity you disgusting Six Sam player.
Without further ado, here's the teams I used, some of my teammates' teams (used with permission) and some unused nonsense.

W1: ORAS vs. CKW (L)

I was slotted in ORAS week 1 which was kind of a weird pick from my team cause I was pretty certain we had at least 4 ORAS players (spoiler: we didn't) so I had to create a team that was gonna be able to beat CKW and his tendencies. At the time, Excadrill seemed like a good option as we expected Cloy HO or Absolute Control. The resulting HO isn't something CRAZY, pretty standard breakers in RP Physical Groudon, Scarf Xern is the best scarfer in the tier and sash Darkrai is good when you have strong hazard control. I unfortunately fell into anti-anti-lead Mew, missed my Tomb so I couldn't spin then Ice Beam LO E-Killer made me wanna commit ritual sudoku. Not happy with how I played this but the team is good.

W5: BW vs. Corazan (W)
Prep for my game vs. Corazan was me and Hack agreeing that his metagame knowledge was weak so we were gonna channel our inner DracoMasters and bring SmashPass, a team I know how to pilot but he doesn't (probably)will not know how to deal with. Xatu as a hazard deterrent is nice because unlike Espeon, you can grab momentum and break sash at once with U-Turn while also incapacitating something immediately with Thunder Wave. Dialga, mixed Groudon and Arceus Ghost all deal with E-killer and E-killer-esque mons (Rayquaza), Smeargle passes and Cloyster is both a Spikes setter and opposing hazard removal. The game went as planned up until I realised I had imported the Groudon correctly, which in this scenario, meant wrong; I had E-Belt meaning I didn't OHKO bulky Arceus at +2! Thanks to not losing my patience I still won but it was a huge pain in the ass.

W6: BW vs. Carl Murray (W)

Hack was furious with Carl bringing what he considered "perma-lose to Rocks Ghostceus" so we built just that. Wincon here is hazards and Excadrill being an absolute nuisance, not really too much to say here besides me slightly missplaying lead sequence (not leading Genesect) and my luck with dodging this game. Roar Latios is very funny as multiple mons will take the chip to try and set-up in front of you after you've clicked Draco, only to be phased into an unfavourable position, be forced to take EXTRA hazard damage then be later picked off by Genesect.

W7: DPP vs Finchinator (W) / W1: Manaphy vs Aishia (L)

Week 7 was kind of lazy hours for us, so in Hack's words: "Did they just walk up slowly and use Deo-S + E-Killer Sun three times?!" Team is very standard Sun HO: Deo-S outspeeds Deo-A, Psycho Boost and almost max Sp Atk is the Tentacruel answer, Shadow Ball if you get taunted by faster Deo-S. Mixed E-killer is for Skarmory and Bronzong, this Latias actually lives a hit from standard E-Killer this gen which is hilarious. Banded Ape in sun is funny, 2HKOs Giratina-O with Blitz and since Extreme Speed is the same priority bracket as Mach Punch, you actually revenge kill it. The game was a travesty where Finch brought Rest lead Ogre which I didn't anticipate so I prioritised damage on it over hazards so I could win the weather war for sure... only for me to end up in an awful position where I had to hax a Skarmory down with E-Killer.

Semifinals: DPP vs. Absdaddy (L)

This is the match where we got complacent in builder and I played it safe and lost because of it. The team has a solid foundation, with slow Ttar establishing and winning weather wars, not being scared by any lead. You live the water move from most Kyogres so you can get rocks and a possible Thunder Wave up both at once unless you're bad like me and you expect Lum Lead xd Fightceus is an E-Killer and Rayquaza answer while rain is... rain. The game was decided the moment I pussied out and didn't click Swords Dance with Kabutops, a move that secured me a victory if I didn't miss any of my moves or at least put me very up ahead in momentum and advantage. Definitely the game I regret the most.

Teams used and built by my teammates:

W3: DPP Manaphy vs. hamhamhamham (L)

This team was definitely not used to its full potential in that week. A very solid anti-lead foundation in Scarf Deoxys-Speed which we honestly didn't see enough of. This is backed up by a solid anti-Fightceus Darkrai, scarf Trick Metagross which deals with more than one would expect(!) and of course everyone's favourite, SDef Groudon. 3 attacks Latias acts as excellent lure as it does not commonly carry Grass Knot NOR HP Fire, being able to stick it to multiple Steel types while also covering the 2 weather setters. Overall a very solid team I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to test their piloting skills.

W1: ADV IoSonoNeon vs. Wamr (W)

This is the beginning of the saga known as "ADV Hack Sun" where Hack would build Sun Stall like no one else, pilot it in tests to a T and then watch from the sidelines as people didn't have the 3000 years of experience he has with doubling from Groudon to Dugtrio. Regardless, this team is absolutely phenomenal, with Latias being able to survive non CB Ho-Oh's Shadow Ball and use it as set-up fodder. Dugtrio, another underappreciated mon in Ubers who, just like Mewtwo and the Eon twins, appreciates the lack of actual speed control not named Extreme Speed and can thus trap much more with its Adamant nature. this team excels at luring Blissey, removing it then reigning absolute terror with Ho-Oh and MonoDragon Latias. HP Fire Foretress is for the mirror. Overall a very solid sun team by Hack.

