Worst Pokemon Sprites?


The tail is almost as big as Flareon itself!
And don't get me started on the ears. They're huge!

Don't get me wrong, I like all the Eeveelutions, especially Sylveon!
Flareon's tail only looks larger due to it being raised. Then again, its tail's size is mostly thanks to how poofy it is. The ears are the same size as usual; I don't see the problem here.

Don't hate Litten! LITTEN IS COOL!!!!
Sigh... Do I really have to explain the concept of opinions here?

They got it wrong again! (no surprise there...)
It looks like it's taking a--you-know-what!
Like it's taking a shit? I mean, if that's how you see it...
"Let's make a snake."
"Okay, sounds good."
"It'll be yellow and bright blue."
"Sure, bright colors are fine."
"And we'll give it mouth horns and a drill rattle."
"And it's wide in the middle and has WINGS."

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So I'm currently speeding through Diamond, and with all the hate D/P get with their Pokemon sprites, I'm surprised this one hasn't been brought up yet.

Now on the white forum backdrop, you might not immediately see anything wrong with Azurill's sprite here; in fact it could pass as one of Azurill's better sprites. However, once you see it on a darker backdrop (see serebii's Pokedex page here), you'll notice that a portion of it's tail is discolored. On a darker backdrop in-game such as the Great Marsh (esp the binoculars), it creates the illusion that a chunk of its tail is completely missing.

Along with all the technical issues that D/P have, this almost makes me believe that the games were effectively released in beta; I don't see how Game Freak didn't catch and fix that prior to releasing the finished game.

But then again, these are the same games that brought us the infamous Nazi-saluting Registeel.
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Throughout the years, Pokemon has had some pretty nifty sprites. However, some sprites were just down right ugly. In your opinions, what are the ugliest Pokemon sprites to come out of Gamefreak? This can be from any Pokemon game. Also, while discussing sprites, we are not talking about Pokemon designs but the sprite work itself.
The Miltank sprite in your avatar, I cannot tell if it is walking or leaning back like Fat Joe... ;)
So I took a look at Marowak's Bulbapedia page, and oh boy, do I have some good ones.

This one isn't bad by RB standards.

Yellow isn't that bad either, although it looks like its bone is fused to its hand, but then...

RG looks like a cross between a baby Kangaskhan (inb4 that theory) and a substitute doll.


Silver. Uh, what is this pose?

Crystal's animation is kinda funny. It's like, "Let me at 'em..."

In Gen 3, Marowak is a lefty in the front sprite, and a righty in the back sprite. Oddly enough, this is flipped around in Gen 5. More on that one later.

DPP. "Stand back, boys, this one's mine."

HGSS. I can't tell if this is an aggressive pose or if Marowak is about to do a belly flop.

Gen 5. That bone strike doesn't look like it's doing much. And it's ambidextrous again.

Gen 6 made a statue out of our poor bony friend. And not just because I can't find a moving sprite of it.

Alolan Marowak, on the other hand, is what a 3D model should be. That said, when still, it looks like it's trying to fly or something.

In Gen 3, Marowak is a lefty in the front sprite, and a righty in the back sprite. Oddly enough, this is flipped around in Gen 5. More on that one later
Little nitpick, but close analysis of the front sprite shows that Marowak is holding the bone in its right hand, but is also supporting it with its left hand much like one would do with a sword or lance or something.
The Japanese Red and Green games had some hilariously bad sprites. The one that probably takes the cake for me is Mew.
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So I took a look at Marowak's Bulbapedia page, and oh boy, do I have some good ones.

Gen 5. That bone strike doesn't look like it's doing much. And it's ambidextrous again.
Something bugs me about the way Marowak spins its club in this animation. To me, the front view looks like Marowak is swinging the back end of the bone downward from its initial position before pounding with the club. (In front Marowak's case, it spins the bone clockwise from its own view of its right hand.) If you perform a downward strike, I would think the attack would be more fluid if you swung the back end upward then pounded (in this case, if right-handed Marowak spun it counterclockwise instead). Hang on...

After testing both directions myself with a wooden cane in my right hand, a counterclockwise motion (me swinging the back end upward) does make a more fluid motion, letting you go right from the twirl to the pound. However, I personally found this method harder to handle for my hand. By spinning the cane clockwise instead (back end swings down first), I have to pause briefly before I pound, but I at least more comfortably grabbed the cane with my hand. So, CW was a motion I had to stop but better handle, while CCW was a harder-to-handle but more fluid motion. Admittedly, I may just be more used to spinning things back-end-downward, other people may prefer back-end-upward.

So, maybe the way Marowak is spinning the bone is a preference with feels more comfortable. HOWEVER, there's one other detail which still bothers me about front Marowak: the timing. It looks like it's starting the pound before the bone is done spinning. If you're not going to use the spin to lead into the pound, then wouldn't you want to get a good grip on your weapon before you strike with it? Otherwise, you not only have a loose feel for your weapon, but the strike also seems to be weaker. Timing is key in animation, and Marowak appears to be fumbling with its keys.

Keep in mind, these are just the issues with the FRONT sprite. I'm trying to observe what's going on with the bone in the BACK sprite (keeping in mind the concept of back-end-downward would be reversed in the left hand, so back-end-downward would be COUNTERclockwise now), and it's even worse. Not only does the resulting pound look even weaker than the front sprite (assuming that even is a pounding motion anymore), but I'm struggling to keep track of how much the bone spins; it looks like it spins more in the back sprite, but maybe I'm imagining things.

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