Which web browser do you use, and why?

Which web browser do you use?

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I use Chrome just because I like using it. Nice layout, not too confusing. Only thing that annoys me is how your gmail account connects to your YouTube account.
FF / Opera / Chrome

I like FF best, always have the least problems.
Opera second, for certain minor tweaks.
Chrome third for ease of use.
I saw someone on reddit earlier say the only thing they used internet explorer for was downloading chrome. That has pretty much reigned true for me since chrome came out.
In addition to a nice layout (so far), Chrome is the default browser for my Chromebook so I don't have much choice anyway. Safari works nicely on the old iPhone, though.
Firefox was taking its toll on my 7 years old Atom-powered netbook, especially the sync feature, which is so useful but so damn resource-sucking. So I switched to Qupzilla which is doing a decent so far and it's quite lighter and faster. However, it crashes often when I play on Showdown =(

Firefox is still my browser of choice on my main PC, though.


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chrome rn because my safari seems to randomly implode every few months
i like safari just as well, except for the random implosions

don't have experience with Opera, firefox is fine, ie is... satisfactory?


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I use Chrome, I like it's layout and I have a lot of stuff connected through my Google account so that extra bit of compatibility is nice.
I use to use only Internet Explorer, but when I found out I couldn't make posts on Smogon with it, I switched to Chrome since it was the easiest to access and I legit thought Firefox was only for school computers.


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I use both Internet Explorer and Chrome for some reason, basically I use Internet Explorer for PS and most other things, while I use Chrome to post on Smogon mainly.

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