What's your favorite album?

Appetite For Destruction -- Guns N' Roses, November Rain, Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child Of Mine. Just a pretty damn good album by them.
Bad Hair Day -- Weird Al Yankovic -- Just love this album. Such a good mix of his music/parodies.
Beautiful Loser -- Bob Seger -- A classic, period.
The Best of Van Halen, Vol 1 -- A nice collection of their music.
Empire -- Queensryche -- A pretty nice rock album.
Black Album -- Metallica -- My favorite by them. Still kicks some serious ass.

Don't know if favorite box set fits here, but I had this arrive in the mail yesterday and I'm loving it. This 5-CD set contains the band's classic 1974-1979 releases with Michael Schenker on guitar, a few rare live sessions, their 1973 non-album single, and an exclusive live recording from 1974 that was recorded in Atlanta. The only shame of this set is there are no linear notes, but if you're the one that only cares about the music contained then this is a good release and starting point for anyone that wants to get into UFO. I got this for about $17 which was a solid deal for 81 songs worth of music.


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Audioslave - Audioslave
Don't Panic - All Time Low
Live from the Royal Albert Hall - The Killers
Higher Truth - Chris Cornell
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Superunknown - Soundgarden

Just a bunch of them
Metallica- Kill 'em all/Ride the lightning/Metallica
Iron maiden - Powerslave/Fear of the dark
Black sabbath - Paranoid
Beatles- Let it be/abbey road/rubber soul
Alterbridge- One day remains
Jimmy eat world- Bleed American/Futures
The honorary title- Scream & light up the sky
Shinedown- Amaryllis
Daughtry- Daughtry
Breaking Benjmain - Phobia
Aerosmith - Greatest hits -.-
Lemon Demon - "Dinosaurchestra"/"Spirit Phone" (Weird alt-rock songs that sound like they came from the imagination of an 80's kid with some great instrumentation)

Goldfish - "Perceptions of Pacha" (the album that got me into electronic jazz/swing)

Coheed & Cambria - "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3"/"The Afterman (Both albums together)" (Solid prog rock albums with great backing story if you're into that sort of thing)

The Megas - "History Repeating: Red" (A cover album of the tunes from Megaman 3 given lyrics and character to the Robot Masters, ending with a pretty emotional confrontation between Megaman and Protoman. Music is a great rendition of already great songs.)

Kishi Bashi - "151A" (Multi-instrumentalist, really bright tunes that restore faith in humanity or strip it away.)

Motion City Soudtrack - "Commit This to Memory" (Pretty solid alt-rock album about mental disorder and self-disappointment, some emotional stuff here backed by some pretty loud and upbeat music, good to blast and sing along with)

My Chemical Romance - "The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" (A traditionally emo rock group tackles genres over the course of the album that are unexpected, pulls it off with flying colors. Pretty vibrant musical journey with another decent backing story if you dig for it)

The Protomen - "Act II: The Father of Death" (A prequel album set in a Megaman AU where Doctor Wily takes over and it gets daaaark. Music is a 80's rock opera with several slower tracks and some that realy get the blood pumping. Recommend listing to Act I afterwards, as act I takes place after Act II chronologically. Find the backstory and read it as you listen to the album for full effect.)

Under the Influence of Giants - "(self-titled)" (Previous project of AWOLNation frontman, really upbeat stuff, solid throughout)

Passion Pit - "Kindred" (An album I have described as injecting raw sugar directly into my ears. Hyper upbeat music that's pretty good for energy levels.)
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