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With 12 votes over NatDex's 7, Gen 8 OU will be the base for this mod. With that out of the way, we'll begin with a free-for-all slate, which will end one week from today. The list of abilities that can be changed is below:
  • Anticipation
  • Aroma Veil
  • Ball Fetch
  • Battery
  • Battle Armor
  • Big Pecks
  • Blaze
  • Cheek Pouch
  • Clear Body
  • Cursed Body
  • Cute Charm
  • Damp
  • Effect Spore
  • Emergency Exit
  • Flame Body
  • Forewarn
  • Friend Guard
  • Frisk
  • Gluttony
  • Healer
  • Heavy Metal
  • Honey Gather
  • Hydration
  • Hyper Cutter
  • Ice Body
  • Illuminate
  • Immunity
  • Inner Focus
  • Insomnia
  • Justified
  • Keen Eye
  • Klutz
  • Leaf Guard
  • Light Metal
  • Liquid Voice
  • Long Reach
  • Minus
  • Moody
  • Mummy
  • Oblivious
  • Overgrow
  • Own Tempo
  • Pastel Veil
  • Pickpocket
  • Pickup
  • Plus
  • Poison Point
  • Poison Touch
  • Rain Dish
  • Rattled
  • Receiver
  • Ripen
  • Rivalry
  • Run Away
  • Sand Veil
  • Serene Grace
  • Shell Armor
  • Sniper
  • Snow Cloak
  • Soundproof
  • Stall
  • Static
  • Steadfast
  • Stench
  • Sticky Hold
  • Suction Cups
  • Super Luck
  • Swarm
  • Sweet Veil
  • Symbiosis
  • Tangled Feet
  • Telepathy
  • Torrent
  • Truant
  • Unnerve
  • Vital Spirit
  • White Smoke
  • Wonder Skin

In addition, there's now a Discord server to join to get thoughts on submissions and discussion on other aspects of this mod.
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How many abilities can we submit?

Ability: Klutz
New Effect: The Pokemon and their enemies cannot use their items.
Competitive Reasoning: We all know that items are one of the most important parts of the game. Choice Items can be the difference between making that Key KO and Lefties can help turn a 2hKO into 3. Now let's deny the enemy their items without even giving them a message that their items are even disabled especially when the mon in question might have other abilities worth using.
Thematic Reasoning: You're such a damn accident prone buffoon that not only did you disable your own items, but your enemy's too, way to go ya fop!
Buffed Pokemon: All of them really, but most of them have other alternatives that work. The most viable would be Golurk who has a cool typing with 3 immunities and two also great abilities. The real trick (which Golurk CAN learn) is that it can now employ a third great ability. Bewear would rather fluffy and Swoobat would rather be Simple but they COULD use it well, I suppose, and Lopunny wants to go back a generation when it could scrap with perfect STAB coverage.

Ability: Pastel Veil
New Effect: Immunity to Poison Damage as well.
Competitive Reasoning: I mean Poison as a STAB has come a long way. It is a contender since Fairies existed, and immunity is amazing to have.
Thematic Reasoning: I mean it blocks poison already.
Buffed Pokemon: Galar Horse is a Fairy, and it would otherwise be weak to Poison. This immunity lets it resist any dragon who relies on Poison coverage for Fairies alongside Super Power or Close Combat. It's ONLY a buff and a significant one at that.

Ability: Hyper Cutter
New Effect: Attack Cannot lower for ANY reason, even self infliction and burns!
Competitive Reasoning: Superpower is superpowerful when you can spam willy-nilly. Burn immunity is also fantastic as it means burns prevent Toxic and Paralysis and tick away so marginally even if no guts!
Thematic Reasoning: Claws so tough that they can be weakened.
Buffed Pokemon: Almost all users of this ability do have Superpower. Although Adaptable Crawdaunt and Sheer Force Liquidation Kingler have good competition for STAB boosters instead of Coverage. Crabomnible (when released) can also use STAB Superpower but Iron Fist helps its Ice/Drain/Thunder Punches

Ability: Justified
New Effect: Grants immunity dark moves as well, preventing them from being used by ANYONE except the user.
Competitive Reasoning: Immunity to Taunt, Parting Shot, and Knock Off is fantastic! Also punishes and prevents NP setup although i
Thematic Reason: Justice denies evil.
Buffed Pokemon: A godsend on all mons who get it. The Musketeers can use it well to not lose their items as can anyone who gets it! That's all there is to it.
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Yung Dramps

