What do you do on sick days?


formerly LucarioAidan
I play ps normally and eat things like chicken noodle soup. I usually don't like sick days bcz i go to the doctor to get a doctor's note and here doctors speal about me and what's wrong.
I try to do nothing and just relax. Everything slows down when you're unwell and you tend to find yourself stretching the day out as long as you can, then the night comes and you ponder whether it is a good idea to call in sick again. lol

I try and read / watch videos and generally lounge around the house with my cat. ~~


formerly fouyo4
I just recovered from sickness that I had for 4 days. My throat felt like it was on fire, and I couldn't breathe through my nose due to congestion. I mostly laid in bed and watched YouTube videos; I didn't have the energy to play video games :T When I was sick as a little kid, I always watched The Price is Right with my grandma, so not much has changed from then.

Sometimes I feel that changing clothes, getting ready, and taking a shower help me feel less sick despite not really treating the symptoms. It seems more like it's mind over matter though.

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