W2: ADV Heysup vs. L'habitat (W)

Heysup gets bought between weeks and he immediately says "Let's use Rayquaza" so we ended up using the only way that the team manager seemed fitting: broken double band. This team's goal is honestly to just overpower your opponents in the mid-game with Deoxys-Attack and BoltBeam Latios while being able to rely on Bliss x Forretress who is a formidable defensive backbone. Lategame Rayquaza is very scary as it's able to muscle through its usual checks who, by now, are weakened from hazards and the aforementioned offensive duo. Overall one of the teams that I'd definitely use more of in the future.

W5: ADV Heysup vs. Kushalos (W)

I'm only showing this team away to remind people that ADV isn't DPP and you don't need to throw your lead away as it can win in the long term, especially if it's a Deoxys-D. This, coupled with the fact we SOMEHOW brought a Dusclops in a non stall dedicated build just goes to show that ADV isn't solved quite yet.

W7: ADV Heysup vs. Jordy (W)

OK I actually have no excuses or explanation for this team, how it works or if it works if you're not named Heysoat. What I will say is that he didn't put Arena Trap on the Dugtrio, which thankfully didn't come up. Use at your own discretion!

Teams that were scrapped or just kinda thrown around:
SemiFinals Tiebreaker: Potential BW team
Hack's ADV Onion Stew
6-0d by Sdef Jirachi
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name elevated but i still act average
Yo, I wanted to drop some of the teams I used and some unused ideas because SS Ubers is a fun tier. I had a good experience playing it and while I wasn't super happy with my team choices theres a lot of cool shit I used imo. I don't have all my teams because in my builder I just edit them when I have new ideas instead of making new teams which is silly but what can ya do.

Upl Teams: |

This team was my intro to SS ubers, so crucify and I kept it simple. Just super solid sets and the team fits my style of play a lot. Roar + wave lunala is a super good set but other than that the team is p self explanatory. Dtail etern for hazard stack w roar lunala, wish blissey for shadow shield to get back active and Gyarados as my dmax abuser because its good v volc which the team is slightly weak to. |

This was a super last minute team choice because crucify and I were testing the team I was gonna use and I wasn't liking it the day of the game. There was so fucking many last minute changes that crucify and I made that ended up helping or costing me in various ways but this was a good one. Literally 5 mins before the game I talked about how I lost if they lead dragapult and DD'd. Basically shoutout crucify for misty explosion cause that shit tech'd as fuck turn 2, and shoutout red card for giving me urshifu. Kyu-B shoulda gotten 5 kills but I was playing after being awake for 30 hours but the team got it done anyway. A subpar HO team but it worked.
Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 2.39.42 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 2.39.37 AM.png

Then I got clapped 2 weeks in a row trying to get too cute with my teams and bounced back v TDK |

Basic sand with urshifu who is cool. Rotom-W is rly good this gen for some stupid reason but the team complimented the way I play and I was able to get a few predictions in and win the game. Not much to say about this team, but sand is always really solid and I think urshifu is good on sand because its a mon you never really want to dynamax making exca the threat in 90% of games.


Unused stuff:

Rillaboom @ Choice Band
Ability: Grassy Surge
Gigantamax: Yes
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Wood Hammer
- Grassy Glide
- Knock Off
- U-turn

I unironically think Rillaboom is at least decent, but I never ended up using him because all of my games had importance in how our weeks went, never really got a free week to play around. I have a few different versions but all of them have turners + goth which is really good support, eject button etern is cute too to trap the etern / steel bird / etc.

This team is the most fun but loses to a bunch of shit, mostly dmax mons

Another fun one, but as much as I try, that corv set seems indeed be bad. Once every like 7 games tho it'll just win

Def the most solid rillaboom team, this team is good I think and has done well in a lot of testing.

Jellicent @ Colbur Berry
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Scald
- Will-O-Wisp
- Recover
- Trick Room

Jellicent is a cool mon because it checks non LO etern while investing in def, I used it on some TR shit so I didn't auto lose to fish, but trick room just seems bad but there might be some potential here?

Hawlucha @ Psychic Seed
Ability: Unburden
- Swords Dance
- Brave Bird
- Zen Headbutt
- Taunt / Roost / Whatever

Hawlucha seemed to have some potential, but seems like an inferior dmax mon, I'm sure there is some structure where it could work, the calcs actually aren't bad.

+2 252+ Atk Hawlucha Close Combat vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Zacian-Crowned: 300-354 (92.3 - 108.9%) -- 56.3% chance to OHKO
+2 252+ Atk Hawlucha Max Mindstorm vs. 252 HP / 200 Def Eternatus: 420-496 (86.7 - 102.4%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock

Necrozma-Dusk-Mane @ Utility Umbrella
Ability: Prism Armor
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Calm Mind
- Stored Power
- Morning Sun
- Autotomize

This worked decently in practice sometimes but its too hard to get the ball rolling

There was a bunch more stuff that were terrible ideas or other good shit. But overall SS is a fun ass gen to play and got me back into pokemon a bit. I helped a bit with BW but all we kinda figured is ghost gem exca is the best mon in BW. Some other SS thoughts were always using mystical fire etern, using toxic etern a lot to punish blobs, politoed for double rain setters which I bitched out of using versus cromagnet (who has never used a water resist besides etern btw) love u guy. And I still think zama-c has a niche that hasn't been found yet. But shoutout steel and iry for picking me up I had a good time and to crucify and zesty for teaching me SS and dealing with my bullshit ideas. Bandits in general tbh it was a fun ass team to be on. Oh np 3 attacks mew is cool 2. Also darm sucks kyub rly good zekrom and resh slept on

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