UU UU Classic V - Playoffs [Won by LpZ]


tryharding the l2p thing
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I think that if there is someone who deserved to win this tournament it was you, I'm glad to see you finally get to win this that you wanted so much. I still remember the day of the GSC PL draft when (I think it was Dkt) sent me a message telling me to nom a player called LpZ, we already had the team almost assembled and without knowing anything about , I nominated him. Sometimes many managers don't pick new players because they don't know their experience on tours at all or simply because they are "randoms" they don't trust them. And with you the case was completely different, I will never regret to have nominated you and to have built this friendship that we have today. You are a great player and a great person, great things are waiting for you if you keep on working hard and being the way you are, never change. The Fourth :goat:

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