NOC Why Is There A Gun In My Popcorn? 2: Old Country Boogaloo [GAME OVER Town Wins]

In what world does scum!Dusk sub in then immediately hard push a buddy under no suspicion when a competent scum player just got shot and another scum is already likely next in line. What is this push. Even if you think scum!Dusk would make this bus you have to consider how bad the timing is.
It should also be worth noting hal is one of my best friends and tbh if I ever rolled scum with him the last thing I would do is bus him.

This is not wifom because the odds of getting on a scum team with a particular friend can be a once in a lifetime chance when you consider the odds in most games. I would not have wasted this.
but i mean you have nothing to be afraid of if you get shot as town? why would scum actively try to get you shot?
i don't really think its a slip but kinda a weirdly worded post imo
Because towns goal rn is to have as many clears outside the shooter as possible. I fill one of those slots easily so giving me a gun helps scum more than giving us a clear on a null slot.
If town agree on 3 non gunned clears, we auto win mechanically and can just have everyone else shoot each other while we live. Scum should be trying to stop this by giving he towniest players a gun so they can't be one of the endgame clears.
Deepwolves are easier to sort out lategame when there's more flips. It makes more sense to shoot scumreads first, and "might be a deepwolf" is not a good reason to scumread a person unless you actually think they are a deepwolf based on reasons XYZ, which nobody has really provided for Dusk.
I'm not accusing dusk of deepwolf. I'm SRing him. I was *also* noting the *possibility* among my towncore 3. Which is a far cry from 1) Dusk claiming I outright think someone is, and 2) saying that Dusk is deepwolf (rather than just scummy to me)
I nominate Dusk, toni, or fenrir.

But I doubt mafia would actually forget about this, so I'm dubious on toni and fenrir, except we really need them to not be last ones with the gun in a pinch. So, Dusk. the sheer buddying with magic, which he initiated so far as I remember, means if he's scum, so's magic. Probably. Decent amount of info there.

Lily is my next choice by process of elimination, but then I've got no one else other than idlers or people I read as town.


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Toni lurks as both alignments, so AG's point is moot on the Toni thing.

Fenrir isn't a slot I'm not particularly motivated to solve, but I'd not shoot him for now

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