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What's the most weeb-like thing you've done?

Once, I told my 6 year old little brother that if my two sisters were too much exposed to You Wa Shock and Hokuto No Ken in general, they were going to grow a beard, and he believed me.
Recently I made an entire playlist of only anime OSTs on my phone just to listen to them while i'm working out


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there's pictures of this somewhere, but in the early 2000s i went to a few cons with my sister (Otakon, Katsucon, etc) dressed as Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin. And I enjoyed it.



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learn cha la head-chala and the 2nd dragon ball z intro.

both in spanish and japanese.
Made a playlist of only FMA/FMAB OSTs and endings, memorized the lyrics of almost all of them, then sang them out loud in public.


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Is it enough to make your account's username match the Pokemon region of a game based entirely on Japan's history during the Sengoku period? This game has almost every character in it based off real life Japanese people who lived in that era and even has its own special type of food called the Ponigiri, which is based off the Onigiri.


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I once watched 20 episodes of fairy tail in one day, beat that bitches #weebgame2strong
lol look at this casual. All 64 episodes of FMA Brotherhood in 38 hours(spring break freshman year of college. One bathroom break and snacks fed to me by friends). goml virgin.
Completed the Satsuriku no Tenshi (Angels of Death) video game and watching both the sub and dub versions of the anime adaption. Next would be to actually read the manga. I haven't been much into anime since I was younger but this series has been the one thing that I've devoted a lot of time to over the past few months since I first heard about it from a video I saw on YouTube.
I wore a yukata with obi, a wig, and weilded a katana for Halloween at work. I work in a grocery store so the public saw me, I work next to a sushi place, and the owner (who is Japanese) comes in the store often for supplies and they saw me and laughed hilariously and said they liked it!!!
I can perform multiple OP/EDs and catchy OST songs by heart.

I have performed an unplugged version of "Moon on Water" unironically for a school competition (and came second or something).
Nice!!! Are you a YouTuber, I'll subscribe I love watching covers!!! Please post a link if you're cool with it?


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Taking Japanese lessons entirely in Japanese. (No explanations in any other language. All the grammar is explained in Japanese)
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