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Ability: Sniper
New Effect: No Guard clone
Thematic Reasoning: As a sniper, the Pokemon makes sure to always hit the foe with extreme precision.
Notable Pokemon:
Trades away the power of its contact-based Water STAB and coverage for those sweet sweet perfectly accurate Stone Edges.
Can't really benefit from it that much but I guess perfect accuracy elemental fangs and Aqua Tail is kinda cool and it's at least better than its other two abilities.
When this thing gets its HA released its Hydro Pump spam will become even more devastating with perfect accuracy Blizzard to back it up. In addition Muddy Water will become a viable Surf alternative which trades away PP for a potentially handy Poison chance.
While I doubt it's gonna be a high-tier menace anytime soon, Octillery does have plenty of great moves to abuse this new Sniper version with including Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Gunk Shot and Fire Blast.

Ability: Receiver
New Effect: Now works in Singles when a teammate faints. Does not work with abilities that provide a flat, unconditional boost to offenses (eg Huge Power or Hustle)
Thematic Reasoning: The user has its fainted ally pass over its ability. However it's so rambunctious already that it can't handle extra power for worry of going off the handle!
Notable Pokemon:
While it can't break the game with partners like Diggersby or Dracozolt, you still got a well of creativity opened up with the ability to copy any other ability! How about an annoying offensive Regenerator pivot when your Toxapex goes down? Perhaps some Contrary shenanigans with Malamar? How about pairing up with Sand Rush Excadrill or Chlorophyll Venusaur for a back-up sweeper on their respective weather teams?

Ability: Swarm
New Effect: At 33% HP or less this Pokemon's attacks hit again with the 2nd hit doing 1/3 damage.
Thematic Reasoning: When in critical condition, the user of this ability will order other members of their species to assist in their attacks out of desperation.
Notable Pokemon:
An extra layer has been added to wearing this mon down as you now gotta worry about not just Megahorn, but all of its attacks becoming even bigger nukes.
Sash lead sets trade away Compound Eyes Thunder for better all-around damage, particularly with Volt Switch once their Focus Sash is consumed.
Ability: Anticipation
New Effect: The first attack that would normally kill this pokemon does zero damage
Thematic Reasoning: You anticipate an attack kills you and dodge it as to ensure it doesn't kill you.
What pokemon would do good with this ability?:
Toxicroak - While it's not gonna be a top-tier threat any-time soon, ensuring that it can set up SD or NP without the risk of a OHKO is extremely useful.
Hatterene - This ability will always still be worse than Magic Bounce, but hey, at least you can get up TR and kick butt without the risk of dying before you get to do so.
Ability: Anticipation
New Effect: In addition to sensing an attack that one-shots you, you now gain a +1 buff to your lowest defense stat.
Thematic Reasoning: You sense an attack and brace your self for it
Buffed pokemon:
Ferrothorn is a big one, as now it can effectively tank some fire moves, but it still seems mostly situational.
e: above sniped me
Ability: Keen Eye
New Effect: No Guard clone without the drawback
Thematic Reasoning: Your eyes are able to scope out anything, allowing you to always hit your foes
Notable Buffs: While they most likely still won't get into OU, Hitmonchan now gets 100% accurate Dynamic Punches and Stone Edges, while Noctowl always has a 100% Hurricane. If rain were to be banned from OU, Pelipper also becomes a decent special wallbreaker.

Ability: Truant
New Effect: Now only prevents the use of moves that deal damage every other turn (meaning you can still use Status moves)
Thematic Reasoning: You're so lazy you don't want to fight constantly, so you constantly need to rest, but you're still able to defend yourself.
Notable Buffs: Honestly, I now feel so stupid for picking OU, cuz this certainly would have given Slaking the buff needed to make it in the meta. Durant will 100% likely ignore this in favor of Hustle, but I suppose it can run some gimmicky set with Protect and Toxic to stall out the opponent.

Ability: Unnerve
New Effect: Intimidate but for Sp. Atk.
Thematic Reasoning: You have made your foe so nervous that it does not use its full power on its attacks.
Notable Buffs: Now we're talking! Haxorus can gain more opportunities to set up by somewhat shoring up its lower Special Defense. Corviknight no longer has to worry about special Electric and Fire-types. Bewear no longer gains an artificial weakness to Fire. If you're worried about sand damaging your team, Tyranitar can use this ability to a similar effect. Lastly, Mewtwo gets more set-up opportunities in Ubers.

