NOC Why Is There A Gun In My Popcorn? 2: Old Country Boogaloo [GAME OVER Town Wins]


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This response did not address the accusation in anyway whatsoever.

This is unhelpful af. Showed no interest in scum hunting.

I am now suspicious of Ag.

Flyhn, be specific on who you think scum instead of pointing finger at a group.
I don't know because I'm townhunting, not scumhunting. Sam's town, Dusk is probably town. bonerman was but oh wait Moody blasted him out of nowhere


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From my meta pool I'd probably call for Texas to be shot first, I've been liking Magic's content. Hesitant to call them town because I've never played with them and have no clue if they're a good enough player to fake this as scum or not. So I'll call it a lean

Also townlean on AG for the meta of how different he's acting than his scum game in the first popcorn yeah that's where I'm at right now really


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tl;dr of my gameplay here: I townhunt with meta and dead scum's interactions with people, i scumhunt pretty much exclusively with the latter. And since it's been a few shots now since scum died, I'm basically just waiting around for one more of them to die so I can get to worst on my big data-combing posts again
There is much to do.

First of all, scum/town hunting are not mutually exclusive. You do both for best chances to win.
The only times you don't want to make scumread is when you are scums.

Flyhn, you wanted to shoot someone on DS's townleans. Name the one you want to the most.

Also everyone meet Timmy
Timmy likes to say he want to shoot/not shoot [people] without a proper reasoning.
Timmy is scummy af and just trying to look active without contributing.
Don't be like Timmy. Explain like I'm a retarded 5 years old.


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It was in that crappy mobile image they posted as a readslist... hold on
Sorry for the formatting this is the only way I could get the tier maker to work on mobile
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This thing (note, Texas' slot was still Jalmont at this point, and Dusk's was Caffeine). Which I shortened and simplified much more to list form well doing the ISO. I just dug up the image itself instead of posting it because now apparently I have to prove this readslist of a dead scum I'm gathering fake-readlist-placements-of-partners-meta-reads from actually exists
idk what to make of these flyhn posts cause apparently he's reading based on the basis of someone else's read on someone else which I guess if that works for you more power to you? but can't follow his train of thought at all, we can't really afford to be shooting any more town at this point
I was right on Hal and ds, wrong on Jordan, ags stuff still feels the most agenda-y and they're my best bet to hit scum. Fenrir is pretty likely too just on probability at this point but they're so inactive it's a harder sell to take that shot


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#468- We get a full readslist. Town: Samoyed/Mewtwo/hal. Townlean: Magic/Dusk/Texas. Neutral: bonerman/Cancerous/Fenrir/Me. Scumlean: Moody/Jordan/AG/WaterLily. Scum: Clarinet.
Underline is how i indicate subs here, and i stuck anyone who's dead/AG since he's gunbearer

Okay yeah, breakthrough, remember how I said I believe there was 3 scum split between Neutral and Scumleans as well., but didn't know which category contained two and which contained one? Now there's only 3 left. If I'm wrong that'd instead mean TWO people from the Townleans are scum rather than one, OR that Sam's deepwolfing, which I doubt

Let's see if my meta "where would scum making a fake readslist place their partners" thing actually pays off or not

ANYBODY outside the trio or Sam is a safe shot I'd say, but I'd prefer Fenrir since he's still nowhere to be found, or WaterLily. I backed off WaterLily a bit since Magic's arguement for them being town was pretty convincing, but... if they aren't scum, then that just makes the Trio even MORE likely... and again, I strongly believe Dusk doesn't deathtunnel this hard on me still if he's actually scum. So if WaterLily ISN'T scum, then both Texas AND Magic likely are, or again, if that's not true Sam's been deepwolfing this whole time, which as I keep saying, i HIGHLY doubt


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Okay flipping WaterLily would nearly solve this game, can we do that please? That'd tell me that none of DS' scumleans were actually partners, which would reveal more info on where they'd hide their partners

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