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Hello Everyone, I am new to Smogon but have been lurking here and playing on PS for about 1 month. I have peaked with a 81 gxe but am looking to improve my game and join a really cool LC community. What drew me to LC was the cute mons (lets be honest thats what drew us all here xd) and also the offensive type of game as compared to other tiers. Hopefully we all get off on the right foot and I hope to make friends with all of you here :))
Hello user: Rattled Snakes! I gotta say, an 81 gxe is pretty solid (considerably better than mine -_-) especially for a first timer. Regardless of my shitty gxe, welcome to Little Cup™, we hope you stick around in LC!


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Tell me the ORAS changes now! I know about Missy banning and Snivy Contrary, what else?! Macle said something about Skrelp, but I don't know ;O;. Please ;O;


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So, looking to get into lc. Can anybody describe the meta to me? In terms of effectiveness and archetypes and stuff.
So here are some of the most meta defining mons when building (in my opinion, other people would point out different stuff probably).

Pawniard: This is a large part of the reason that fighting types (and Mienfoo in particular) are everywhere. Because Knock Off is so good in LC, since it instantly reduces Eviolite users defenses by a third for the rest of the match, Pawniard has a very spammable move. It's also very threatening after a defiant boost, works well as a fairy check, and is all around an effective, threatening mon. The most common set is Eviolite, although Scarf and LO are not unheard of.

Fletchling: You pretty much MUST have a counter or a whole lot of checks to fletchling when you build. Fortunately that's not too hard, since basically all electric, steel, and rock types will do. However Fletchling is fairly commonly paired with Diglett, so you have to be careful about throwing your counter out if they're grounded. Fletchling has basically one set, an itemless acrobatics one, but occasionally runs coverage like HP Grass or Overheat (although those aren't too common).

Mienfoo (and all fighting types really): Mienfoo is everywhere. It gets around 40/50% usage because it's so damn effective at what it does. It's decently fast, hitting the 17 speed tier, fairly strong, and has fantastic pivoting with regenerator u-turn. On almost all Mienfoo three slots are spoken for - a fighting STAB (either Drain Punch or HJK), Knock Off, Pivoting (generally U-turn, although Baton Pass is sometimes used), and a completely free slot that can be one of like ten moves (second STAB, SD, Stone Edge, Fake Out, Poison Jab, Acrobatics, Taunt). However Mienfoo's item choice and EVs aren't consistent. Eviolite is common, but in Eviolite there's a 0 Atk investment 17 Speed faster version, a slower version that runs much more bulk and provides a semi-slow pivot, and even some attack invested ones. Scarf is also fairly common, LO isn't unheard of although it's lost a lot of popularity, and there are even some custom sets like BandFoo. A different fighter you have to be aware of is Timburr, who has an effective Bulk Up set and unlike Mienfoo can actually take status thanks to Guts.

Setup Sweepers (Shell Smashers, Zigzagoon): Shell Smash sweepers are not rare, and you should probably try to have an answer to them in either the form of massive offensive pressure or something that can take the +2 attacks coming at your team, or by using encore from Cottonee the turn after they smash. Omanyte, Tirtouga, and Shellder are all threats that you should prepare for, as well as Zigzagoon who after a Belly Drum can tear apart most teams that are weakened slightly. One of the general catch-alls to these is Abra, who is a threat in its own right, since it can take any one attack due to Focus Sash and then KO back. Don't try using Abra on Shellder though, use a steel type.

Trappers (Diglett and Gothita): Yes they can be annoying during the match, and you constantly have to be playing around them. Diglett actually traps a lot of stuff you wouldn't expect, since it's fairly strong with LO and outspeeds basically all of the unboosted meta. It forms a lot of cores, and doesn't give up too much momentum after getting a kill. Gothita, on the other hand, can trap fighters and other mons using a scarf set and KO them. It also then loses almost all momentum, so take full advantage of it.

In terms of effective archetypes, full blown stall that tries to last 100 turns doesn't work too well in ORAS. People have tried, but generally it's just better to go semi-stall if you want to try that. Balanced and offense are both pretty good, and HO has been done successfully before. Sun and Sand teams exist, Sun has a pretty much optimized team by Mad0ka if you want to check that out (it's in the RMT archive), and can be difficult to deal with sometimes. Full Baton Pass teams are very matchup based but you might see one from time to time, it's important to recognize it in team preview. There are no Baton Pass clauses in LC by the way.

I didn't cover everything, but there's a lot of good resources on this subforum that you can and should check out if you're interested in getting into LC. Fortunately the teambuilder now EVs for LC which is nice. And welcome to LC!
I have a Little Cup team at the moment which hovers between about 1380 and 1440, but Sun teams just completely destory me. What Pokémon are good checks/counters to Sun teams?