Ability: Long Reach
New Effect: Tough Claws for non-contact moves
Thematic Reasoning: Since you can't fight the Pokemon directly, you instead focus on your long-range attacks, which become increased in strength as a result of this.
Notable Buffs: Nasty Plot Decidueye can make for a decent alternative to Gengar as a Ghost-type special sweeper, as you are effectively dealing with more than 250 BP Leaf Storms and 156 BP Shadow Balls. It also offers better bulk in exchange for low speed, but hey, there's always Trick Room!
Ability: Anticipation
New Effect: In addition to sensing an attack that one-shots you, you now gain a +1 buff to your lowest defense stat.
Thematic Reasoning: You sense an attack and brace your self for it
Buffed pokemon:
Ferrothorn is a big one, as now it can effectively tank some fire moves, but it still seems mostly situational.
Ability: Run Away
New Effect: Basically clone of Emergency Exit
Thematic Reasoning: ... because you're a coward and you need to escape
Notable pokemon affected: Bro i just managed to turn a terrible ability into a worse one LOL
ermmm... all pokemon that have this ability shouldn't use it
Ability: Damp
New Effect: All water type moves are boosted by 50% and fire type moves are halved
Thematic Reasoning: because it's damp, water type moves are boosted and fire type moves are halved, i feel like an idiot explaining this lol
Notable pokemon affected: Swampert might have a niche firing off strong waterfalls, and that's about it, because there's very little reason for other pokemon to use this over other abilities that give it its niche except parasect who's ass anyways
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Ability: Run Away
New Effect: Basically clone of Emergency Exit
Thematic Reasoning: ... because you're a coward and you need to escape
Notable pokemon affected: Bro i just managed to turn a terrible ability into a worse one LOL
ermmm... all pokemon that have this ability shouldn't use it
Ability: Damp
New Effect: All water type moves are boosted by 50% and fire type moves are halved
Thematic Reasoning: because it's damp, water type moves are boosted and fire type moves are halved, i feel like an idiot explaining this lol
Notable pokemon affected: Swampert might have a niche firing off strong waterfalls, and that's about it, because there's very little reason for other pokemon to use this over other abilities that give it its niche except parasect who's ass anyways
There's no need to make a new post for each submission, please edit all of your submissions into one post in the future.

Gravity Monkey

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Ability: Ice Body
New Effect: User heals 33% of its total health at the end of each turn under hail
Flavor: Same effect but on steroids
Notable Buffs: Make hail great again. This ability isn't as busted as would be a similar Rain Dish/sand variant because of how absolute trash ice type is, especially considering the thing that could become "broken" because of it (i.e. Regice and idk Walrein) got snapped. This provide a notable buff for a number of ice-type who can now run hail as some sort of recovery.
Notable Users: :avalugg::mr-rime::arctovish: (?)

Ability: Run Away
New Effect: Upon receiving and surviving a hit, user switches out.
Flavor: bruh
Notable Buffs: This honestly op ability could be really interesting to keep momentum and stuff, too bad everything that learns it is pretty much frail garbage.
Notable Users: :rapidash::rapidash-galar::dodrio::thievul:
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Ability: Emergency Exit
New Effect: "The Pokémon, sensing danger, switches out when its HP becomes half or less after using a move while its HP is half or less. This doesn't work on the Pokémon's first turn in battle."
Thematic reasoning: Emergency Exit already has a similar effect, turning Golisopod into a unique sort of pivot - it just happens to be incredibly intrusive and stop it from using its moves. This fixes that while hopefully staying true enough to the spirit of the original effect. The new limitation is because Golisopod needs time to assess the situation (and it's pretty well established that, on its first turn of battle, its opponents are the scared ones).
Notable Pokémon affected: :golisopod: Capitalizing on this hit-and-run style and Golisopod's tendency to be startling and timid at once, this upgrade turns every single one of its moves into U-turn when its HP is below half. The limitation is there to stop Golisopod from using First Impression and pivoting out the instant it comes in; Golisopod still has access to Aqua Jet to pivot with priority on the second turn, but this way at least gives opponents a chance to react to its presence. If you can get Golisopod in safely on an opponent that won't want to stay in, that's no problem - you can attack on their switch and Aqua Jet out on the next turn - but you can't switch in recklessly on absolutely everything expecting them not to be able to touch you.
This Ability does kind of force Heavy-Duty Boots, though, because a Golisopod holding any other item will sustain massive damage from its repeated forced pivoting. This keeps it in check in its own way: by stopping it from boosting its offenses.

