SPOILERS! Wonder Trades

I felt prompted to make this thread after turning a Doduo into a level 60 Zwelious only one gym in. Anyone else gotten anything crazy?

For those that haven't done it yet. It's kind of like that egg trading function of past games and lets you send and receive a Pokemon without knowing what you're getting in return.

You put up a Pokemon from in your box and it randomly connects to someone over the PSS and Internet and gives you what they offered.

Seems like a good tool to get pokes early to level up quickly, but it seems like some people are either very charitable or getting rid of bad egg hatches.

Check post #104
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I would suggest a summary of Wondertrading in the original post, for those not in the loop, if that's not too much to ask. :) I have very little experience with WonderTrading as well, and there isn't much posted on Serebii.
Wonder trading is essentially a random trade with a random trainer over the internet. You select a Pokemon, and get one in return. You've no say in what you get. I've gotten two Bidoofs, so this Pokerus Haunter is making me pretty green :p
The five best so far were a Wobbuffet, the aforementioned Haunter and Zweloius, a trained Nincada and newly hatched level 1 Mawile with adamant nature, high stats (I checked) hyper cutter and EGG MOVES.
Your getting such good stuff!
I've literally had nothing but Pikachu's and level 3 Caterpies.
Kind of envious of the stuff you got hahaha.
I have been sitting here just rotating all the pittance I get until I get cool things.

And I post this I have just gotten a Hariyama.
Makes sense.
I was considering toying around with the whole wonder-trading thing but really didn't wanna get a super OP pokemon right at the start of the game - I'd be WAY too tempted to use and it most likely would, ruining the general gameplay for me. I figured I'd mess around with it post-game, Do exactly what I didn't want to happen to me hahaha provide a steady stream of late-game pokes.
Horrible trades.

They should have it based on catch rate or something. So the pokemon are somewhat searchable worthwhile or somewhat fair.

Combee,Zigzags, and the flower fairy all day
I've been chaining the wonder trades if I don't like what I get I just trade it away again. Got a Level 50 Trevent (JPN) around the second gym. Mostly Flabee and Sims though.
I'm currently using wonder trade to try to fill up my pokedex quickly. You get a lot of crap, but you can easily just take a lot of these unevolved pokemon through the E4 once to evolve them and send them back out to get more. I'm not too picky with what I receive at this point, but I'll probably stop once I start getting a million doubles of early game mons.
I'm breeding Bulbasaur and just Wonder Trading them out to the world; I'm thinking of trying for a Shiny but for now just giving some lucky people a Wonder Trade that's NOT a Bunnelby, Pidgey, or Flabébé is my top priority. And I even got my last Kalos starter from that. (Picked Froakie, got Fennekin post-game, got Chespin here).
I have been Wonder Trading Chespins the same way you have Bulbasaurs. Does your by any chance have a nickname?
Received a Kangaskhan on my very first Wonder Trade (in exchange for a Hippopotas).

My other Wonder Trade of significance was where I received a Lv. 58 Poliwhirl in exchange for a Flabébé I received in a previous Wonder Trade (I know, I'm awful).

I do have a way of taking advantage of cheap trades (where you receive Pokemon that are generally understood to be weak). For example, I received a Zigzagoon, Sentret, Bidoof, Bunnelby and Flabébé through Wonder Trades yesterday. I evolved them all through grinding with Exp. Share and traded them once again.

5 new entries in the PokeDex. I mean, if you're going to send me weak Pokemon on purpose, I may as well get something out of it.
Received a white flower Flabebe (where in the wild are they found?) and a Female Eevee (is it found on Route 10? I spent very little time there)! Chain-trading the useless ones I get when I send my baby Chespins.

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