Gen 1 Wrap

Same with dragonite. The pressure is in the fact that it forces so many switches or lures in gar, which is a good offensive pivot for your team.
It's a 1-for-2 trade in turns, though. Dragonite comes in, uses Agility, Wraps half a dozen times and then switches out. Dragonite can be hit as it comes in as well as on the Agility turn, and you only get one free hit with your "offensive switch" as I switch to a counter.

Things which need setup to function have little defensive value because they can't switch in and out all the time. This is pretty basic.

Now, Dragonite can apply some pretty nasty pressure when it misses (or completes) a Wrap and threatens to OHKO its current opponent, because while switching into Wrap is painless, switching into Dragonite's other attacks hurts an awful lot. This is the main reason for Hyper Beam's use on Dragonite; it threatens a stupid amount of damage as a means to force those panic switches. If I switch a Chansey at 50% into Body Slam Dragonite and it misses Wrap, I'm going to stay in and try to Thunder Wave it (forcing a Wrap attempt), but if Dragonite has Hyper Beam, I'm taking a serious risk by staying in (and risking Hyper Beam) as well as by switching out to something that can absorb Hyper Beam (Rhydon/Golem risk 2HKO from Blizzard and OHKO from Surf, Egg takes ~40% from Blizzard).

There are two kinds of "dumb Dragonites" I see a lot of on PO - one is the Dragonite that ONLY Wraps and gets PP-stalled out and killed, and another is the kind that doesn't Wrap enough or predicts wrong and therefore gets Thunder Waved/Ice Beamed/Rock Slid to death. The Dragonites that are actually dangerous are the Dragonites which force mindgames a lot by missing (and unlocking it from Wrap) and threatening OHKOs and 2HKOs everywhere with Hyper Beam alongside SE Surf or SE Blizzard. Switching in something lame like your Victreebel does not maintain pressure - threatening KOs or free non-Wrap hits from Dragonite itself does.

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