Ability: Illuminate
New Effect: [Intrepid Sword/Dauntless Shield clone] "Boosts the Pokémon's accuracy stat when the Pokémon enters a battle."
Thematic reasoning: by shining a light like a beacon, the Pokémon gains a keener sense of its surroundings and becomes able to detect its opponents more easily.
Notable Pokémon affected: :lanturn: Lanturn appreciates perfect accuracy Hydro Pump, and it also has Bolt Beam coverage in the form of ~93% accurate Thunder and Blizzard, which is always a useful niche. It also has Zap Cannon - it's not necessarily reliable even now, but 2/3 accuracy might make it more usable than 50%.
(Futureproofing: :starmie: If it's added in the DLC, Starmie has every single one of the same moves! It has better Speed and Special Attack, but in exchange, it loses STAB on Thunder and Zap Cannon; Lanturn hits harder with those moves despite the Special Attack difference, so each still has a niche over the other.)


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Ability: Battery
New Effect: Upon switching in, the user and any allies automatically use Charge
Thematic Reasoning: A charged up battery provides extra power.
Notable Buffs:
Trades away the defensive potential of Levitate for boosted Special Defense and a stronger first attack. Gives it an absolutely nuclear Volt Switch.

Ability: Plus
New Effect: Boosts the user's stats by 1.1x (excluding HP).
Thematic Reasoning: A slight positivity boost!
Notable Buffs:
Bumps up Klinklang's effective BST to just over 575, a pretty notable improvement. The higher power and bulk is definitely appreciated.
Less power than Punk Rock, but the boosted speed tier (base 87 when timid) can definitely surprise a few targets, most notably the Rotom formes while still barely underspeeding Excadrill. Probably still outclassed though, the drop from 1.3x to 1.1x is very unfortunate.

Ability: Minus
New Effect: While the user is active, the opponent's stats are reduced to 0.9x (excluding HP).
Thematic Reasoning: A negative attitude throws off the opponent.
Notable Buffs:
These two also have Plus, which is virtually the same but you have a bit more control over it in regards to hitting EV jump points and such so Minus is ultimately outclassed. Or minus is minutely better? Maybe Toxtricity can manage to speed tie with Excadrill with it I guess
Manectric definitely appreciates the much higher effective speed tier (approximately base 121!) and slightly higher special attack, bringing it to par with more powerful electric types. Will still probably suck though because literally only Electric/Fire moves. Might beat out Jolteon in NU I guess
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These two also have Plus, which is virtually the same but you have a bit more control over it in regards to hitting EV jump points and such so Minus is ultimately outclassed.
Slight correction: it's a VERY small difference, but 1/0.9 is actually about 1.111... repeating, which is a marginally greater boost than the 1.1 of Plus. Since I'm pretty sure your stats only ever matter in relation to your opponents, I believe this actually works out to be better?
(and you can always just estimate EV cutoffs with division instead of multiplication!)


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Ability: Liquid Voice
New Effect: This Pokemon's sound-based moves have 1.3x power and are Water-type.
Competitive Reasoning: With this change Primarina's Hyper Voice is slightly more powerful than Hydro Pump, giving it a good niche over Torrent.
Thematic Reasoning: idk there wasn't much of a change ig voice being liquid would be more powerful or something

Ability: Big Pecks
New Effect: This Pokemon's Flying-type attacks have 1.3x power.
Competitive Reasoning: Makes Unfezant much more powerful.
Thematic Reasoning: Big Pecks sounds like it would hurt a lot.

Ability: Shell Armor
New Effect: This Pokemon takes 0.75x damage from physical attacks.
Competitive Reasoning: Gives more longevity to mons without recovery like Escavalier, Lapras, and Turtonator.
Thematic Reasoning: Shell Armor is usually on mons reminiscent of turtles or mons with shields.

Ability: Light Metal
New Effect: This Pokemon's weight is halved, and it takes 0.5x damage from Ground-type attacks.
Competitive Reasoning: Takes away one of Duraludon's weaknesses.
Thematic Reasoning: Being significantly lighter would probably help a building during an earthquake.

Ability: Blaze
New Effect: Fire-type attacks have a 30% to burn the target.
Competitive Reasoning: Gives additional chip damage to the attacks of Cinderace, Incineroar, and Charizard.
Thematic Reasoning: A blazing fire has a higher chance to burn someone than a smaller fire.
Ability: Analytic
New Effect: If the Pokemon attacks last or if it's target switches out, then its damage output increases by x1.5.
Competitive Reasoning: The ability causes a good bit more damage, and activates far more frequently.
Thematic Reasoning: The pokemon analyzes the trainer as well, waiting for a moment in which they'll switch to hit the pokemon that comes in right where it hurts.
Notable Buffs:
This new ability greatly heightens Beeheyem's wall breaking ability and gives it some feasible revenge killing potential as well. If this thing gets a free switch-in, the opponent has to hope their pokemon can OHKO it, or get hit with a massive attack. It also punishes switch ins, ensuring that the opponent will be hesitant on letting any of their pokemon take a hit they don't need to.

