Tournament UU Snake Draft III - Finals [Won by L.A.P.R.A.S]


can’t rest in peace cause they diggin me
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Clefable the wait is over

s/o the BEBO BRAND BARBOACHES of UU Snake 2, and 1 I suppose, but moreso 2

I borderline cancered as manager due to real life and lack of mons motivation, I believe our ceiling was very high and unfortunately I didn't contribute as much as I should have to help us reach it. Tagging Adaam Leru Clefable Notily so they see this and my guilt can finally be lifted.

Anyways thanks Lily Jade for drafting me, was a very fun tour and hopefully I get to run it back with you guys elsewhere on this site and we end up w a dub, I could've and should've been at the tippy top of the pool so I apologize for failing to reach that standard. Thank you Bouff for being my closest homie throughout the season in terms of the team, giving me tons of games and talking in general.

s/o Pak for further cementing himself into the UU mount rushmore

s/o Specs for existing
v short s/os:
i've never really touched bw uu before, enjoyed playing it
accel carried me all ssn, and sanguine helped me a fair bit second half of the ssn

i'm sorry if i was a bit prickly over the course of the season, i don't mean to be but that's just me sometimes. thanks for drafting me @ managers

snowy you're still funny as fuck, enjoyed playing with you in a tour setting again

no other special shoutouts in particular - but think we definitely had potential to take it all

grats to our opponents again, well done
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I'll keep it brief since I already said everything I wanted on my server but some ppl deserve some public s/o so here I am!

I think both images below describe well our spirit in this competition and i'm astonished we went this far. Even thought our pair got sorted out by a randomizer lmao. Learned alot once again and some fun helping everyone blablabla
clownwings 2.png

S/o sanguine for the carry in bw and all the different tiers you touched. Was pure luck to get you as a helper mid tournament and i legit think we wouldn't have gotten so far if you were not here. I will never be able to say if you deserved a starter pick but you definitely owned your place as a support and i regret not getting you in the first place. If anything, i gained a friend with this tour and i'm super happy about it.

Mazz you also were super important for heysup triump during this tour so thank you once again. Hope to team up with you someday!

TSR Accel thanks for the quick help, was truly appreciated. You guys are cool and somewhat inspirational to me ahah

Adaam You helped us managing when we needed it the most and it was awesome. And thanks for tanking drew for me whenever i wasn't able to do it lmao

Alkione Xiri Allen-xia Moutemoute innovamania Heysup Regnite Snowy Scalescale Armada vani eden justdrew L2p and take care of you all
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