What musical instruments are you interested in playing?


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always loved playing oboe. i used to play piccolo, trumpet, clarinet, sax, piano, and drums while i was in hs. i should get back into playing music tbh


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The piano is not too difficult to learn. I taught myself by watching YouTube videos. Just YouTube things you wanna play with "tutorial", or just watch other people play it.
Once you know the basics with guitar, it's not that difficult to get better at it.
Both are super fun to play :)

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Hey, I generally play every instrument so if anyone wants Discord/Skype lessons on the basics lemme know and I'll happily forward all the books/material/PDFs that I can.

I seriously mean this, I've been playing music professional for years and was one of those kids who learned instruments instead of doing other things.
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I play the piano decently well and the violin to a lesser extent, but I really wish I could play the cello. It just has a lovely sound that just pulls me in and makes me happy :]
Slight bias here, but I have played the cello for about 10 years, and have absolutely loved it, I would recommend trying it, though it will feel very different than piano or violin, and your fingers will hurt, as the strings are a bit thicker.


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I don't currently play any instruments, but I used to play the flute in elementary / middle school, and the keyboard in my freshman year. I ended up quitting the flute because I got braces and it was super difficult to play. ;; The keyboard was super fun though.
I don't currently play any instruments, but I used to play the flute in elementary / middle school, and the keyboard in my freshman year. I ended up quitting the flute because I got braces and it was super difficult to play. ;; The keyboard was super fun though.
I currently have braces, and it made me drop to near bottom in the chairs but since I have recovered, it just takes a lot of getting used to.


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My main interest has always been with Piano(I still need to get a real one rather than just a keyboard though *cries*) but I've always wanted to pick up other instruments that are often in orchestra pieces like the Violin, Cello, and the Oboe. The violin in particular has been an instrument I've wanted to play since I was a kid but never got a chance too.
I've never had any experience with an instrument barring piano that I've been playing for about half a decade (played guitar for just long enough to learn that it's not for me) though I absolutely want to expand my skills with other instruments in the future.
The kalimba is a special mention for me because it's a rather quaint instrument that has a really pretty sound, highly recommend listening to some kalimba music if you haven't heard it before.
I'd like to learn some really low woodwind instruments, like anything below Bass Clarinet or Contrabass Bassoon. I just like the more unconventional instruments, and, being a Clarinetist myself, I prefer woodwinds.

Also the harp, because why not.


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As a musician w/ a crap ton of DCI friends and staff, I'd love to learn to play mellophone. I remember just hearing them absolutely rip sheet metal and blow faces off, so me being a clarinetist doing the same thing at a larger velocity, what could possibly go wrong?


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As a singer and pianist, I'd like to learn how to play guitar. I think it could be useful to play more than one instrument as accompaniment in case certain bars/pubs request a specific type of music. Atm I'm working with a good guitarist but I'd honestly like to learn how to play it on my own, so I won't have to split the pay with the dude lol


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I play most Western instruments to a basic degree, from woodwind, percussion, and brass families. Strings are my weak point, but I could play at an intermediate high school level if pressured. Once you have a pretty good grasp on music theory, the only barriers to learning a new instrument are proper technique (embrochure, bowing, fingerings, etc) and actually acquiring the instrument. I can work my way around a harp, for example, but would need to (and love to) spend some time getting the spatial element of it down.

I’m looking to get into steel drum, concertina, digeridoo, and bagpipes/goatpipes when I can find those instruments for cheap :)
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I am sure that I would be a great studant of piano, I really want to play it. My love to musics with the piano as soundtrack is extremely big!


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always wanted to learn a double reed, probably oboe. brass is cool but im not sure if it's something i really want to play. past that i've played guitar/double bass/sax/harp at various points before.


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Have played alto sax for a few years in high school, decent at it. I'm also able to "play" the piano as I understand its concepts but struggle with finger placement and such. My best music ability is my beautiful voice, which includes placing third in local school competitions, successfully auditioning and performing in school celebrations, as well as being one of two from my school who went to Colorado's All-State Choir in 2018.

Mostly want to improve piano (finger tips appreciated) but also want to pick up guitar and my dad's mandolin in the future.


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I only play piano trumpet and mellophone but learning a reed instrument (prolly clarinet) sounds cool

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