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I'd like to mention that Hitmonlee is in need of an update. The Unburden set isn't even listed (which is a damn shame), and there's still Donphan mentions, which was a long time ago.

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Are there any more pokemons that needs Analyses? I don't see any more "Unreserved" Analyses to do :o

Well I'm up for service, since Rotom-C, my first one, is done
The OP needs an update by the way:

Milotic and Cresselia should be listed up for reservation (note sure if there are more, but these two were the ones I noticed)

Amoonguss [In Progress] ---> [Completed.]
Blastoise [In Progress] ---> [Completed.]
Cofagrigus [In Progress] ---> [Completed.]
Eelektross [In Progress] ---> [Completed.]
Rotom-C [In Progress] ---> [Completed.]
Scolipede [In Progress] ---> [Completed.]
Yanmega [In Progress] ---> [Completed.]

Also, Rotom-F's thread was locked, so I don't know how to put it


What's wrong with being confident?
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Probably should mention this here:
I'm finished writing Sigilyph up and its awaiting its last QC check, along with any recommendations ofc. Thanks :)


What's wrong with being confident?
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Hi there, Weezing is in dire need of a revamp, as it is named the best Fighting-type counter, and Pokemon such as Alakazam are still getting mentions. I think it should be added to the list (if QC still thinks it's viable) :)

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