Ability: Big Pecks
New Effect: Defense and Special Defense can't be dropped. If then would be, they increase by the amount they would drop.
Competitive Reasoning: The ability is still rather niche, since Grapploct is the only pokemon that reliably lowers defenses in competitive play. But it is still far greater than OG Big Pecks without being as insane as Fur Coat.
Thematic Reasoning: It basically has the birds use their plumage like how Persian and Furfrou use their fur.
Notable Buffs:
Mandibuzz becomes notably tougher, as Octolock turns it into a nigh unkillable force of nature, and any lucky Crunches and Energy Balls can also add to the tankyness.

Ability: Steadfast
New Effect: Calculates flinch check before damage, and negates damage if flinched. When flinched, user's Speed is raised one stage.
Competitive Reasoning: Shoots Fake Out and Paraflince hax in the foot.
Thematic Reasoning: Most pokemon that have this ability are fighting that don't take cheap tricks lying down. This is just the logical conclusion of that mindset.
Notable Buffs:
For all of Gallade's strengths, speed isn't his forte. This allows him to get around that. Which Justified seems reliable at first, the flinch hax this ability shields its user from can be far more useful.

Ability: Heavy Metal
New Effect: User's weight and steel resistances are doubled.
Competitive Reasoning: One of the steel typing's great strengths is its large assortment of resistances. This merely buffs that strength.
Thematic Reasoning: A heavier metal can mean a more dense and durable metal.
Buffs: WIP

Ability: Cursed Body
New Effect: The first move to damage the user and the move to KO them will be disabled.
Competitive Reasoning: Trades in RNG and multiple chances for two guaranteed shots.
Thematic Reasoning: A curse is something that triggers in a specific set of conditions, not by chance.
Buffs: WIP
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Ability: Battle Armor
New Effect: User is immune to Status conditions until struck by a physical attack. Armor does not replenish upon switching out.
Competitive Reasoning: Falinks, Drapion, and Perrserker in particular are all susceptible to various forms of status that cripple their chances of doing anything useful, this goes double for Falinks, who can be trapped rather easily with a burn combined with an optional use of Haze or Clear Smog while under the effects of No Retreat. This change remedies this issue, permitting these three to become extremely deadly when they don't have to worry about being nullified by a stray Scald or Thunder Wave.
Thematic Reasoning: Armor protects the user from various sources.

Abilities: Blaze, Overgrow, and Torrent
New Effect: Multiplies the power of Fire/Grass/Water moves by 1.5 while the user is at full health.
Competitive Reasoning: Opening with a good move is much more reliable than surviving a move and then maybe getting your STAB move in. This is balanced out by hazards, priority, some starters being in pretty low speed tiers, etc.
Thematic Reasoning: Same as base abilities, starter Pokemon get the moves of their types powered up under a certain circumstance.

Ability: Hyper Cutter
New Effect: Increases the power of "slashing", "cutting", and "claw" moves by 1.5x, and gives them perfect accuracy.
  • Slash
  • Night Slash
  • Cut
  • Leaf Blade
  • Sacred Sword
  • Psycho Cut
  • Fury Cutter
  • Crush Claw
  • Dragon Claw
  • Metal Claw
  • Shadow Claw
  • X-Scissor
  • Crabhammer
  • Ice Hammer
Competitive Reasoning: Provides an alternate form of attack for Pokemon with the ability.
Thematic Reasoning: they cut stuff real good

Ability: Anticipation
New Effect: Raises Speed by one stage upon activation.
Competitive Reasoning: In Gen 8, 5 fully evolved Pokemon have Anticipation, those being Ferrothorn, Hatterne, Toxicroak, Rapidash-Galar, and Whiscash. Ferrothorn and Hatterne are both very well-off and comfortable in OU, while the latter three are in NU or below. Toxicroak and Rapidash-G are both good revenge killers, and a boost in speed such as this would make them better overall in their roles. Whiscash does not have their immediate Speed, but does have access to Dragon Dance and respectable bulk, as well as good typing.
Thematic Reasoning: As far as fight-or-flight responses to danger go, this leans heavily towards "fight" and allows its user to function more effectively when backed into a corner.
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Ability: Cute Charm
New Effect:
Intimidate, but for Special Defense.
Competitive Reasoning: Most users of this Ability are more Special than Physical, so dropping Special Defense will help them get more damage in.
Thematic Reasoning: The opponent(s) will drop their guard after seeing how "cute" the user is.

