NOC Why Is There A Gun In My Popcorn? 2: Old Country Boogaloo [GAME OVER Town Wins]

Panic Station

formerly KnightsofCydonia
Was Bonerman the hero we needed or the hero we deserved? No, the past tense is correct here.

bonerman has shot a Townie and died. XnadrojX is the new Gunbearer.

Eighth Shot

Jordan, you have 72 hours to shoot someone.

The deadline for Eighth Shot is 6/15 4pm CDT (UTC-5).
>>> calcWin(6,2,2)
>>> winWithDraw(6,2,2)-calcWin(6,2,2)
>>> 1-winWithDraw(6,2,2)

54.969% win, 16.607% tie, and 28.424% chance of a lose from sheer randing.


Mafia Champion
I also veto it being Dusk because he's seriously giving me twin vibes from last game. There's no way he deathtunnels me this hard as scum, and if I'm wrong then go the fuck ahead and shoot me because that'd be 3 scum I've townread this game
I try to post one per cycle, at least that people don't go through between times I check.
This response did not address the accusation in anyway whatsoever.

Fine, I'll trust you flyhn and put Dusk on my "don't shoot" list, joining you and samoyed. That's my towncore; I'm fine with anyone other than them+me getting shot.
This is unhelpful af. Showed no interest in scum hunting.

I am now suspicious of Ag.

Flyhn, be specific on who you think scum instead of pointing finger at a group.
fenrir is a guy who always flakes. toni is apparently a guy who never posts. i don't really think both those slots are particularly town either but how can a slot that's only ever been competent town players go this far without ever saying anything useful and be town...
toni's been replaced with cancerous, and we're seeing more activity from him.

That said, regarding cancerous's objections to me: This format favors figuring out town over figuring out mafia. Either works, but figuring out town is the a more reliable win.


Mafia Champion
Dusk is town, samo is probably town, magic is town, I refuse to shoot flyhn, it isn't cancerous' time to die, and maaaaaaaaaybe I shoot AG, but that's one huge maybe there

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