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Sylveon fell off and I kinda wanted to make it work, so I paired it with the fat steel Doublade who really loves the wish and cleric support. Amoongus + Doublade is pretty solid counterplay to Scizor (but can be overwhelmed by SD Knock Off and to an extent Choice Band Scizor if amoongus loses its helmet). Hydreigon is reliable speed control, Krookodile is a nice rocker, and latias is an additional sweeper. Firium Z on Krookodile is fun for nuking Scizor while hitting a fair amount of mons still. Groundium can probably be ran over it. Since I was using a Scizor lure anyway, I went with soul dew cm latias for nice power with its STABs. The second version replaces sylveon for florges to address the potential soundproof kommo-o. Aromatherapy is used on Florges so it still has clerical abilities (admittingly cute charm moonblast sylveon should be fine here too). For removal I have Defog Hydreigon still. Taunt Iapapa Krookodile sets rocks up and keeps them up well. Electrium Latias is the solid answer for scizor in this variant. Second version is kinder typically, though the firium krook is pretty fun lmao.
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Sub Mamo and Crocune was a core Darksafadao submitted for a break this team and seemed pretty cool so I decided to build around it. I have fun with both versions but the second version is probably more suitable toward beginners. Nihilego appreciates the ground mutilating prowess Mamoswine and Suicune provided. It's also capable of running stealth rock so mamoswine doesn't have to as well as being able to clean the opposing team with a speed boost. Seeing as I needed speed control and had two fire resists in the form of Nihilego and Suicune, Choice Band Scizor seemed like a nice fit. To round off the team, I placed a solid defog core in that of Malt and Moltres. This felt safe since I had Nihilego to deal with the obvious threat Rotom-H. The Tspikes version uses standard SR LO Mamo over the Sub set, Vincune over Crocune to abuse spikes more, and of course has Toxic Spikes on Nihilego. With Toxic Spikes and Vincune, the stall matchup is a stronger and less reliant on the surprise factor of Z Mamo. Stall was a concern since Malt and Moltres can feel like deadweight in the matchup.
I figured i'd post some of my favorite teams, as well as some pretty cool recent stuff i've built around random mons i was feeling. i'm pretty new to write ups, so this might end up being either good or terrible.
This is a build I worked on with my buddy jytcampbell when zeraora was brought down to uu. i really wanted to try to build around bulk up zeraora. We put rock slide on aggron to better deal with moltres. The zera spread is something we came up with, and is intended to outspeed mega manectric. The bulk allows it to take scarfed draco from hydreigon after rocks and multiple overheats from mega manectric. I went with drain punch and lefties, per usual for bulk up mons, in order to maximize longevity and allow me to set up more easily.
I didn't actually come up with the idea for this one by myself. I played something similar on the ladder and I found it really difficult to play against so I tried to take some of the same ideas and make a few improvements. I can't take credit for the full build, but it's a really nice uu trick room team and I figured it would be nice to share it here in case anyone has a cheese strat fetish. Shout out to whatever savage came up with the original idea.
I might end up making a full write up on this mega shark team in the future because it is without a doubt my favorite UU team to use, and has been for the past few months (i would actually love to get feedback from others on whether they think it would be worth it or not). I started using it in uu majors and it helped me top my pool (i decided not to bring this to my last battle and that was the only loss i had). It's a very effective offensive build, with rest talk primarina and max hp scizor able to sponge most of the hits the team needs to take. I went with max hp attack scizor to maximize bulk and attack and with the only two attacking moves being prio and uturn to pivot, speed didn't seem as necessary. if the opponent is able to keep mega shark at bay (get it? shark... bay... im so funny) then lucario often times catches them off guard and can pick up the pieces to clean up in the end game. Pokeaim recently used this team in his uu road to top 10, so be sure to check it out and subscribe to him.
This team was mainly built in the middle of the night because i really wanted to use mega Pidgeot for a change, and i realized none of my Pidgeot teams had the clanger on it. As a result, I combined the bird with the clanger and cooked up some fire. This was never really intended for tournament, use, just something fun that i wanted to use and have some success with on the ladder.
This second zeraora team was something else that I built during majors when zeraora came down. I used it in playoffs and it did a pretty decent job, despite me losing that battle. I wanted to try various zeraora set and for this team I went with banded in order to maximize offensive presence. I threw iron tail on it in order to be able to hit mega altaria (one of the best checks) on the switch in. It seemed like a really cool tech and comes in handy very often. It's moonblast on support altaria because otherwise the clanger runs through me with soundproof if i chose to stick with hyper voice. I respect the soundproof clanger.
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