When in Doubt, U-Turn Out!

I just ... don't get your team at all ToF. Seriously: how do you intend to keep SR off your field? I've been trying to do that with Xatu, but it just doesn't work. Examples of things that have happened already:

Opponent switches in Hippowdon. I go to Xatu, bouncing back Stealth Rock. I U-turn scouting for Stone Edge, but on that same turn he goes for Stealth Rock again.
Opponent leads with SD Empoleon. I Trick him a Choice Scarf, but later in the game when he switches in, he puts up Stealth Rock. Who the heck runs Stealth Rock on SD Empoleon anyway (or, for that matter, who the heck runs SD Empoleon)? But while true, it did also happen ...
Opponent leads with Aerodactyl. Stone Edge kills Xatu.

And so on. I don't get it. Once Stealth Rock goes up, it inhibits all six of your Pokemon and there's nothing you can do about it. I just don't get it. Can you explain?
The Hippowdon situation is a misplay on your part, not necessarily a fault with the team. The second situation is uncommon so I won't even bother commenting on it. The Aerodactyl situation is fine, but remember there's no such thing as a lead in BW, which means you don't have to lead with Xatu to prevent turn 1 SR. Lead with something like Rotom-W to at least threaten a possible lead Aero. Also, how does SR inhibit the team necessarily? Nothing except Xatu is weak to it...
I use "scrotom combo"-fail? on every team i have, its deadly...in the team preview 1st thing i check for is for ground types, if not let rotom spam that shit..(V-switch)..its a nice team, not gimmicky at all...cept maybe for Xatu...I would run gliscor over it anyday...heck u dont have to use the toxic heal version, run sand veil n get roost and stealth rock back...

Gliscor @leftovers
Nature: Jolly
EV: 252hp, 252speed, 4 def
Sand Veil

Stealth Rock

What I've given u is a mon thats faster then xatu, keeping momemtum, lighten the load on wash, and gives u a reliable way of getting at least the most important hazard in. The best counter to volcarona and nite, who looks like u have problems with, is stealth rock.
If u find it to be too much to have 2 4X weakness to ice, switch it for landorus...this gliscor is great as the lead spot...
I tried it its great.
But sub disable gengar I cant play around.
Scizor comes in on a sub. I bullet punch they disable, and Im forced to switch out. same goes for celebi. The rest of your team get OHKO/2HKOed by a shadow ball. Uturn from celebi, landorus and mienshao wont break the sub.

how do u deal with subdisable gengar

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