Worst Pokemon Sprites?

Being a Golbat myself, i know about some Golbat that REALLY got it bad with their sprites.
golbat.pngApart from me, of course.

Spr_1y_042.png Yellow Golbat looks like he's just been attacked and he's falling backwards, or was startled by something. Either that, or he decided it would be a good idea to fly while drunk on Super Potions.

Spr_2s_042.png Silver Golbat looks like he's doing some sort of dance. Looks like Omastar has some competition. He also looks like he was startled, too. I can imagine a Golbat getting scared, then jumping up in this exact pose.

Who's that Pokemon? Is it Zubat? or Golbat?
Oh, it's Golbat. It looks too small, though. I understand they had some space limits, but when it resembles a Zubat, you messed up. Zubat was such a small Pokemon, they managed to get the full body into the GSC backsprite
,and that's really saying something.

Look at this. It looks like it's toppling over. Poor guy.

And last but not least, the worst Golbat sprite aside from RB Golbat...

Behold, FRLG Golbat.
The f*ck is that face?

I swear, in my next post in this thread, i won't just make everything Golbats. I promise.


Doesn't know how to attack

They messed up the palette for zubat's wings. I have no idea how they managed to screw this especially since Zubat's animated sprite from the same game is fine.
For a second I thought it was shiny. Turns out, they just got every color wrong...
Alright, i've come across some sprites i don't think many people have talked about yet, and boy, these ones are ugly. Let's just get this over with.

First off, we have this lovely sprite from RG.
It's a mess. The neck is way too long looking compared to regular Dragonite, it's eyes look weird, the wings are too small... Probably the worst Dragonite sprite yet.

They really did a good job in Blue though. One of my favourite sprites from that game.

Came across this on Nugget Bridge while playing Red on Virtual Console. Nearly slammed my 3DS shut.

Dear. God. And they say Lavender Town or the Old Chateau are scary. Want to choose Charmander in every playthrough, now, Charizard fanboys?


Look at those pure red eyes. This is not the friend for life you are looking for. Luckily Crystal got it spot-on.

Lapras looks angry here. Kinda scared me when i played RSE when i was just a Zubat kid.

The Pokemon's sprites I'm going to talking about aren't the worst on graphics, but more of concept in my opinion. Pokemon in question? Sharpedo.

When I see Sharpedo, I see something as fast. Ready to shred its prey into pieces in mere seconds. The pokedex supports this its speeds are documented to be 75 mph in sea while it got Speed Boost as its HA.

Gen Three Sharpdeo isn't bad at all. It pretty much represents what I see in Sharpedo. Fast. Teeth open ready to cause some really nasty wounds. How does Sharpedo's sprite stand when Diamond and Pearl first came out?

Well they got the mouth right. Its more of the pose. The problem is, Sharpedo in this pose seems too circluar. It doesn't seem as slick as it should had been. It doesn't help that its back sprite has the same mistakes while it seems that its a bit squeezed in.

Did they fix this in gen 5? Not for the front sprite. It still has the chunky feeling to it when I face it in battle. They did fixed the back-sprite as its not as squeezed as much anymore. How about when X/Y came out?

I say they fixed its flaws. Sharpedo's not oddly circular anymore and actually seems like its ready to give my pokemon some nasty bite wounds.

I get what they were trying to do during 4th gen, but they messed it up and should had fixed it when Black and White came out.
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I'm back.
I feel like Gengar's XY sprite isn't really as good as the BW sprites (BW Gengar sprites are the best for me)



I'm not a big fan of Gengar's overall lighter colors in XY, but atleast its not as bad as the Red Green sprite...

Red Green, Gengar is fat as shit here

Besides these two, all of Gengar's other sprites are pretty good
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Gen 6/7 Parasect's back sprite.

It's a lot more noticeable in the actual game than in the small PS sprite, but DEAR GOD THE CLIPPING. I used this mon to capture pokemon in the ultra wormhole and oh man did its back sprite tick me off. And people give Talonflame a hard time for a tiny little bit of wing clipping. All of this thing's legs AND its claws clip through the mushroom on its back. I seriously have to wonder how this sprite even made it through into the actual game.


Gniubbo come sempre
IDK if it's the perspective or anything else, but Meloetta-A in Super Mystery Dungeon.


Probably the most unwatchable Pokemon sprite/model I have ever seen. Ever. I literally cannot stand looking at it for more than 5 seconds.
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Registeel has had some odd sprites. In this sprite

and this sprite

He just looks very shady
But nothing compares to his Diamond and Pearl sprite

Is he doing the Hitler salute?...Oh God...
Oh and did you know that Pokemon predicted a trend?