I have a Little Cup team at the moment which hovers between about 1380 and 1440, but Sun teams just completely destory me. What Pokémon are good checks/counters to Sun teams?
Fletchling is popular for dealing with Sun due to it being able to revenge Bellsprout with priority Acrobatics, but Sun teams often run multiple checks to Fletch and it can't really switch into Bellsprout.
Vullaby resists STAB Solar Beam, avoids Sleep Powder with Overcoat, and can usually threaten it out with STAB Brave Bird, though Vullaby is very shaky if you let them keeps rocks down and doesn't appreciate a Sludge Bomb poison.
Munchlax is a special wall and will take little from any of Bellsprouts attacks, all you need is coverage for it, though Munchlax is prone to getting worn down quickly.
Hippopotas/Snover/Amaura change the weather from Sun to Sand/Hail, not allowing Bellsprout to get the speed boost it need so much to function.
Ponyta resists Solar Beam and Weather Ball and it's recovery and Flare Blitz are strengthened under the Sun, however, Ponyta is prone to being slept by Sleep Powder, so try to let something else go to sleep first.
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Sun is one of tge harder things to account for i. teambuilding, but it's far from impossible to do so. Some of the better checks to sun that are easier to fit on a team include Fletchling (easily revenge kills Bellsprout, however sun teams these days commonly run Pursuit Cranidos to trap Fletchling), Vullaby (lives any one hit and OHKOes), Porygon (must watch out for Sleep Powder but is an excellentblanket check to many threats). Other, more niche checks include Munchlax (hardwalls both Bellsprout and Vulpix and doesnt doesn't really mind Sleep Powder due to Sleep Talk but fares worse than Porygon vs other threats) and Chespin (Bellsprout cannot touch this thanks to Bulletproof but is generally mediocre). Stick around in LC!

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Where is lost cave? When will quotecs get a banner?
A) Its essentially the LC frontier but single gen so that'll probably if ever happen again in place of the frontier which itself seems unlikely to occur but this is half-asses speculation so idk. B) Banners are discontinued.


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Where is lost cave? When will quotecs get a banner?
Lost Cave will happen whenever a new recruit that wants his stripes decide to suck up to quote. Maybe someone will win the Good Noodle award in order to post it!

When the cherry blossoms blooming coincides with the red moon's waning tide

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If you mean Recyclejuice Magnemite, Specially Defensive Hippopotas and Chinchou block Volt Switch and can take a few Flash Cannons. Drilbur won't want to switch in on Flash Cannon too many times, but it blocks Volt Switch, and Mold Breaker Earthquake is nice for bypassing Sturdy. If you can break Sturdy beforehand, Diglett does a good job of trapping Magnemite, but watch out for Endure. Ferroseed can switch in quite a few times before it's worn down, and can set up on it. You can also use your own Magnemite as a check if it has HP Ground.

If you're talking about Drifloon, Ponyta is your best bet. Electric-types can work, but make sure you have an electric-type move other than Volt Switch so it doesn't just sub on you.

Trubbish is dealt with pretty easily by Gothita/Diglett, which is a part of why it isn't considered that good nowadays. A lot of offensive Pokemon like Gastly, Drilbur, and Archen tend to use it as a free switch-in opportunity.

Most Recyclejuice users are crippled by Knock Off, although Trubbish and Drifloon can get around it with Sticky Hold and Unburden + Substitute, respectively.
Some nice folks in the LC room on showdown asked me to introduce myself here :)

I'm Vanillerino, I used to play on showdown Ubers and LC when i was younger, though I never really posted or talked in the chatrooms back then. Here I am now; been playing almost exclusively LC this past week since it was my favorite tier before because of the 'quantum-esque' mechanics of dmg calculation and speed tiers. I've been laddering under the name "Vanilla597" and am currently rank 9 on the ladder. Hoping to make a name for myself in this community :)

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Bulk Up is a fairly niche set on Croagunk because it is unable to reliably check many of the Pokemon that mixed or Nasty Plot variants can handle without much trouble. If you do choose to run it, it works best as a sweeper as opposed to a support Pokemon, else you'd be better off just using mixgunk, making Sucker Punch the generally stronger choice (for a moveset of BU/Gunk Shot/Sucker Punch/Drain Punch)


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It's a choice depending on whether you want Croagunk to sweep better or support better. Having Sucker Punch allows you to bypass certain would-be threats, such as weakened Abra, Diglett, Gothita, Gastly, and anything weak enough to be taken out by Sucker Punch that would otherwise get in an extra hit. It's less reliable against defensive Ghost- and Psychic-types like Honedge and Slowpoke, but otherwise a solid choice. Knock Off lets you have more utility in case you can't set up a Bulk Up very easily, as well as making Croagunk a more capable wallbreaker, but is generally less important for something that's trying to set up and sweep your opponent. I'd say to go with Sucker Punch.
Munchlax can take anything it has and KO back with Return. Defensive Porygon can handle its attacks and cripple it with Thunder Wave. Honedge can Pursuit trap Abra that lack Shadow Ball (most don't bother with it nowadays). Defensive Vullaby OHKOes with Knock Off, and can take a Life Orb Dazzling Gleam


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The best Abra checks are Stunky, Honedge, and Munchlax. All three have either high Special bulk, resistance to Abra's usual attacks, or both. They also all have Pursuit, allowing them to damage Abra even if it tries to flee battle. Outside of those 3 Pokemon, it's very hard to actually counter Abra. Bulky Pokemon such as Porygon and Pumpkaboo-S can switch into it, but they can be worn down if they aren't given the chance to recover their health. The LO set can also 2HKO them with SR up so it becomes even harder to check defensively in that case. Choice Scarf wielding Pokemon such as Mienfoo, Gastly, or Pawniard can revenge kill it so long as its Sash is broken or missing, and Mienfoo can do it safely regardless since it can use U-turn. Priority also helps, from Pokemon such as Corphish, Pawniard, Tirtouga, Zigzagoon, Fletchling, and even Croagunk or Timburr if its weakened enough.

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Hello. So, I just finished EV training my Diglett in-game. The spread was supposed to be 36HP/236ATK/236SPE. I did: 36HP/236ATK/238SPE due to gen 6 mechanics, the 2 extra EVs. My question is: Does the second spread have any difference from the first one? Also, do the 2 extra EVs mess up anything? Thanks in advance.
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