Tournament World Cup of 1v1 IV - Player Signups

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Do Zachodu Słońca
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Player Name: Alumn
Eligibility: Northwest Europe
Foreseen Inactivity: -
Formats played: It's 1v1, a bot with calculating the probability of the lead is enough (ghosting slot). OFC I'm joking, dummies. Playing all, sub me.
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player name: Excalibur GMD
Region: Canada (Swest) B.C
Inactivity: Hmm maybe i might have too go to bed as my parents are helping me with my school dept they have a curfew for me
Formats: Swsh don’t love it though, USUM love it, OrAs above average, BW Eh.
Edit i can’t make it i am out of town for baseball Practice and i am going on vacation sorry​
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