Ability: Rain Dish
New Effect:
If the user switches in during rain, or if it starts raining while the user is active, they heal 50% of their health.
Competitive Reasoning: Instead of a small, gradual heal, it's a big, instant heal.
Thematic Reasoning: The dish can take in more water at once.

Ability: Sticky Hold/Suction Cups
New Effect:
The Abilities gain each other's effects, whilst keeping their old effects.
Competitive Reasoning: None of the users will have to worry about losing their item or being switched.
Thematic Reasoning: Both Abilities revolve around sticking, so their effects can be combined.
Ability: BIg Pecks
New Effect: Fur Coat Clone
Competitive Reasoning: From a nigh useless ability to an ability only hindered by the garbage pokemon it's given to.
Thematic Reasoning: It basically has the birds use their plumage like how Persian and Furfrou use their fur.
Notable Buffs: View attachment 245370Mandibuzz becomes far harder to take down, almost demanding special attacks due to it's new physical bulk. Combined with its various utility moves and roost, and you basically have another skarmory that trades in Stealth Rock and Spikes for even more bulk.
I have to veto this, Mandibuzz with doubled defense and no downside is just absurd, and Big Pecks would carry over to Corviknight from its pre-evolutions, when Corviknight is already great as well.
Bmw6446: Analytic actually already does trigger on switches! (Buffing Beheeyem's damage output more is something I could support, though!)

Ninetales Dragons: On one hand, I absolutely love this effect and would be super happy to see it used, but on the other hand, I can't help but worry that it might be a little too strong on some of the Pokémon it affects? Something like Sylveon's Moonblast or Milotic's Hydro Pump would have insane wallbreaking power - even without a boosting item, those come pretty close to high-tier Mega Evolutions, and for an Ability that promotes switching this often, it's not too far-fetched to imagine them wielding Specs on top of that.
That aside, the main special abusers - Clefable (which probably wouldn't run this anyway to be fair), Sylveon and Milotic - are also all fine Pokémon that have their needs met by their other Abilities, so I think it might also be a bad thing that they benefit more from this than the Pokémon that might actually need the help when they're made available. Would it be worth considering the same effect for another Ability, or holding off until the DLC introduces weaker Pokémon with Cute Charm?

Also, another idea - this is an Ability I've wanted for a REALLY long time, and I just realized one of the options on the list suits it perfectly...

Ability: Telepathy
New effect: "The Pokémon sets Wonder Room when it enters battle." Wonder Room is an existing move that swaps every Pokémon's Defense with its Special Defense for five turns.
Competitive reasoning: Wonder Room is a truly fascinating move, but the fact that it takes a turn to set it often undermines it, since its power level is so much subtler and harder to abuse than something like Trick Room. Being able to set it on entry turns this around, letting you use the Pokémon as a pivot to prepare the rest of your team for dealing with any sweeper that targets your weaker defenses or any wall that shrugs off moves from your stronger offenses.
Note that using Wonder Room while Wonder Room is already active turns it off, so unlike, say, Drought or a Surge user, this allows you to change it both ways - switching in a Telepathy user is less "setup" and more "toggle." A Pokémon with Telepathy that's capable of pivoting often can ensure that Wonder Room is always giving your team the upper hand.
Flavor reasoning: Telepathy is already a defensively oriented Ability that's largely associated with Psychic-types and Pokémon with a strange connection to the dimensions, so it makes sense that they could twist them this way.
Notable buffs: There are three Pokémon that jump out as having the potential to take advantage of this in wildly different ways, all of which are in Galar!
:noivern: Noivern is the fastest Pokémon with Telepathy that's currently available Tapu Koko isn't in Galar yet, but Telepathy is also unreleased even then, and it also generally runs a pivoting move in U-turn and plays a role of offensive support for most teams. Noivern is on the frail side, but its ability to set Wonder Room and then switch out before taking a hit opens up new opportunities for the rest of its teammates to take advantage of whatever Pokémon the opponent sends in.
:beheeyem: Beheeyem's niche is the opposite of Noivern: rather than being the fastest possible Wonder Room pivot, it manages to be the slowest thanks to its access to Teleport. It might take some stat buffs from the next stage to get it there, but I think Beheeyem could become an excellent defensive pivot that's able to switch in and take a hit.
:gardevoir: Despite being mostly an offensive Pokémon, Gardevoir actually has above average special bulk and could realistically play the role of a special wall. It also has useful support moves like Will-o-Wisp, Trick, Healing Wish and even the excellent Wish + Teleport combination. Unfortunately, it's held back by its abysmal physical defense - but with Wonder Room allowing it to swap its defenses every time it switches in, careful play can enable it to wall opponents on both sides of the spectrum (and especially take advantage of Will-o-Wisp, which is strongly biased towards physical walling) so long as it switches in at the right times, while its base 125 Special Attack and access to Fairy STAB should allow it to keep up offensive pressure while it does.

