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Hey! Could you plz add a Corsola (animated if possible) to the nickname "Corsola Said"?


Banned deucer.
PS Name: Ditteh
Pokemon: Delibird (Bobbing)

PS Name: Imp Ditt
Pokemon: Delibird (Bobbing)

PS Name: Ditteh Test
Pokemon: Delibird (Bobbing)

PS Name: God Ditteh
Pokemon: Delibird (Bobbing)
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PS Name: Elegyy
Pokemon: Mega Slowbro (If you can't get the mega sprite, then slowpoke)
ty :)

Edit: Remove ElegyOfVGC, put Elegyy please, thank you
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PS Name: manga team, ehehe donuts, the exalted minun, Altaria to pieces
Pokemon: Minun, animated if possible, ty :>
Yo I know I already have Honchkrow, but can I get it changed to a shiny Ho-Oh? But if shiny is too annoying, regular Ho-Oh is fine.

PS Name: 0kay, 0kay0kay, and Chief Keef Swag
Pokemon: Shiny Ho-Oh
(I got alts too this time :p)
Thank you so much man
Hello, You must remember me from before :), I hope your doing good, nice job here doing this add on, I will ask one thing I want a Sprite for my 2 other User names One I use for my clan and other one too

PS Name: MasterRiku (Mega gengar Like you did with xxMasterRikuxx)
PS: Name GodEaterFK Manaphy(Bouncing if posible.

Thanks for the hard work, if You need help on adding sprites and there is a way I can help I will gladly help have a nice day :)
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