Data Usage-Based Tier Update for April 2018 (May @ #97) (June @ #150)

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Let's not. I don't want UU M-Diancie rn...
Just saying, we should have the usage system always be up-to-date with meta trends. And that can be done by having the cut-off apply every month, with no rules or alterations.

Ribombee could probably get a suspect what with mons like Gigalith and Incineroar being top-tier in NU right now.


The Scientist is Gigalith
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Very unlikely; it was banned before it got sticky webs, and specs would still be incredibly stupid, as it is the fastest non-accelgor mon in the tier, while Z-move QD can also put in work
Both Ribombee and Venusaur are in NUBL right?

Also wow gastro is really in OU now
Edit: rip my PU team that has gastrodon :( but I'm at 1500 anyway so I could take a break
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