Whimsicott (QC 3/3) [GP 2/2]


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GP 2/2

Whimsicott's unique Grass / Fairy typing provides it with resistances to common attacking types such as Water, Ground, Fighting, and Dragon. Being able The ability to switch into common threats like Keldeo without being weak to Pursuit, (AC) unlike Celebi, (AC) carves it a definable niche in tandem with Prankster and an absolutely stunning supportive movepool with gems such as Taunt, Encore, Tailwind, Reflect Memento, (as per qc post) and Light Screen. With access to priority Stun Spore, it can cripple a wide array of Pokemon, particularly weather sweepers such as Kingdra and Excadrill. In addition, access to U-turn in tandem with Encore makes Whimsicott's ability to catch momentum and create free turns incomparably useful. However, Whimsicott is unable to make use of its good base Speed due to having to invest in its average bulk to take hits well, though Prankster mitigates this for its support moves. It also lacks any sort of reliable recovery, with the closest thing being Leech Seed. Despite having a decent offensive movepool, Whimsicott's low attacking stats prevent it from doing much damage and leave it walled by many defensive Pokemon in the tier.

name: Pivot
move 1: U-turn
move 2: Encore
move 3: Moonblast
move 4: Stun Spore
item: Leftovers
ability: Prankster
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD


U-turn grabs useful momentum after Whimsicott switches into a Pokemon it checks or counters, such as Keldeo or Breloom. Encore pairs well with U-turn to disrupt the foe by locking it into a status move or a resisted attack and subsequently making it setup bait. Whimsicott also is able to check many dangerous setup sweepers such as Mega Gyarados, Mega Altaria, and Manaphy by locking them into their respective setup move. Moonblast deals some solid damage to Fighting-, Dark-, and Dragon-types such as Terrakion, Mega Sableye, and Garchomp. Stun Spore is useful to cripple anything that isn't a Grass- or Electric-type and doesn't have Overcoat, which makes Whimsicott a very solid check to sweepers that have already set up and can ravage your team such as Mega Charizard X. Alternatively, the move can simply be used to paralyze faster Pokemon in general, neutering the threat of Pokemon such as Kingdra and Excadrill under their respective weathers, as well as speedy threats such as Mega Alakazam and Mega Lopunny.

Set Details

Maximum investment in Whimsicott's HP and Defense allows it to pivot into physical attacks and resisted hits as often as possible. Leftovers is important, as Whimsicott lacks any recovery outside of Leech Seed, so the passive healing is necessary. Prankster is crucial as well because Whimsicott cannot disrupt or cripple any setup sweepers without the priority that Prankster grants to status moves.

Usage Tips

Whimsicott should be used to switch into boosting sweepers or common Pokemon it checks such as Breloom and grab momentum or disrupt them with U-turn or Encore, respectively. If you rely on Whimsicott to check a Pokemon late-game, it's best to try to keep Whimsicott healthy and play more conservatively with it. Moonblast should be used to pick off weakened Pokemon or if the foe is locked into an unfavorable move but doesn't switch out, such as Breloom locked into Rock Tomb. If you can afford to predict the opponent's reaction to one of Whimsicott's moves, such as switching out on a predicted Encore or Stun Spore, then Whimsicott should simply use U-turn to gain momentum. However, if it cannot afford to do so, then it must use the appropriate move to shut down the foe, especially if the consequence for mispredicting is a lost game.

Team Options

Pokemon that can weaken Steel-types such as Ferrothorn and Scizor are very useful, as Whimsicott often struggles against them. Heatran is a good teammate because it has great type synergy with Whimsicott, taking out Grass- and Steel-types while Whimsicott prevents Water-types such as Slowbro, Gyarados, and Suicune from setting up on Heatran by switching in and using Encore. Magnezone and Magneton are good options to eliminate Steel-types with Magnet Pull, while with Magneton also can being able to outspeed Talonflame, Weavile, and Tornadus-T if using a Choice Scarf. If using Stun Spore, Pokemon such as Mega Charizard X fare well as partners, as they often have trouble against weather sweepers and appreciate Whimsicott crippling their checks with paralysis. Other sweepers such as Mega Lopunny and Weavile appreciate Choice Scarf users and extremely fast Pokemon such as Mega Aerodactyl being paralyzed. Terrakion, Keldeo, and Garchomp are all good partners that take on Whimsicott's checks and counters that have advantageous typing over it, such as Poison-, Fire-, and Steel-types. Garchomp in particular checks Talonflame and Mega Scizor, two Pokemon that have powerful priority attacks that will end Whimsicott. Fire- and Flying-types are generally good partners to take down Grass-types that Whimsicott has trouble beating, so Pokemon such as Talonflame and Mega Charizard Y pair well with it, (AC) and they also appreciate the free turns provided by Encore. Finally, entry hazard setters that can set up layers of Spikes and Stealth Rock work well, as Whimsicott forces many switches.

Other Options

Memento can grant a teammate a virtually free setup opportunity that possibly lasts for more than one turn and can often lead to a clean sweep if the conditions are correct. A Substitute + Leech Seed set works well with Prankster, setting up Substitutes on resisted attacks, status moves from foes locked into Encore, or predicted switches (RC) and then using Substitute Leech Seed to replenish the lost health. However, being useless against common Grass-types makes this set fairly inconsistent. An offensive set with Life Orb and Moonblast, Giga Drain, and either Tailwind or Memento could work to pressure Pokemon such as Raikou or Manaphy much more, and Whimsicott's good Speed and access to Prankster come in handy against these threats. Whimsicott's general inability to muscle past its already too-common counters can make this an unappealing option, though. Grass Whistle is an interesting move that puts the foe to sleep and can work well with Prankster, but its horrible accuracy can prove costly. Finally, Whimsicott can use Switcheroo with an item that can cripple the foe, such as Lagging Tail. This not only allows Whimsicott to completely nullify faster threats such as Alakazam (RC) but also makes Whimsicott's U-turn move last before uses as long as it hasn't used Switcheroo, which is perfect for scouting the opponent's action.

Checks and Counters

**Grass-types**: Pokemon such as Amoonguss, Mega Venusaur, and Ferrothorn are immune to Stun Spore and resist Whimsicott's STAB moves, and they can KO it back with their own respective Poison- and Steel-type STAB moves.

**Steel-types**: Steel-types such as Heatran and Scizor dislike Stun Spore; however, (AC) they resist Whimsicott's STAB moves and KO it back with their own STAB moves. Ferrothorn is immune to Stun Spore, and the most it fears is being locked into Leech Seed or an entry hazard such as Spikes or Stealth Rock. Magnezone and Magneton are immune to paralysis and can KO Whimsicott with a STAB-boosted Flash Cannon.

**Fire-types**: Fire-types such as Talonflame and Mega Charizard Y dislike paralysis, but they take paltry damage from Whimsicott's STAB moves and OHKO it with their own STAB moves.

**Electric-types**: Electric-types are immune to Stun Spore, so Pokemon like Raikou, Mega Manectric, and Thundurus can deal significant damage to Whimsicott with their super effective coverage moves (RC) while taking little damage from Whimsicott's attacks.

**Faster Priority Attackers**: Faster priority moves from Pokemon such as Weavile, Talonflame, and Mega Scizor are capable of easily KOing Whimsicott after minimal prior damage.
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