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Shovel Knight is amazing, surprised to see it not mentioned so far.

Even if I think all the tracks in it are smack dab amazing I'll just dump the songs that got me to buy it in the first place here:

The Defender:

In the Halls of the Usurper:

High Above The Land:

obviously Hyper Camelot but that's better with context imo

to shovelry?
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue/Red Rescue Team was what introduced me to Pokemon at a young age and I too would just sit around and listen to the music. Blue was one of my first video games, buying it from a car boot sale because there was an insane deal of like 3 games for £10, and although my memory never ceases to fail me in other aspects the music always puts me right back into the shoes of my younger self.
One of my favorite games of this year has one of the best video game soundtracks of all time, in my opinion: Paper Mario: The Origami King. The game not only covers a wide array of genres, it's also an adaptive soundtrack (which is the sign of a truly great soundtrack, imo). Every battle theme has a thinking version, as the battle system requires you to line up your opponents before attacking them. The songs also completely immerse you in the environments. Almost all of the boss music is also amazing, and it helps what can be a slightly sluggish battle system at times. I wholeheartedly hope they release this soundtrack in an uncompressed format! I'll link some of my favorite songs in the game, but only from around the beginning. Please give the whole soundtrack a listen! There's SO MANY BANGERS

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Mentioning two of my favorite soundtracks of all-time even if you were to go outside the realm of video games, both Silent Hill 2 and VA-11 HALL-A have soundtracks that are constantly in my music rotation. Both of them are definitely reasons I'm as interested in ambient music as I am. They also both happen to be two of my favorite games of all-time, so that definitely contributes to my attachment towards them.
That does sound amazing! Do you know who remastered it?
He's called "Zame" and he does tons of remasters, a few remixes and even some original content. He has two remasters for Hugh's Battle theme (from Black and White 2) that I think are amazing as well. He doesn't miss tbh.
He's called "Zame" and he does tons of remasters, a few remixes and even some original content. He has two remasters for Hugh's Battle theme (from Black and White 2) that I think are amazing as well. He doesn't miss tbh.
I'd actually like to highlight a friend of Zame who falls completely under the radar it seems. He has amazing remasters and remixes. Here's a few:

I hope y'all give him some attention, his channel is so small yet there's so much potential there! I'm also gonna link some of my favorite Zame songs


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yea i know this is quite a lot it's fr hard to pick like a few favorites, they're so good:psycry:
i'd throw in the whole soundtrack of chrono trigger as well


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Non-Pokemon stuff
Sonic Adventure 2 has some bangers. Everyone loves City Escape but I think these are way better:

Castlevania has some really good ones that I often listen to when battling:

These are just some really nostalgic bangers:


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cave story OST. that's it. that's the post.

(literal 16 years old game go listen to the tracks they aged like a fine wine)
I've been listening to and really appreciating the original Spyro The Dragon OST recently. For those of you who don't know, the soundtrack was composed by Stewart Copeland, the former drummer of The Police.

I just wanna drop one of the best Pokemon themes ever from Super Mystery Dungeon. It's the final boss theme, so if you want the final boss to have that PUNCH and you haven't played it before, I recommend not listening to it. It's literally so epic.

I know VA-11 HALL-A was already mentioned here but the soundtrack is so good that it deserves more attention.

since we are just listing favorites here are some of my top picks. in no particular order....

rocket jump waltz (tf2)
wine wars (witcher 3)
strider battle + garage combine (half life alyx)
wind guide you (skyrim)
vs champion (frlg)
wind scene (chrono trigger)
in temeria (witcher 2)
unreasonable behavior + a minuit a fond la caisse (off)

off in particular (an older french rpgmaker game) has a very interesting original soundtrack that mixes good melodies with a general feeling of unease. the sense of dread in question makes more sense when you play the game and is more evident in other tracks... i just like those two and the boss fight, japhet/valerie, that it overlays. i enjoy off a lot and its general aesthetic. i usually wouldnt recommend a game like this but you may like it if you played undertale but wished it was more evil, or something.
Oh. One of my favourite games for music purposes was Dragalia Lost. It's a mobile gacha made by Nintendo and Cygames.

