UU UU Classic V - Playoffs [Won by LpZ]


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robjr vs Bouff - rob won his series in 3 games but Bouff is supremely boomer so I'd give a small edge to him. I feel like Bouff has more tiers where he can do well in (3 + 4) and robjr has mainly gen7 to fall back on. but he did win gen2 cup. gen5 should be decisive if it's played.
fatty vs LpZ - normally you predict the boomer but LpZ just called me his brother in his last win post so it's not like I can vote against him now. Also winning 3-0 is pretty dominant while fatty had the closest of series at 3-2.


Free chess/UU tutoring for UU players Neigh. Perf.
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robjr vs LpZ

I constantly bold against Rob these days which is awful since he’s a pro but LpZ I’m more acquainted with.

I expect it will go like this:

rob picks Gen7uu game 1 and wins a close game with superior

LpZ picks gen4uu and wins in a close game with superior building

rob picks gen6uu and it’s a close game but LpZ upsets rob by outplaying

rob picks gen2uu and its a clown show that LpZ ends up winning the match in

betting odds 58% chance LpZ wins the match
OMFG, I went from considering dropping uu classic as a whole when I lost r1 on gsc and dpp cup to CHAMPION, I can't stress enough how much this means to me but I can say this is the most beautiful run I've ever had and maybe I've ever seen.
When I was considering dropping the tour I was up vs pif for oras cup r1 and I had even talked to him about my possible drop, but then I won that series which I was pessimist about, I was never thinking I had a shot, that win was the trigger to my whole ride, I would be thinking I was so dependent on those gsc and dpp points but then I kinda went nuts throught basically every single cup other than gsc and dpp, of course I had lucked some people cuz it do be like that but even then, with literal 0 gsc and dpp points I managed to reach #6 which was mindblowing for me. This is not the first UU Classic I've played but last year I ended up having to play tiebreaker to get the 16th seed (which then I got destroyed by liam but we don't talk about that). My main goal with this year's edition was to not suck balls on r1 rightaway like I did last year and I did it, I proceeded to win the series. Every opponent was a big challenge which I had to nail on prep (even tho I didn't build many teams for this, ig you've noticed already) and of course I wasn't having that many conventional wins, in fact those were very shaky wins with some questionable decisions but I made to finals.
Rob was literally another level of challenge, he is an incredible player and he can make his way through Ws on basically any tier he touches, and I'm ngl, I was scared af, not only he would be tough on any tier I could choose but he had slayed Spl4sh and Highways (the only brazilian players whom qualified excluding myself) and 2/3 of his series were clean 3-0s. Today I went in with a losing mindset, I had the teams locked but I had barely tested any of them and today was a super stressful day for me so I wasn't feeling any confident about this series, but that SM game made me pumped instantly. This is the individual tour I've put in the most work and time, this might mean literally nothing to some people but idgaf, I tryharded the shit out of this and I got the result.
Your run was insane rob I really admire you as a player and it was such a good and intense series, gl in your future endeavors.
Btw I won the whole tour while A Hero's Destiny was saying I was gonna win, which is impressive if I must say.

s/o time

Thiago Nunes mano, vc foi de longe o cara que mais me ajudou durante esse tour, vc sempre tava la em cada round de playoff pra me ajudar com ideias e mudanças nos times e sempre testava jogo comigo quando a gente tinha oportunidade, posso dizer facilmente que se n fosse por vc eu não teria ganho esse tour de jeito nenhum, seu suporte foi a chave pros 3 pontos, tmj mano namoral
avarice hs Askov Y'all are huge reasons I was able to pull off some of the wins, all the testing you did with me was crutial and here's the proof, thank you so much. Inclusive muito obrigado pelos times de SM hs e Askov, SM foi de longe minha melhor tier durante esses poffs e devo isso a vocês e seus builds, boa sorte na SCL.
Holly Thanks a LOT for all the gsc ideas you had for me, they were key to basically any win i had on poffs.
drakey Beraldinho siras A Hero's Destiny Wevton adem 3MoreMinutes Nalorium Luirromen Kenix Pataozinho Natan mixwell BigFatMantis pokemonisfun and literally everyone else who were rooting for me throughout the whole ride, ily so much, I felt way more comfortable with yall cheering for me and it has been fun seeing all your posts and mentions on discord, thanks so much

(ik I can't mention everyone cuz im a pleb with no badges)

Also Estarossa thanks for hosting this tour, it has been one of the most fun experiences I had with mons in a while.

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