I'm a little worried that Gardevoir would outclass Beheeyem not that that's anything new, haha, but I think they can carve different niches for themselves, particularly if we're careful in stage two. Maybe Beheeyem could focus on having mixed bulk so it's harder to play around it and it can come in more safely regardless of whether Wonder Room is on or off (emphasizing Telepathy as primarily a way to support its teammates while pivoting), while Gardevoir would stick with its lopsided defenses, making it require more careful play but giving it greater potential when it's at its best?
Ability: Battery
New Effect: Now increases all non-HP base stats by a certain percentage, with the lowest stat being boosted by 50%, and the highest stat being boosted by 10%. The percentage loss is 10% for each higher stat. If the stats are tied, they gain the percentage that was for the move next in line, and the stat will go up by that time (for example, the 4th and 3rd highest stats are 100, so they both gain 40%, however, the next highest stat is boosted by 20% instead of 30%). This works in allies and also works on the user.
Competitive Reasoning: This somewhat unique stat boosting ability provides a great buff all over, granting those with at least a poor stat to gain a massive buff, if possible. Making it singles can also deal a huge difference as well.
Thematic Reasoning: Batteries power things, and they are flowed with power as well, so I guess it could affect the user.
Buffed Pokemon: Uh, Charjabug is the only one that has it, so until someone else gets through the next slate if it wins, it's be basically a real use now as a decent Sticky Web user with Eviolite/Focus Sash.
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Ability: Rivalry
New Effect: This Pokemon's moves do 1.3x damage to Pokemon of the same gender or same species
Competitive Reasoning: Rivalry is only bad due to its drawback, so taking that away makes the ability much more desirable, as sometimes you just get a nice 30% boost to all moves (which was buffed from 25% to be in line with Sheer Force and Tough Claws). The new effect was added to make Rivalry activate slightly more often.
Thematic Reasoning: An animal is bound to have territorial disputes with others of the same gender when looking for a mate or something, so the first effect still makes sense, and the second effect makes sense since, regardless of gender, some animals are hostile towards a whole rival group of the same species.
Buffed Pokemon:
:haxorus: A free Life Orb boost some of the time might make Rivalry worth running over Mold Breaker, especially if Earthquake isn't being run. If you have the misfortune of being a sweeper facing down a Choice Band Rivalry Haxorus with First Impression of the same gender, bless your heart.
:unfezant: Much needed boost for a Pokemon who's limited movepool means that it needs to have a spammable move that can deal good damage regardless of type effectiveness and a Choice Banded Rivalry boosted Brave Bird would be just that.

Ability: Forewarn
New Effect: Reveals the opposing Pokemon's strongest attacking move (after type effectiveness). When the opposing Pokemon uses this move against this Pokemon, the move's power is halved.
Competitive Reasoning: Allows bulkier Pokemon negate a Pokemon's STAB or coverage move, which lets it revenge kill, wall, or setup on it.
Thematic Reasoning: The Pokemon takes the warning and actually prepares itself to handle the threat
Buffed Pokemon:
:musharna: Musharna's stats are perfect to abuse Forewarn, giving it an opportunity to Calm Mind up in the face of Pokemon with non-STAB coverage who can't bust through its pretty good bulk.