Daoko did the music. She's a Jpop singer. The music is amazing.

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Been a bit since I posted here, so I'll post a few, mostly from games I've been playing lately

Sunset (Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor) - Putting this first because it's by far my fav of this batch. It's a bit of an unpopular opinion, but I think Devil Survivor 1 has a weaker OST than the sequel. That being said, this song is absolutely gorgeous (especially when the overdrive guitar kicks in); it plays at the end of each of the game's chapters and it's a wonderfully bittersweet way to cap off several hours of tense gameplay and story

Dire Dire Docks (Super Mario 64) - I'm partial to most Mario music to be honest (save for Galaxy), but I was really surprised to find myself subconsciously humming this song while playing lol

Another Winter (Stage 1) (Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game) - Never got around to playing this when it was on XBLA, so I'm pretty excited to play the upcoming port :D I've known this song is amazing for a while though, shoutouts to Anamanaguchi

Crimson Dragon's Theme (Final Boss) (Mega Man Starforce 3) - I already loved this song before I played Starforce 3, but I only love it even more after playing it. The nebulous intensity of the first half contrasts perfectly with the much more heroic, albeit bittersweet (this game is the finale for the series after all), and fittingly more easily hummable second half, love it love it loooove it. Would also quickly like to shoutout Rivals Unite (officially known as Shot & Slash) because it's awesome

Golden Silver's Theme (Final Boss) (Gunstar Heroes) - Golden Silver's theme is a completely different beast from Crimson Dragon, in that it's straight up TERRIFYING. For a bit of context, Golden Silver is an invincible space god of destruction who was awoken from slumber and is completely out of control and bent on wiping out the universe. And god damn, does this song reflect that. Those opening two notes hit hard as hell, the strange way the siren and horns desync, those insane chords in the second leg of the song, and then those wailing sirens that make it seem like it's building up to something only to end the loop in an abrupt it's just...such a cool boss theme but I might be looking into it too much. It's like if Giygas's theme was coherent

The Battle Was Just To Continue That Future (Stage 5) (Dodonpachi Resurrection) - I bought this game recently thanks to Steam Sale (I've been meaning to for years now actually) and goooood this game is so much fun and I wish I played it sooner. The game's OST is absolutely incredible (shoutouts to Manabu Namiki), so go check it out in full if you can, but this is probably the best and most iconic track. There's even a completely different, EDM-heavy OST for the game's Black Label update so check that out as well (feature an awesome song by Azusa Chiba, one of the composers for Pokemon Typing Adventure lol). If that wasn't enough the game's also got a remix OST for the game Ketsui, with all of the remixes done by...Jake Kaufman of all people LOL. Point is, go listen to any Dodonpachi music or any music from a CAVE game, it's all amazing. And play this game too, it actually has some great "Easy" modes for bullet hell noobs like me (it's not weeb shit I swear)


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So I was listening to some Nintendo soundtracks again after work and found this thread while doing so. Video game music (aka Nintendo music with a little bit of Chrono Trigger / Final Fantasy music here and there) has been a huge part of me for my entire life since I first got into gaming with the Wii back in around 2008. Wanted to share some of it with the people who check this thread and want something to relax or just get immersed with. This is just kind of a snapshot and I'd love to make more posts in the same vein as this one (hopefully improving each time as I find my footing making these types of posts). This will have a lot of memories with the music in question, in addition to certain critiques of them, since music is kind of hard to quantify in words, and a big part of music for most is the memories that come attached to it. If anyone wants to talk OSTs with me or recommend some good tunes, feel free to message my wall or whatever.

Favorite Music to Relax to:
Valak Mountain Night (original and remaster both apply here, just linked the original since it's existed longer and the first version I heard. The remaster is sublime though): is actually what got me into Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. When Chuggaaconroy released his superbosses video for the game (don't ask why this was the first video of the series I watched, I couldn't tell you myself. Also, that video has BIG spoilers so only click if you are aware of the risk and are willing to proceed) and I heard the song for Valak Mountain Night for the first time in the background after he defeated the ultimate superboss. The part that really made me curious was at around the part where he grabbed the chest (or in the song link's terms, 1:59), and made me look up the OST unaware of the song's name until I found it. I loved the song so much that I got the game for the Wii on Christmas of 2015 just to experience it in the game proper and Xenoblade 1 became my favorite game of all time and Valak Mountain my favorite video game area ever. I still listen to this song for hours at a time when I need to relax and when it snows. It's probably the most important song I've heard in a game since it got me into my favorite game and that can never be overvalued in my eyes.

