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ViAbilities is a mod surrounding the idea of making every ability useful and balanced in some form, focusing mainly on abilities that have too specific of a niche, competitively useless abilities, abilties that only take effect in Doubles, and abilities with major RNG aspects. Slates are done in two stages:

Stage One
In Stage One, abilities are submitted to be changed, either with an FFA slate wherein any ability on the list (which will be posted after the base format issue is resolved) can be changed, or by regular slates where 5 abilities are chosen and submissions are limited to those five. In both cases, no more than 5 abilities can be submitted per user. Keep these rules and guidlines in mind when submitting abilities:
  • Stay away from RNG mechanics. Abilities that increase a user's evasion, lower an opponent's accuracy, clone Serene Grace, or involve freezing, confusion, sleep, or infatuation will be vetoed. Existing abilties with these effects will be looked at in future slates.
  • Abilities should make sense thematically. Healer causing a burn on switch-in, for example, would be vetoed as it makes little thematic sense for the ability and the Pokemon that would use the ability. In this scenario, you would want Healer to maintain its general purpose of supporting teammates through buffs, removal of status, restoring HP, etc.
  • Abilities with identical or near-identical functions may be grouped together in one submission, such as Blaze, Torrent, Overgrow, and Swarm, or Power of Alchemy and Receiver, though this is not required.
Stage Two
In Stage Two, Pokemon whose abilties were changed in Stage One are given slight buffs in order to make better use of their new abilities. For each ability, three Pokemon will win the vote and get buffed.
  • No more than 25 BST can be added to a Pokemon in a single submission, no more than 15 points can be added to or removed from any specific stat, and a maximum of 3 moves can be added.
  • Pokemon RU and under may have up to 15 points removed from a stat to add to other stats, so long as there is still no more than a net addition of 25 BST. Those RUBL and above may not have any amount of points removed from one stat to contribute to another.
  • If a Pokemon in an evolutionary line has an ability changed by the first part of a slate, but the final evolution does not, the ability is carried to the final evolution regardless of whether or not buffs were submitted, but buffs may still be submitted for it. (i.e. Combee gets Honey Gather but Vespiquen does not. If no buffs are submitted for Vespiquen after the first stage of a slate buffs Honey Gather, it will get Honey Gather and no buffs, but if a Vespiquen buff wins in the second stage of a slate, the buffs and Honey Gather will be added.)
  • A Pokemon with multiple abilities eligible to be buffed may only be buffed twice. Regardless of how sensible someone's buffs might be, +75 BST and 9 hand-picked new moves on something like Weavile, Drapion, or Klinklang would be absolutely absurd.
  • If a changed ability has less than 5 fully-evolved users, that ability may be put on another Pokemon.
  • Abilties do not need to be removed from a Pokemon in order to add another.

Voting Rules
  • Voting in set slates (Stage 1): Each determined slate will have 5 abilities to be modified, and for each of the 5 abilities, voters will vote for their top 3 choices, with the #1 slot being worth 3 votes, #2 worth 2, and #3 worth 1. Self-votes cannot exceed 3 (One #1 placement, one #2 and #3, or 3 #3 placements).
  • Voting in FFA slates (Stage 1): Any ability can be submitted, voters choose their top 5 choices, and order does not matter. One self-vote is permitted, but under the condition that all 5 potential votes are used.
  • Voting in Stage 2: For each buffed ability, voters vote for their top 3 choices with the same method as in set slates. 3 Pokemon will win for each ability. In the event multiple submissions are for the same Pokemon, only the one with the highest number of votes will win. Self-votes cannot exceed 3.
  • Voting with 5 or less submitted abilities (FFA Stage 1) / 1 submitted ability (Set Slate Stage 1) / 3 or less submitted Pokemon for an ability(Stage 2): Each submission can be given a "yes" or "no". If 50% or more of the votes on a submission are "yes"'s, the submission is added. No self-votes are permitted in this scenario, though one can abstain from voting on their submission.
Submission Templates
New Effect:

Competitive Reasoning:
Thematic Reasoning:
Ability Being Modified:
Stats: HP/Atk/Def/SpAtk/SpDef/Spe
Stat Changes: ±X/±X/±X/±X/±X/±X
New Moves:
Sample Set:

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Free-For-All Slate
We are now in a Free-For-All slate, see the most recent update page for more details.
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I vote Natdex because when you think about it, Gen 8 is going to end up as NatDex without megas or Z moves eventually anyway. So why not just start off there and have more in the end? Will happily accept either though.
Maybe we can find a happy middle ground? Say all mons with a sorta NatDex but with no removed moves (Hidden Power/Return/Etc) but yes to access to Home additions (Hurricane Zapdos, Scald Raikou, etc.)

