What makes you HAPPY today?

The fact exams will be over after next Thursday, the fact I'm alive, the fact chocolate exists...? Not much, really. I get really happy at the smallest things. I live for small comforts, probably because I lack just about every big comfort and even material items that I need/want. :P
finally getting to play some basketball after a long time of not doing anything

my shooting has gone to crap but I can get it back


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Sunday night, got that feeling like "oh shit I have work to do for Monday". Then I remembered that school is over.

Also, I had a pretty sweet dream last night after a long stretch of dreamless nights. I was a marine biologist and I went around the world trying to get some fish for an aquarium. Don't judge.


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Knowing that in 5 days I'll be married to the woman of my dreams and in 6 days I'll be relaxing on a beach in Cancun with an entire resort at my disposal for completely free.


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I'm ridiculously excited/happy because there's a bikini and martini exhibition at a local exhibition (actually about post-nuclear culture circa 1940s)... I don't even remember the last time I went to a museum, so I have no idea why I'm so pumped about this... haha. :)


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Got voting rights last week for suspect voting and I'm going to see X-Men: First Class with a friend of mine I haven't seen in a year. Pretty good day so far.
I have class today and work tonight and a double tomorrow. But, then I get 3 days off to go down to Orlando and hang out with my friends / enjoy my birthday. So I guess it evens out.
It burned when I had to piss this morning, after waking up from a 6 hour sleep before I had to head to work.

So really.. nothing. Not yet.

Maybe if I get a Timid nature on my RNG Thundurus.. then I'll have a good day. But until then..

burning piss.


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My belly is full and hopefully within the next few days I'll secure my travel/moving plans to Atlanta, Georgia. Lots of things are going to be new and exciting once I move, and I really cannot wait to be out of my father's house and on my own for the first time ever.
Finishing up the 10th of my 11 exams and not having to worry about the last one for three weeks.

Spending the afternoon catching up with my best friend who I hadn't seen in ages =D

Being on a random hot-streak for song writing just as my band starts to get back together post-exams =D
ahhhhhhhhhhhh i got a lab job today! my friend got one last week and she said it was the "best day of her life" and i (secretly) thought she was kind of crazy until it happened to me. not the best day of my life, but definitely up there for the past quarter...
I'm having a great summer in general. I have a nice lab job, and I'm taking a really interesting class called Plagues and Pandemics in literature. Basically, I get to do things I love doing: work in a lab, read books I'd read for fun anyway, talk about things I like talking about anyway in class, and I get credit for them! Life is good :toast:

Also, I have more time for non-school stuff like hanging out with friends and playing piano and cooking and drawing and Pokemon, so that's pretty sweet, too lol.
I rehearsed with my friend / lead guitar player today for the first time. It was the first time I've ever been involved in a band, but it was a cool experience. Did some Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc. I'm the lead vocalist. We did a nice "Victim of Changes". It also marked the first time I ever attempted harsh vocals. I must have been doing them very wrong because my throat was killing me when we jammed on to Death, Morbid Angel, Kreator, etc. By the time we did "Aces High" I couldn't hit Bruce's high note at the end because of the hour and a half earlier. All in all it was a fun experience. Hope to find a drummer soon. :D
There's no way I'd ever be able to hit any of the notes in Iron Maiden's vocals. Non-singers like me prefer to stick to guitar.

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