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Approved by Ark; banner courtesy of Euphonos
Special thanks to Pokemon Shuffle Wiki and Pearlsaurus E-Log for the images that made the banner possible
Good day, everyone! Welcome to the very first UU Viability Tournament! This tournament is inspired from one of Pokemon Online's Official Tournaments where I had the chance to host early on, and it uses UU's current and up-to-date Viability Rankings, with special thanks to Hilomilo and Pearl. In a nutshell, upon signing up in the tournament, participants will be given a certain amount of points to begin with, and with those points they must create a team of six Pokemon where the sum of all of their values should be less than or equal to that given amount. Each usable Pokemon is placed in a hierarchy of viability rankings from S to UR (best to worst), and is given a value depending on its assigned viability ranking. Only certain viability tiers will be open at the beginning of the round, and more tiers will be available as the tournament progresses.

This tournament uses the standard Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon Underused metagame with standard clauses. It will be a Best-of-1 Single Elimination tournament.

  1. Upon signing up, you will be given 15 points to build a team around a select pool of Pokemon. This will be uniform for all players.
  2. Advancing to the next round gives you an additional one-third of your opponent's points, rounded down, apart from the 15 points that you have (and will never lose each round).
    • Note: for a 128-man tour, good for 7 rounds, each player will have these numbers each round: 15 / 20 / 26 / 34 / 45 / 60 / 80
  3. As of the Semifinal Round, this post indicates the corresponding amount of points for each Pokemon to be used in the tournament and the tiers available for each round.

  1. Round 1 will begin with the C-, D, and UR tiers.
  2. Every round gradually unlocks Pokemon from the higher tiers for you to build.
  3. As the UU Viability Rankings thread is as active as ever, the rankings will be locked at the beginning of each round.
    • Any changes in the rankings will only be implemented in the next round.
  4. Replays are required for monitoring purposes. The host will reserve the right to disqualify the player who is caught violating the mechanics, such as:
    • if the opponent has exceeded the number of points allotted for the round; and
    • if the player, for some reason, uses a Pokemon that is actually part of the Viability Rankings but not yet available for use on that round.
  5. Should the player notice such discrepancies, the player may elect to get their match redone.

The semifinal round is now up. Pairings are shown in the post. Participants have now 45 points to build a team with the pool of Pokemon to be found here.
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