NOC Why Is There A Gun In My Popcorn? 2: Old Country Boogaloo [GAME OVER Town Wins]

Panic Station

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How does a finger gun even fire bullets? Are you Johnny Joestar?

Eh, I suppose it doesn't matter now that you're dead.

MoodyCloud has shot a Townie and died. bonerman is the new Gunbearer.

Seventh Shot

Bonerman, you have 74 hours to shoot someone because I am not messing with a 10am deadline.

Deadline for Seventh Shot is 6/15 Noon CDT (UTC-5).
additionally, I'd recommend a hannah shot

Clarinet's behaviors were not only illegal, but extremely scummy.

Alas, this case cannot expand much further since hannah cannot defend clarinet's action, on top of it, hannah had done jack didly tits to contribute/putting themselves in better light at all. Just surfed like a Californian. Better to get it over it quickly.

The shot also comes with added benefit of quasi clearing magicgurl if scum flip. No one would buss that hard.

Panic Station

formerly KnightsofCydonia
UPDATE: The player list is now color coded along with being size coded. Normal is alive, shrunk is dead, red is scum, green is Town. Normal and green is current Gunbearer.
Clarinet's "it would be an honor to get the gun" sentiment in #153 is absolutely out of character and I don't like him referring to it as being "chosen." If you have the gun (and you're not Asek) then you have it because someone decided you have high scum equity; "chosen" doesn't fit the mentality town should have regarding that, especially Clarinet (who went on so much last game about how important they were to town that people thought they were softing a PR). Think for DS the "give me the gun" mentality leans more towards NAI just because that's how he usually is; I didn't take it seriously on first read.

Clarinet's comment regarding Jordan also feels out of place, the question I'm asking myself is why they hesitate on Jordan so much in comparison to others. Clarinet how well do you feel you can read DS/Samoyed?
This looks good for Fenrir.
Though he didn't go after Clarinet after this post but it looks good.
DS, I can't tell what you're getting at with the pokes at bonerman or how confident you feel on them either - do you think bonerman is actually scummy for suspecting you? do you think he is a good shot target? It's worth noting that I don't think he ever actually endorsed shooting you, just said that he found you suspicious, which is very different. Last I checked he was endorsing Jordan as the shot.
This post and interactions looks good for Magic.
Dusk and hal interaction at p27 and p28 really seems not w/w. But I'm paranoid that they planned getting drunk and bussing each other because I feel like Dusk had no reason to push hal that much. IDK if this makes sense though.
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Who do you find most suspicious? And who do you think is town?

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