Swampert predicted the Dab in 2006
For all the heat the Red/Green sprites get, it turns out that’s the best one for Mewtwo in Gen 1. Really not digging “pelvic thrust” from Yellow :p

Edit: I also just realized the Red/Blue sprite is channeling Shia LeBeauf


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For all the heat the Red/Green sprites get, it turns out that’s the best one for Mewtwo in Gen 1. Really not digging “pelvic thrust” from Yellow :p

Edit: I also just realized the Red/Blue sprite is channeling Shia LeBeauf
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Mewtwo's gen 4 sprite was the best imo. Simple, but designed to show off the power of mewtwo. That's my opinion, anyway. Really not a fan of the red blue sprites either.
Sinnoh’s were great. Johto remakes not so much... I know someone else mentioned that but i’m not sure who.

Gen 5, being so similar to Sinnoh were good by extension. Current model for base Mewtwo was less than stellar, possibly to make the Megas look better by comparison (at least Y)?
Why Dratini is PURPLE, isn't even the shiny one...

And that chubby Eevee that looks like the fatty friend from child progams, (the shiny is even worse, the eevee has olive oil on it fur)
Here are a lot of sprites I'm going to complain about, this might be a long post.
ho-oh (1).png
ho-oh (2).png

Ho-oh's backsprite from Gen 2 to 4. It's basically nearly the same sprites but with slight palette changes. No wonder I preferred Lugia.
lugia (1).png
lugia (2).png

Nevermind, apparently GF went back to showing only his head and neck in Gen 4.


Graveler's backsprite was okay in Gen 1, however, for some reason GF decided to do the show only one arm thing in Gen 2/3/4.
graveler (1).png

What's the arm even trying to do?


I find it disturbing that it moves like that in Emerald. I always thought it "rolled" on the ground. :|


It's eyes....

Moltres from Green is creepy, the face, especially the eyes, and the wings look like it's bones. It's also responsible for the "Vulpix with the bad hair day" backsprite.



Marowak and Serperior from Gen 5, now what's wrong with them? Well, their front sprites are not bad, but using them in battle I noticed something that was bothering me.
marowak (1).gif

serperior (1).gif

Notice how Marowak suddenly became a lefty and Serperior's sprite is mirrored? It's more weird if you imagine their front sprites based on their back sprites.


Looks like a tiny hill.


Blastoise from Silver likes to do his daily push-ups during battles.


bulbasaur (1).png

Bulbasaur from RSE and DDPT looks like he's just having fun, until he suddenly trips and shows his still happy face before getting hit face first into the ground.


Yanmega, why...?




Thanks to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon I used to think that Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf had no limbs and that their two tails were actually "hanging arms" until I saw Azelf in White 2.


Speaking of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Magby's portrait used to freak me out as a kid for some reason. (I thought it was some sort of fire duck)


Colress's sprite isn't actually bad, I just put it here because the animation reminds me of a kid who gets caught doing homework in class and quickly tries to put it away.
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I feel like without the gigantic strand of blue hair colress' head or hair would look too generic and would be just be an almost normal looking scientist, although I also agree that they have to improve it, maybe shorten the blue hair not to cover a significant portion of Colress's face, like make it look cool but also fitting with his sprite would be nice. But removing it all together would just make him look bland imo, just tweak the blue hair a little bit and it should look much better.
I'm the one who also thinks that Red/Green Seaking sprite looks much more a sausage slice than a fish?

Who is that Pokémon?

It's a Red/Green Rhydon, yes, that was supposed to be a rhinoceros-like Pokémon...
Looking at Seaking in a weird way, yeah, definitely a sausage slice with a eyeball and a horn lol.

Ryhorn looks like a brown magcargo.

I was play Blue through VC on 3DS, and I was horrified at some of the pokemon backsprites.(Especially Pidgey's)
After playing Blue and Ultra Sun, I figured I should complain about more sprites.
pidgey (1).png

The poor thing looks like it's crying.


magikarp (1).png

magikarp (2).png

magikarp (3).png

magikarp (4).png

Sorry Magikarp, even though you evolve into a decent Pokemon with a mega evo, but when nearly everyone of your sprites and models reminds me of
this ---> :v4: you haven't won my heart.


To make it worst the protagonists in Gen 6 had feelings. Here's a example:

There were points in ORAS in the overworld where Brendan/May gets angry. I see no excuse when I see that :) on Sun's face, especially since everyone else got different face textures(excluding cutscenes where he shows emotion). The only problem in Sun/Moon that got carried over to Ultra Sun/Moon------>


An Entei? No, you're definitely looking at a wall with a face.


Looks like Blastoise has some competition.


Nate looks confident to win a Pokemon battle, Rosa....just stares at her opponent not knowing what to do. Don't worry Rosa, Nate has a far worse sprite.


That stupid stance makes Nate look like a servant serving something rather than a prince.


Remember that time you regretted evolving your starter Pokemon?

blastoise (1).png

"Go McSalad! Go red Meganium, Go Tiny Arms!"


Seems excited that she's going to screw you over with her Milktank.


"I have a crazy addiction to pokepuffs, I need more, more, MORE!"


No, it's not a Luvdisc, it's a ****ing hot dog. You know what they say, fish are food, not friends.


Is that one of those lava fireballs from Mario?

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