Worst Nuzlocke Death

Pachery, my beloved Rampardos was taken out by a wild Sneasel's critical Faint Attack, if I had been bothered enough to attack instead of attempting (and failing) to run away, he still might be here.
Juan my Crobat In Heartgold Will haunt me forever, Pryce Killing him...

I had TomyPikles in, my Ampharos, and he had sent in his Piloswine, as I expected he went for a ground move, Mudbomb, And I switched to Crobat to avoid it, Not even thinking about the match up I used fly to avoid his attack. Hoping for the OHKO (I was about 5 levels above), I got very close leaving him in the red... Only to receive a wonderful Blizzard to the face.

I have Redeemed Juan many times, I seem to always end up with a Zubat in every run i have and I love Crobat <3
I lost my Torterra to Dialga in Diamond. I left that nuzlocke for a few weeks (finishing another nuzlocke in the meantime) and eventually finished the game with a Kadabra and a Shiny Floatzel Q_Q
Playing my first nuzlocke on Red, I was fighting trainers and had my wartortle, a couple of levels from evolution on about half hp. It was up against a Dodrio, also level 34, and it got a crit with drill peck and my starter, who carried me through fight after fight fell.

RIP Shellshock, 5-34.
In Y:

"Golbat used Confuse Ray! Vivillon is confused! Vivillon used Hurricane!"

"Golbat used Air Slash! A critical hit! It's super effective! Vivillon hung on to show its best side to Dralcax! Vivillon is confused! It hurt itself in its confusion! Vivillon fainted!"

So many hours in Pokemon Amie... and this happens...
In Y:

"Golbat used Confuse Ray! Vivillon is confused! Vivillon used Hurricane!"

"Golbat used Air Slash! A critical hit! It's super effective! Vivillon hung on to show its best side to Dralcax! Vivillon is confused! It hurt itself in its confusion! Vivillon fainted!"

So many hours in Pokemon Amie... and this happens...
i am Spinningb's new account and im sorry to say this to any nuzlocker but lol thats actually quite funny
I tried so hard to get a Crobat in Heart Gold, and it took three Zubats to do it. I fnally have my Crobat and I put it out against a Hitmonchan.

I forgot about the Element Punches. 1HKO and a Crit to boot.

That right there is where I started a new game.


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I have two deaths that are way worse than just some stupid critical hit.

In Soul Silver, I misclicked and ended up using Curse with my Haunter against a Koffing and then it used Assurance on me and I got KOed. I rage quitted to do the same battle again, same routine with the intended attack (or possibly some weak attack to see what happened). It turns out that Assurance would not have even 2HKOed Haunter so basically, even with a critical hit Haunter would have survived. If I activated the effect of the attack in any other way, Haunter would have survived. But nope, the only reason why Haunter died is because of that specific misclick which caused a specific move to finish me off.

Once in White I also did a Triple Battle that I forgot to avoid (Heartbreaker Charles) that I was really having a problem with. Fortunately I had a plan - swap out to Bibarel (it was a Random Encounter Nuzlocke where I only used NU Pokemon, and most of the captures were really bad) and heal it upon it entry, as it could take a hit from Basculin and Krokorok. However, it ended up healing the Pokemon I just swapped out because it was in the slot that Bibarel used to be in, and of course Bibarel was dead on the next turn because it has like 4 HP. I guess I learned a mechanic out of that, but out of the expense of something that was actually doing work for the team.

idk if this counts as a bad death but today I really wanted to Nuzlocke Black 2 but didn't want to delete my data, so I tried to do the whole thing while relying on sleep mode. Unfortunately after Gym 2 they force you to release a movie which requires you to save so I was more or less stuck in the studio. I consider this a death because it meant game over. Another reason to hate Pokestar Studios.

I've had haxy ones but these are beyond hax.
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My Frogadier dying in X to a Psyduck of all things... Critical confusion + confuse + hurt self in confusion, yes it was outsped it was like 6 levels lower. However my starter has never survived any nuzlocke I have done/failed (haven't completed one yet). I didn't even like it but it was another crushing starter death. Oh well at least I still have my venusaur.
Haven't finished my Diamond Nuzlocke yet, but let's see:
Grinding one of my pokes. Geodude uses Rock Polish while I switch in Prinplup. Selfdestruct.
My Luxio against Marlene's Lucario. Force Palm crits, and paralyzes. It hits again (while Lucario is in the red), and I'm paralyzed. And then another crit.


Oh, and all those Abras/Kadabras are the bane of my existance. Think I've lost three pokes to them. I really want to quit, but I can't.


sludge bomb is better than sludge wave
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I remember when I did a Nuzlocke of Pokemon X&Y and I had a Jolteon. When I battled Lysandre for the final time, I ended up facing his Gyarados with my Jolteon.
Obviously, I decided to Thunderbolt it, because that's kinda how you deal with Gyarados.

I didn't know it was a Mega.

I also didn't know it had Earthquake.
I thought the hack Turquoise was the best place to start my first nuzlocke due to its darker plot.

Then I lost Rani the Bulbasaur in the FIRST RIVAL BATTLE. You know. The one against the starter who only knows Scratch and Growl. No crits or anything - the poor girl just plain got scratched to death.

I felt like such a failure after that. I couldn't even help my team survive through one stinking battle. I just gave up then and there.


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My Diamond Nuzlocke that I streamed a while back had a few gems.