It may be a bit too complicated, what I ask but might be a satiating middle ground since everything seems so neck and neck.
Maybe we can find a happy middle ground? Say all mons with a sorta NatDex but with no removed moves (Hidden Power/Return/Etc) but yes to access to Home additions (Hurricane Zapdos, Scald Raikou, etc.)

It may be a bit too complicated, what I ask but might be a satiating middle ground since everything seems so neck and neck.
The issue with Home additions would be that the additions from the datamine aren't actually in the NatDex format right now, so it would be much less feasible than saying "This format but these abilities do different things, some Pokemon have different base stats and more moves". My biggest issue with NatDex for this mod has been that small stat improvements would be much less likely to make a Pokemon with modified abilities viable, considering you've got monsters like Mega Sceptile, whose offensive stats far outstrip anything in the current dex, all the way down in RU. Essentially, the lower power level makes it more feasible that the main point of this mod will be central to how it plays, rather than NatDex OU's extremely high power level with several dozen niche picks that don't really challenge anything in the meta. Removed moves aren't nearly as much of a concern as megas, z-moves, and the power level are. I still want to put it up to a vote since it's a rather important part that people have the freedom to change, and it's entirely possible to raise the BST buff limit to compensate for the increased power level, but I fear that would make the mod more about the Pokemon than the abilities. Some might disagree so I put the option out here to get some more opinions on it.
monsters like Mega Sceptile, whose offensive stats far outstrip anything in the current dex, all the way down in RU
Small correction here: since Mega Evolution requires an item, most Mega Evolutions' offensive stats aren't as extreme as they look. Mega Sceptile's seemingly-large base 145 Special Attack is actually the equivalent of a mere base 100 with a Life Orb - and SS RU actually does include another Pokémon with base 100 Special Attack and base 145 Speed, just like Sceptile! I mean Accelgor has a lot more holding it back and also doesn't hold a Life Orb but y'know--- There definitely is a fair bit of reverse power creep going on in Gen VIII, and I totally see what you mean and actually agree with your reasoning on a broader scale, but I just thought I'd point out that that's an important factor to keep in mind when looking at the stats of Mega Evolutions - it's not quite as exaggerated as it might look. C:
What about Mega Ampharos?
That would be about base 115.5 with a Life Orb, but considering Ampharos's low Speed, that's even more easily matched by other Pokémon in the tier. For comparison, Frosmoth and Bewear are both base 125 on their respective stats, marginally faster than Ampharos, capable of boosting effectively, and even have amazing defensive Abilities on top of that! I mean, that's not to say Mega Ampharos would be bad - it has good mixed bulk, decent neutral coverage and Volt Switch, and Frosmoth in particular can't afford to run anything but HDB - but I don't think it would be far ahead of the current RU, either!
(Speaking of this comparison, the funny thing is that two of RU's S-ranks from USUM, Salazzle and Virizion, are still S and A+, respectively, in RU in Sword and Shield. The third, Metagross, isn't here just yet, but I wonder if it would have made it to UU or if it would be in RU alongside them...?)

To be fair, though, I think it's more that the combination of reverse power creep and new move distribution just hit the higher tiers harder. There's a whole lot more dissonance between power rankings in OU, I'm sure, and that's where this would be set, so I agree that the decision matters more than this might make it seem! Mostly I just thought it was interesting to compare the two!

And, uh-- oops, I haven't voted yet! To stay on topic, then: I'll also vote for Gen VIII OU! Especially with the DLC coming soon, I'm curious to see how this would develop in response, and that kind of change is something we wouldn't get to explore as much with Natdex.


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How about we stop the voting for the format (Gen 8 OU just to be sure) and get to the viable ability changing?

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