Tournament UU Snake Draft II: Player Sign-ups

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I ate a piece of moldy pita bread today so I won't be signing up to the tournament because I will probably die.

I had a long year of dedicating my attention to a tier I only had a semblance of familiarity with and it became my all time favorite. I think I am going to enjoy watching some nice tour matches, but I am in need of a break. I hope you understand.
Good luck to all of the UU players. I am really happy to have gotten to know the lot of you, though I was skeptical at first of the community. Really hope to see a lot of great games.

Go Yanmegatron!


pia! Get into UU!
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Player Name: pokemonisfun
Tiers Played: SS UU / SM UU / ORAS UU / BW UU / DPP UU / ADV UU / GSC UU / RBY UU
Timezone : GMT -4

Posting all tiers in case it's necessary to but I'm very poor at GSC and RBY and will need support if playing that.
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