VGC 2014 Pokebank Exclusive Help Thread

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Your Username: dharmatalk
Your IGN: AMB (Mars symbol)
What you need: Magic Guard Cleffa (Clefairy or Clefable) with at least Wish (Heal Bell and Seismic Toss would be amazing too, not that they're legal)
What VGC Regional you are attending: Long Beach

Please let me know!
you might be concerned to learn the clefairy family is not legal at all in this year's rule set.

better make those team adjustment's quick, you've got less than twelve hours to go.
it is back up and i will also check it periodically tonight(next 3 hours) and in the morning (9 hours from now) sorry mine is causing so much trouble lol
Ok i still cant find you... just send me a pm and ill trade it to you the old fashioned way... this sniping is really annoying
Your Username: Catzzz
Your IGN: (star)MGA22(star)
What you need: Female Unnerve Aerodactyl
What VGC Regional you are attending: Local League in Evansville IN

P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped me accomplish my team that I used at the STL regionals yesterday. It was a blast. Although I got really unlucky two matches, I ended up getting 32nd out of 256 masters with a 6-3 record!


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Hi everyone, if there's someone out there with this unique Pokemon, it would help me greatly. I'm willing to trade a few 5 IV pokemon for it as well, a giveaway would be wonderful, but I'd like to give something to show my thanks. An Overcoat Escavalier is going to be a mainstay of my new VGC team.

Your Username: Tatertot
Your IGN: Tate
What you need: No Guard (HA) Karrablast

Edit: Got one
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Your Username: jackedfibras
Your IGN: Justin
What you need: earth power deino male in normal pokeball
What VGC Regional you are attending: orlando

MOD EDIT: Don't ask the donors to make requests for specific Pokéballs. If you want a specific Pokéball, take the Deino you get and breed the egg moves down on your own time.
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Your Username: Mr.Nafi
Your IGN: Nafi
What you need: Heat wave Litwick
What VGC Regional you are attending: orlando

Please and thank you

Edit: Received my Litwick, thanks to whomever /Donks/ is

OD EDIT: You're welcome!
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Your Username: Valkart
Your IGN: Valkart
What you need: Air Cutter Charmander
VGC Attending: Orlando Regional
Uploaded another Luvdisc. I hope to not get sniped again. :(

EDIT: I give up, I'm getting sniped. :/
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Your Username: Neokolzia
Your IGN: Neomi
What you need: Ally Switch Ralts
What VGC Regional you are attending: Butler, PA

Thanks, Neo

Like post above was sniped.

Edit: Put one more into GTS

Edit: Another SPA ralts, think it must be the Same guy? Putting one last one up then maybe switch it to another less obvious pokemon and just note it in this post?

Edit: Luvdisc #6 is up and gone, giving up on luvdisc. They are not lasting too many idiots somehow trading ralts for them? I don't get it.

Edit: Have Put in a Goomy up for trade, Named VGC "VGC Ally Switch" in description, its a female lvl 1. Luvdisc just isn't staying up.
Also Sniped.

Edit: Magikarp has been depositted named VGC "VGC Ally Switch" its a female lvl 1.
~ Have now lost 4 Magikarps within 8 minutes.

What can I do now?
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Your Username: Neokolzia
Your IGN: Neomi
What you need: Ally Switch Ralts
What VGC Regional you are attending: Butler, PA
Still really eager to get my hands on a Ally Switch Ralts, need someone to contact me so we can get a trade setup snipers are just to ravenous.. idk who searches for magikarps/luvdiscs

Edit: Managed to get something that I can breed ally switch into, no longer needed.
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So this thread's purpose was to get people the Pokebank exclusive Pokemon for regionals and with regionals starting tomorrow and everyone beyond extreme procrastinators having their teams ready, this thread has served its purpose. I hope that everyone we serviced here got some use out of the Pokemon we gave them and had fun at their local regionals.

I'd also like to extend a big thank you to everybody who donated Pokemon and helped distribute Pokemon. An especially big thanks goes out to OmegaDonut and Esmeya for being extremely helpful thoughout this whole project who now find themselves with Community Contributor badges!

I hope this was helpful for everyone! Good luck in your future competitions!
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