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PS Name: Doomilicious
Pokémon: Mega Gardevoir (not animated, Shiny if possible)
If Shiny Mega Gardevoir is not available then Mega Gengar, not animated.
If it's not too much to ask, may I have my animated Lampent icon also on the name LinkCode? I'm making a permanent name switch to that name.


The Lost Age
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Update time!
PS Name: NV
Pokemon Tyrunt (http://pokemoncreed.net/img/icon/Tyrunt.gif)

P.S. If there is an animated one of Tyrunt out there somewhere and someone knows (and has the link), let me know because I would much rather have it animated, but since I cannot find Gen 6 animated sprites I have to settle for stationary Tyrunt lol. Found one!
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Nick: l0ckjaw,
Poke: Sharpedo ( No Mega )
<-- Here the Sprite

To my other account

Nick: Golden'F /Golden Freddy's

Poke: Ursaring
<-- Here the Sprite

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PS Name: Mar1onette

Pokemon: Mew

mew_icon_by_the_trusting_partner-d3jr5o2.gif <-----This one if possible but without the mew background of course n_n If not then just a normal bouncy mew icon please Thank You!!!!!!:toast:
PS Name:Jp70
If you can put in another account:
PS Name:MakuriHotai
Thanks :)
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