Ability: Poison Touch
New Effect: This Pokemon's Normal-type moves become Poison-type and deal 1.2x damage
Competitive Reasoning: I don't think you need anyone to tell you how dominant Fairy-types are as a whole, so any ability that gives you an advantage against them can be game changing. Thus, buffing the power of a Pokemon's Poison-types moves can go a long way in threatening the omnipresent Fairy-types of OU.
Thematic Reasoning: Hands seeped with poison can turn normal actions into poisonous attacks
Buffed Pokemon:
:toxicroak: Toxicroak has access to Fake Out, giving it a great priority STAB move to pick off Fairies and weakened sweepers with while also having extreme power in Mega Kick and Strength. Super Fang is also now able to hit Ghost-types while not being able to hit the Steel-types Toxicroak already threatens with Fighting STAB. Also, Fake Out + Feint makes for a bootleg FakeSpeed combo that can kill frailer targets at around 50%. Toxicroak might still prefer Dry Skin for its current niche in OU on rain teams and walling Toxapex, but Poison Touch could give it something new to do.
:seismitoad: Its other two abilities are generally more helpful, but since Clefable often comes in on defensive Seismitoad when it tries to click Toxic, Poison Touch Seismitoad can give Clef a nasty surprise with a Poison-type Mega Kick or (or Facade if you purposely get poisoned)
252+ Atk Seismitoad Mega Kick vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Clefable: 358-422 (90.8 - 107.1%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO
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Ability: Big Pecks
New Effect: If any of this Pokémon's stats is lowered by an external source, gains +2 def (Defensive Defiant)
Thematic Reasoning: I basically took the old effect's relation to stat lowering and being defensive, and turned it into a more useful effect
Competitive Reasoning:

They... exist. Unfezant is not a defensive mon so it doesn't particularly care, but its other abilities aren't exactly amazing either.

Mandibuzz really appreciates this. Punishes Intimidate mons (Who are all physical attackers) pretty well, while not being broken since the ability requires external activation. This basically just aids Mandibuzz's bulky roles.

Being completely honest, it worries me a little, the last thing Corvi needs is a defense boost. However it does already have pretty great other abilities, and Big Pecks requiring an external source to work makes it not broken on Corvi imo. Could be wrong tho

Ability: Tangled Feet
New Effect: When hit by an attack, +1 Speed
Thematic Reasoning: Took the old effect of speed boosting and amplified it
Competitive Reasoning:

One of Rime's biggest issues is low speed. This helps that, just switch in on a resited move and you're already pretty well set
Ability: Stench
New Effect: The Pokemon is immune to Fairy attacks; This Pokemon's moves ignore the effects of Misty Terrain.
Thematic Reasoning: Stench reminds me of immunity abilities like Levitate or Lightning Rod, as it's a simple reflection of one of the mon's most obvious traits. Considering their general cleanliness and connection to nature, it makes sense that Fairies would be unable to work their magic in the face of an awful stench reeking of pollution.
Competitive Reasoning: Fairy has been one of the best types in the game since its introduction, and an immunity to it would prove a pretty valuable trait. Mons like Sylveon, Primarina and Mimikyu will no longer be guaranteed to get off damage with their strong Fairy Stabs when a Stench mon is on your team. (The 1/10 flinch, needless to say, was very luck-based and almost useless regardless of that). The Misty Terrain thing is just a small extra benefit, since all other immunity abilities have one.
Buffed Mons:

Definitely benefits the most, as it normally took sizable damage from most decent Fairy moves. It can take hits well from most standard sets of Mimikyu or Grimmsnarl, thanks to its useful resistances and Prankster immunity.

Could be a real pain, considering its variety of status options to torture whatever comes in to replace a Fairy type that's been forced out. Doesn't change much, but certainly a more reliable option than its previous abilities.

Makes hazard-stacking duties significantly easier, especially against choiced or support fairies. Wasn't taking a whole lot of damage from Fairy moves to start with, but seeing as it lacks reliable recovery every little bit helps.

Benefits the least, since Levitate will still be preferable in most situations. However, it is at least given a classic Bronzong-esque opportunity for confusing opponents (and unlike with Bronzong both buffed Stench and Levitate provide actual immunity).
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Ability: Plus
New effect: Boosts the Pokemon's highest stat by 1 stage upon entering.
Thematic reason: It boosts the Pokemon highest stat by one stage because... Well, it's called plus. You know, one of the terms in math of adding something.

Competitive reasoning: Only Klinklang (and it's pre evolutions) and Toxtricity get it this gen, but they'd both use this upgrade well. Klinklang could use it to have it be bulky enough to withstand a physical hit from quite a bit of things to set up shift gear, or it can adjust the EVs to where attack is the highest so it can reach serious levels of power along with the speed sharply boosted. However it wouldn't be as easy to set up shift gear as if you had defense as the highest. Toxtricity could use such a buff to still be very strong when using the scarf set, and reach crazy heights of power with the specs set. However, that means you will be slower. 75 speed ain't all that good.

And there we go! I turned a useless ability in singles (and even then in doubles it only works alongside a Mon with minus and even THEN the effect ain't that good) into a solid ability.

I may add more ideas sometime soon!
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