For example, my Abomasnow I had spent hours grinding to get up to the level of the rest of my Pokemon got critted and KO'd by a Gyarados' Aqua Tail in the second stream after I obtained it. Rain Boosted Aqua Tails fucking hurt.

Even nastier though was the Gyarados I had trained up specifically so I'd have a chance against Cynthia, since I feared I wouldn't be able to beat her Garchomp with anything else. After all the time I spent raising it from a Magikarp, it didn't even make it to Cynthia; it died against Flint's Rapidash which critted it with Flare Blitz in the sun. I kind of brought it on myself, because I thought I had a turn to Dragon Dance due to the tiny amount of damage that its first Flare Blitz did to me. I might have forgotten that crits bypass the attack loss from Intimidate >.>

The one most people remember from that stream was when I let my Graveller named Marble get KO'd by a wild Medicham like a total idiot. She was a fan favorite and I let her get KO'd by a freaking wild Pokemon in a moment of inattention. I should've known better than to have her lead my party in Mt. Coronet, and I also should've known better than to try to run with my slow-ass Graveller instead of switching out!

For sheer funniness though, I'd have to say the worst death in terms of being the most stupid was in Eterna forest early in the run. I was using my first Zubat to try and get it up to a level where it was actually useful, since you can get infinite free healing on your first trip through the area thanks to your partner with the Chansey. This lulled me into a false sense of security so I got distracted talking with my co-commentators... and didn't notice when I got into a battle against two Psychic types. Of course they demolished that Zubat, and everyone ridiculed me about it for the rest of the night XD.
I got through the whole game in Black 2 without ever losing a single party member. Then, at the final battle with Iris, I lost EVERY party member except my Chandelure. I don't even remember how it beat her final pokemon, Archeops, but it did it. I actually wasn't expecting to see Iris in the Champion's room. I was expecting Alder! Her Hydreigon OHKO'd my first pokemon before it could even do anything. Then her Haxorus used earthquake on my Magnezone, and I thought it would survive it with sturdy and take down Haxorus with whatever attack it was using(flash cannon, or mirror shot? I don't remember), but I forgot about mold breaker...I didn't think I would win then. Battling dragons is a nightmare when you aren't expecting them.
On Black 2, I did a Nuzlocke, and on Route 20, I caught a Sewaddle, which I dubbed Herpes. He grew up to be the most precious and prized member of my team, evolving at level 20 and evolving into Leavanny at 21. I went into Castelia Sewers and went to the cave to beat the Plasma Grunts. I escaped unscathed, but in the Relic Passage, I encountered a Woobat. I sent out Herpes. Now, Herpes had good defense, so I wasn't too worried.
Woobat could survive another Bug Bite
Herpes could easily survive another Gust, even with a x4 weakness to Flying.
Now the Woobat was up for capture.
Then I saw the dreaded words...
I have since replaced Herpes with a Cottonee w/Eviolite, but he'll never be truly replaced in my heart.
Pokémon Sapphire: "SambaTime" the Ludicolo. I lost it to Milotic vs. Wallace. I was going to Giga Drain, but I accidentally clicked on Ice Beam... Then he used Ice Beam too, and I got a critical hit from his Ice Beam, which sent him straight to its graveyard in Mt. Pyre.

Pokémon Red Fire: "Kobra" the Arbok. Got killed by a Dugtrio in Diglett's cave. Sand Tomb's freaking damage.

Pokémon Pearl: "Brave Bird" the Staraptor, which, ironically, died using his nickname as an attack, Brave Bird. Oh well, at least he took out Cynthia's last Pokémon, Roserade.

Pokémon Diamond: "Luna", a shiny Luxray, named after a friend's Pokémon. Died trying to fight Dialga. Perished to a critical hit Dragon Claw. Luckily, thought, by that time I decided to box fainted Pokémon. I recycled it for the post-ligue in Pokémon Black.

Pokémon Platinum: "Lighting" the Rotom. Died trying to fight against an Ace Trainer in Route 226.

Pokémon Heart Gold: "Shady" the Haunter, which I was just going to evolve with a friend's help. However, it got wrecked by Bianca's Milktank by using Rollout. Fucking bitch. She killed me three times. Thanks to her, I banned the "no leveling up too much" rule from my Nuzlockes.

Pokémon Soul Silver: "Whipper" the Victreebell. Got TOTALLY RAPED by Silver's Sneasel in Victory Road.

Pokémon Black: "Snake" the Serperior, "Daruma" the Darmanitan, and "Hydra" the Zweilous. Fucking Ghetsis' Hydreigon. Period.
HONORABLE MENTION: "Yang" the Reshiram: Literally raped Ghetsis' team. Killed every single one of Ghetsis' Pokémon, except for Cofagrius. Now THAT'S taking revenge.

Pokémon White: "Frankie" the Simisear. Lost against Clay's Krokorok. Critical hit by Bulldoze. Or should I say Bullshit.

And the newest one, Pokémon White 2: "Samurai" the Samurott. Just one thing to say: I FREAKING HATE GHETSIS' FREAKING HYDREIGON!!!!!!!!.
Boomer the Electrode died in the fight against Gary in LeafGreen right before victory road. I completely forgot that you had to battle Gary here so I went in unprepared. I was able to keep all my members alive until his charizard. I couldnt switch out or I'd lose a team member to I decided to let Butterfree bite the bullet. I then sent in Electrode, assuming it would outspeed. It did not. Very depressing moment in my run. I eventually took the Charizard out with a Quick Attack from my Raticate, Sally. Butterfree and Electrode were both core members of my team and it was a sad moment to see them go.

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