USUM Smogon Battle Spot Rating Records / 2019 BSSC Leaderboard

Cart stats are updated on the google doc through the latest post! I probably won't update the S15 stats in the OP leaderboard until we get all score submissions in for S15. BSSC stats are updated through the end of BSLT. Cart CP will be added once I get a bit of clarification from DragonWhale. Remember, post your S15 scores before S17 starts in order to get BSSC credit!

e: Cart CP is added and an issue with BSLT CP was fixed!
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My Season 16 was beyond hectic, so while my score of 1921 wasn't super elite, I do think it was still a strong score given all the other stuff I had going on and some pretty bad ladder luck for much of the season. I might have tried to push harder for 2k on Labor Day Weekend, but between BSPL and several other obligations and factors, I didn't really have much time to make a credible push to begin with, and once we won BSPL I didn't want to immediately sour myself on the feeling by laddering nowhere in particular for a couple of hours, as I did in my penultimate push before sprinkling a couple of wins at the end. So it isn't super great, but I did at least keep my current streak of 1900+ finishes alive.

Season 16 was interesting because I started laddering 2 weeks before the deadline and got a better score than before (it could have been higher if I didn't lose 2 games in a row to Hypnosis but that's pokemon for you) + lots of mental health issues in my life that I had to prioritize. Anyway, I'm leaving my score here to motivate myself for the next cart ladder session so that I can aim for 1800/1900s.
I'll be updating BSSC points each round of BSS Masters so that potential qualifiers can check their position/byes. On a related note, cart points for S17 will not count due to overlap with invitationals as mentioned by DragonWhale. Players seeking credit for ratings in S16 should submit their scores before BSS Masters ends and invitationals seedings are decided!
Not sure if anyone else was doing much laddering on USM past about the halfway point of this season with the new games coming out, but I tried making a run at a decent score this weekend and came up with 1910 at the end. I wish I could've made 2k to end the gen more properly, but despite peaking at 1996 I missed three bites at the apple and then dropped back down a bit at the end.

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