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Accomplished goal of bouncing back to 1800 this season. Possibly could've gone higher, but didn't want to push it. Also did some doubles laddering and finished top 3 in Canada so I'm happy with that. 1900 is the only thing left.
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good job laddering everyone! bummed that I didn't have time to ladder this season due to irl stuff but I have some fun ideas in mind for S12 and I'm looking forward to making some more vids for you guys.

Reminder: post your Season 11 records before Season 12 ends to get credit for BSSC!
I'll be messing around on an account and climbing probably with some people via discord screen share sometime in the next month. Just setting this up over the next week or two. I will probably not be streaming this, so I just wanted to let know in advance that I won't be submitting a score this season irrespective of how high the account gets. I might mention how it does in the thread at the end of the season, but it should not count to the non-existent total I have.
Season 12 might not be as special as Season 10 was in breaking 2k through all sorts of adversity, but it was definitely my best season on cart to date. I managed to break 2k again and cash out at 2007, but while Season 10 was an insane rollercoaster, this season I made it on a far more efficient clip (almost 2:1 wins to losses and in far fewer games to boot). Hopefully I can keep this up again next season assuming I can still find the time to play enough games.

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Lost interest and time towards the end but for the sake of breaking the playoff tiebreaker that probably won't matter anyway...

Actually laddered a bit this season and I settled for a quick 1746 run, started off very strong but had a rough run in between and didn't end up going further after recovering from that run. Turns out my old Kingdra rain squad is actually just as good if not better in the current meta, so I'll probably give that another go if I ladder next season (Naga > Latias now except I rarely used the Naga anyway). If the last seasonal tour turned out differently I would've made more of an effort but I ended up a bit busy late season anyway so no regrets there.
I know this probably doesn't do anything to my ranking, however, I still wanted to post it.
I got 1700 S12 in 1 night. Most of my motivation was from Greil (for always supporting me and helping me out when I need help),11oyd (Thanks to your streams for motivation), chemcoop (For helping me get some pokemon to play on cart), Cantsay (For your streams regardless if it is doubles or singles, it helps out with the motivation) and all my teammates from BSPL. Thank you guys so much! :D

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The modifications to Haunted Tower that I suggested for Season 14 in my RMT worked very well, with Gravity Landorus being quite at home on the team and making it the best version of itself in my opinion. I managed another 2k run partly as a result, finishing at 2003. The efficiency was comparable to my Season 12 run, but overall I actually think the team performed better this season, as for a couple of weeks in February I was a staple in the top 75 on the ladder, peaking inside the top 25 for a few days. Given that I reached 2k in late February, I probably should've gone for more at some point, but I opted to focus on other things for most of March, including using a week to spend time on BSLT.

I found the majority of time through season 14 pretty painful. Failing Trying out new teams, ending a 2 year relationship and moving house really took it's toll on me. Pretty much lost motivation to ladder completely until roughly the same time that BSLT started. In the last two and half weeks I managed to pull it together somewhat and took aim at another run to reach 1900. Got as far as 1873 before getting yeeted by a gang of 1700s players. Ended up banking 1802. Would like to throw a shout out to Greil and Bobo for the chats. OH and an extra shout out to GE for motivating me to aim that bit higher ;)

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got 1910 in s14 BSS. shoutouts dragonwhale for handing me a goat team (also got me 1543 week 1 BSLT and a wildcard qualification). I feel like we could have pushed it higher but I was happy to park it and bank a respectable score, so I'll see if we can push it higher this season (or next, thinking of taking a season off).
Hey everyone, we're back after a hiatus for S13. If you're interested in BSSC points from S14, make sure to post your scores before the end of S15, otherwise I will not be able to accept them. Also, 2019 BSSC points should be updated on the OP and on the spreadsheet!
Season 15 was a more challenging season for me on cart than Season 14 for a variety of reasons, but I managed to top 2000 again this season, if not as quickly or efficiently as in Seasons 12 and 14. Happily though, I did get #1 U.S. with Ultra Terry not playing any Singles this season. Further, I also made a late run to 1900 on my alt cart after using it to test a wider variety of stuff until the last weekend when I switched back to more familiar territory for the last push, so despite the drop in efficiency I'm quite happy with the results.



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