UU Index and Reservations Thread

I am sorry this took such a long time - Berserker Lord posted a Full re-write of UU Raikou a while back, but he since then quit work on it and handed it over to me; Oglemi moved his thread to L&O as well.

I hadn't been able to work on it as I was busy with school, but now that my exams are almost over, I will be returning to normal activity quite soon. I have thus posted a placeholder for the moment, which can be found here. Work will be starting soon.


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Update time!

Status changes
Abomasnow - Skeleton -> Completed
Lanturn - Written -> Completed
Rotom - Written -> Completed
Sigilyph - Written -> Completed
Tangrowth - Written -> Completed
Volbeat - Written -> Completed
Escavalier (Specially Defensive) - Skeleton -> Completed

User changes
Abomasnow - Birkal -> Komodo
Heracross - Smashlloyd20 -> Komodo
Lanturn - blaZofgold -> Komodo
Rotom - Mew -> sirndpt

New links
Rotom - http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3458975

And Kangaskhan isn't locked anymore.

There we go.
With the recent massive tier shift, several pokemon now play completely different roles in this metagame in a way that can't be reflected by replacing "Chansey" with "Snorlax" in analyses. This means that a good number of full revamps will be needed. If your favorite pokemon functions completely differently without having to worry about being walled by Chansey, or if Donphan no ruins its fun by being better than it, we encourage you to redo the analysis. If you have access to SCMS and feel confident in your UU skills, go ahead and make any smaller changes to existing analyses that you deem necessary.

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