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What do you like to do after a loss?

Today I played a tournament game that I really needed to win to question my ability as a player and something I just really wanted to win. I ended up losing 2-0 and I felt really bad, and suckish lol. Afterwards I went for a run and had some Tea and I felt a little bit better.

And that leads me to my question: What is your go to thing to do after a loss or defeat? Whether its losing a soccer game, or flunking that test, or hey not getting that crushes number! What's your go to thing to do when in the face of defeat?


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If I have a loss in life in general I usually go on showdown and share some memes for a while or walk around the uni campus. I don't invest enough in Pokemon battles to worry about losses there.


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It depends on what I'm doing. If it's a loss in mons, it depends on what happened. If I lost because I was outplayed, I'm usually okay with it because it means I know what I have to fix and improve upon so that the mistake is less likely to happen in the future. If it's a loss because of luck I actually get frustrated because then I can't really tell what I could improve upon and it just makes my participation feel like a waste of time.

If it's Smash, I simply think back to the most obvious mistakes I made, then hit the lab and start grinding. Usually I'll practise execution since it's my weakest trait as a player, although I'll practise a bit of everything.

I'll usually be a bit disheartened by a loss unless I played like a God, but unless it was because of dumb shit, losses usually motivate me.
Become so filled with resent I turn into a pressure cooker ready to explode Play video games to calm myself down, preferably more simple ones
If a loss doesn't set me on tilt, I'll usually look at how I played (on PS, Smash, etc.). If any modifications can be made to avoid that situation in the future, I'll either edit that team or reconsider my approach to allow for more failsafes. Despite there being around 700 Pokémon that I can't all prep for at once, I'll sometimes hold myself to high teambuilding standards and care way too much about 'mons. When I'm really enjoying myself, usually after about a three to four week break from PS, I'll just use whatever on the ladder, and find myself performing much better.


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In Pokemon, tilt usually comes from losing to someone you think is inferior to you. The only way to ease the pain of tilt is to stop playing and do something else.
Generally after a tournament (like at Nats), I'll have my own private funk session for a few hours where I ruminate about how RNG sucks, the one or two plays I could/should have done, etc. Then usually I feel a bit better and go back to hanging out with friends and doing other stuff. But mostly then avoiding Pokemon until the next major tournament is coming up, then back on the bandwagon.
Usually I feel pretty depressed when I lose in tours, so I'll get that out by complaining to my poor punching bag friends and fapping for a solid two hours. Either that or I just log off of the internet and do something with someone irl so I dont beat myself up over it


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If its because I lost to some dumb luck in mons I blame Game Freak
If its because I lost to a dumb hitbox in Smash I blame Sakurai
If its because I got itemraped in Mario Kart I blame the shit racers

then I stop playing when I realize I'm on tilt


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