Temporal Tower is a very well known and heavily praised track from the series, but it's one that deserves every bit of praise it's received. The emotions that occur in the story in tandem with the tension this song subtly provides with a slight sense of hopelessness as you ascend really makes for a good buildup to the climax of the story with Dialga's fight. At the same time though, it's also kind of relaxing and gets me into a good working mood. 1:01 of the loop is my favorite part of the song since it really perfectly punctuates the emotions the song is aiming to flare in the player while bringing some emphasis into a song that otherwise didn't have a whole ton of it. I haven't played Sky yet, but this is my favorite song from the OST by far.

The Old 3DS EShop Music isn't a song from a game, but is a song that's synonymous with the system itself. The song feels like the Wii Shop Channel's in some sense, but it focuses more on being a catchier piece of music that sticks in your head, rather than just being a big homage to retro-style music (not saying the latter is a bad thing, I like the Wii Shop Channel Music). It brings back the nostalgia of getting my OG 3DS XL Christmas 2013 and trying to get a ton of games and demos on the system back then. It's not a song that's well-remembered or even talked about, but it's certainly one I still remember and even listen to when wanting something chill but not particularly emotional.

The Galaxy 2 World 3 Map music is a weird case for me because Galaxy 2 was a game I enjoyed back when I got it for my birthday in 2012, but I felt much more strongly for Galaxy 1 and forgot a lot of the stuff from Galaxy 2. However, this song was one of the very few things that stuck with me from Galaxy 2 for years to come; it actually made me want to revisit the game, which I did last year. The song made me come back to see Galaxy 2 again, and the game impressed me much more this time around. The music itself is just a very peaceful piece (pun intended) and is fitting for the beautiful but vast expansion that is Space. This is an atmosphere that Galaxy 1 went for more often with its music in comparison to Galaxy 2, with songs like Space Junk Galaxy's main theme and ones like it, which is likely why it stuck with me as much as it did.

The Corridors of Time is a song that's harder for me to really explain than the others I've discussed here. The contrast between the song itself, which gives a sort of old desert theme with its instrumentation and feeling of constant wandering with no end in near sight compared to the Kingdom of Zeal's magical island and sea-based utopia of art, makes the song itself actually stand out more and makes the identity of the kingdom more interesting to take in. It helps the song is very catchy and has a melancholy tone while not being outright sad, it lets the player think about their adventure so far and what the kingdom of zeal represents with its utopian setup but at the same time, not being a perfect place.

Fonsa Myma Night from Xenoblade 2 was the song that really struck me and stuck out back when I first played it back in 2017. Leading to the game's release, I was omega hyped for it, since it was a Xenoblade Chronicles sequel after all. Uraya was my favorite area from the E3 showing and couldn't wait to experience it for myself. The area itself was really fun to explore, but as I walked into Fonsa Myma and heard this song, that leadup into hearing the song was what I found the real highlight for the area and game in general to be. It gives a sort of medieval and regal sort of vibe (fitting with the aesthetics of the town and leader of it in the story). I've come to appreciate the game as a whole a ton more as I've been playing it again, but this part always sticks out as the highlight of my playthrough and area I look most forward to reaching again on subsequent playthroughs, in the same way something like New Donk City in Mario Odyssey or Valak Mountain in Xenoblade 1.

Hopefully, I can make another (few) post(s) about video game music and different categories and share the love. I hope my writing about each one didn't suck and you enjoyed it.

Edit: Hope you got your wish and I did it justice Chazm
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Been binging on a lot of Blazblue music recently and remembering how much I looooooved the OSTs of those games when I was in high school (and how often they get taken down from Youtube and how a lot of the remaining uploads aren't of high quality.-.). So here's just a few of my many favs. If you're a big fan of battle themes I highly recommend you check these OSTs out

And what are straight-up two of my favorite battle themes ever:

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