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What do you think of Miracle Shooter?

  • It's a great addition, I hope it becomes standard.

    Votes: 38 9.0%
  • It's a great addition, but I want it separate from the main metagame.

    Votes: 162 38.5%
  • Not sure, it needs to be tested before I can judge it.

    Votes: 98 23.3%
  • I hate it, but don't see any harm.

    Votes: 19 4.5%
  • I hate it, keep it away from my metagame.

    Votes: 104 24.7%

  • Total voters
Miracle shooter gives all sorts of pokemon a lot of interesting options, including Regigigas and such. However you still have to spend the turns building up your potions, so it's not like you can bring Regigigas in right away and expect to stall out those 5 turns.
If memory serves, those danged Champs only have four or so, anyway, and Elite Fours only have two. I'll never forgive Koga and that God-forsaken Muk though, they did things to me that no mortal man should have to suffer.
Yeah I'm surprised that with all this rule and clause-resetting, there isn't more minimize abuse going on, since it now raises evasion by 2 stages.
There should be a move that's like, some combination of Swift and Punishment. 100% accuracy no matter what their evasion, and it does more damage the more Evasion buffs they have. They could call it "JUSTICE STRIKE".
Can you still use an item on Slaking instead of just watching it loaf around? If so, Slaking usage would almost definitely be high IMO.
Yes you can, atleast in Gen 3 (can't remember if it worked in Gen 4). Norman could use whatever Item he has on his Slaking and I remeber someone else doing the same thing. You can't use the Item if the Pokemon has just used Hyper Beam or is locked into Outrage, though.
Ugh, to me it just seems to take the competitiveness out of battles, what's the point when they can just bring back a key sweeper/wall you worked so strategically (or anyway, really) hard to get rid of?
And just what were you saving up for during those 14 turns?

Honestly, people seem to keep forgetting that this works both ways.
Argh, this seems to me to be degenerating into two basic points:

Point A) What you can do, they can too, and vice versa.
Point B) Haze/My example/other easy counters to +6 Strategies.

I reserve judgment till i actually play this, but for now i lean towards Point B more. I understand where the proponents of Point A are coming from, but the way i see it is if both players dot he exact same thing, stall fro 12 turns, then use +6 on the third turn, guess what?

Let's decide things based on Speed! Yay! Fastest user of Priority wins! And then proceeds to sweep the rest of the team at +6.

Also, not to get off topic, but they did something like this in Yugioh with Speed Counters. That was in the anime, but never got put into the real card game for a reason. You can figure out the reason. I think the same will soon apply to Miracle Shooter. Hell, with Yugioh you don't know what card you get, MS lets you choose what you want for the 'counters'/points/whatever you save up. So it'll be even worse.

And stalling for 12 turns is CHEAP.

That's not to say Stall is cheap, stall is a perfectly respectable strategy. But stalling for +6 is a bit cheap, to be blunt about it.
Stalling for 12 turns is not cheap. If you can successfully stall for 12 turns without having your ass sweeped off in this hyper-offensive metagame, then you full well deserve whatever comes from it.

And yeah, when you stall your opponent also gets free turns to use items too, and they're the ones who are controlling the flow of the match since they're boosting naturally and attacking. Nice one.
also, everyone is so concerned about X attack 6, what about X attack 2?

your opponent tries to stall to 12 turns, you can +2 anything on your 5th point and sweep
a +2 choice specs bug buzz from tinted lenses yanmega?
Really, before crying broken this needs to be tested. Just because its change doesent mean its a bad thing. Stalling for turns doesent seem so effective when you realise you are giving your opponent a boost aswell. Also using items like max revive doesent seem worth it when you are both giving your opponent a turn to set up/attack and to use stuff like hyper potion and the xitems while you are saving your points.
or Ditto...

Btw, if you save up 17 turns and then use a +6 X attack expecting your opponent to o the same with their turns, you may be rudely surprised when they simply choose to attack on that turn, KOing your pokemon as soon as you activate that item and wasting it.
This option may be turned on, or off.

I think the majority of you arguing against it are missing that point. It's not necessary to play with, and why be against it when it ADDS something to the game? Perhaps it is unfair. Maybe it's completely balanced. But you can make that judgment call when you play in-game and most likely will be optional on simulators as well.

I'd like to play just to see what it's like or when I get bored of playing regular pokemon battles like I have since I was little. I think it's great to have a new alternative to play and while it may not prove to be competitive, people might actually find this FUN to play and that really shouldn't be criticized just because you don't enjoy playing it. Don't like it? Don't play it.
I for one full well remembered that it's entirely optional, it's just that people are crying "unbalanced" when it is entirely balanced.

I voted in the poll that I want to see it as an offshoot of the standard metagame, ie Standard w/ Miracle Shooter.

The possibilities of the metagame are near infinite, and with Miracle Shooter, the possibilities extend even farther. There's gonna be stall, of course, there's also gonna be stall breakers. There's gonna be teams that are gonna try to use items effectively, teams that are there to counter and use the items effectively themselves. There won't be a shortage of Scarf Ditto, for sure.

I think the majority of strategy will be based around using the Full Revive instead of the X-Attack. Let's face it, wasting a turn to boost +6 is pretty risky, while on the other hand, there isn't much risk involved into reviving your early-game sweeper.

I eagerly await this as an an option to add during simulator battles, and I plan to create a team that can use the items effectively.

It's just like Double Battles, Triple Battles, Rotation Battles, and Little Cup. It's not Standard Metagame, it's an optional offshoot. Nobody is forcing you to use items, and I don't expect samefags to be playing around with it much anyways.
I can see this working for weather inducers as well. If droughtales, or drizzletoed is knocked out too early then could could quickly spell an end for your entire strategy. This could help bring you back in the running.
I just realized something. We have all been thinking about stalling for the major bonuses, that we overlooked the benefits of the cheaper items. For instance the 4 point burn heal, or 2 point X attack in case your main sweeper has been burned or intimidated. It's cheaper, can be used more often, and allows you to get back to sweeping instead of suffering a possible switch out.
At the moment it seems that two separate ladders would be the best choice.

Why would they even have Full Heal anyway? Since it's based on points, you can just use a specific status healer for 2 points cheaper.

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