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Other Userlist Icons Stylish

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I have been getting a TONNE of requests to add users to my new stylish which includes pokemon being at the end of peoples userlist names, so I decided to make this a thread where people can comment what pokemon they want and what username, and also be notified of updates, some way or another.

Format for commenting (Quite simple)
PS Name:

Install the userstyle here: userlist-icons

Watch to this thread to be notified of new updates. (It updates so much ;-;)

This stylish is made to work with others, so you can keep your custom backgrounds and such
(To be noted: some other stylish's mess with the hover that I have made, in which will only make the icon disappear when you hover over a persons name)
PS Name:Raisi
Pokemon:Darmanitan (Bobbing) Shiny if possible

Alt name: Cirxn
Pokemon: Darmanitan

Thanks :]
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PS Name: Socks with Crocs, 8-Bit Cosmos
Pokemon: Krookodile (bouncing if possible), Reuniclus (shiny and bouncing if possible)
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PS Name: sparkychild
Pokemon: Pikachu

PS Name: sparkyboTTT
Pokemon: Pikachu

(if sparkyboTTT can't have Pikachu, then Rotom would work too)
PS name: cant say
Pokemon: Articuno

I should mention that I'm not cant say, but he said his favorite mon was Articuno, so I figured I'd get him an Articuno. Am I allowed to do that?
Nice job. I can make a database for that, which recompiles the style everytime someone is added. Send me a message if you're interested.

PS Name: forsureitsme
Pokemon: Gengar-Mega

PS Name: HallyuWorldWave
Pokemon: Gengar
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