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I decided to post here cause why not.

I think most people that I talk to knows that I write but I'd like make myself more known as a fellow writer.

What do you like to write?: I mostly write poetry. I don't really have a definite topic, I pretty much can write about anything but I mostly write about heartbreaks, depression and everything close to that. I have some about love and happiness but not as successful or enjoyable as my other topics. I also try to stay close to reality and not just sugar-coat everything in every line, I believe that the closer it is to reality, the better people will feel it and that's what I want. I want people to feel what's written and not just repost something cause it sounds smart and artsy.

Are you working on a current project?: Yes, I'm working on a poetry book that might be called Stargazing. This book will contain mostly a dreamy approach with a lot of poetry that talks about heartbreak, depression, but there will be some that branch out of this containing hope, love and other topics such as nature and etc. It doesn't only have poetry in verse, but it also has prose poetry.

What got you interested in writing?: I really don't know, I just used it as an escape. When I started writing I was literally drowning in depression and other stuff, I probably was around 15. It was okay and people like enjoyed it when I posted it on a different forum so I wrote more, and more, and more and people enjoyed them. I'm 18 now, soon 19, and my style have improved tremendously, people are still enjoying my poetry but they can feel it better. This is how a simple reality escape turned out being a passion, something I really do enjoy doing when I feel like it. Whenever I'm sad, I can spit a verse or two. Whenever I'm dreamy, I can do the same. Whenever I'm happy, I can throw some verse in the mix. It's whenever I feel like.

Are you branching out?: Recently, yes. I was so conservative before and did this just for fun or whatever was my motive before. But now, I'm trying to think about the future, I do want to become better, I do want to get my idea across, I do want to publish my writings. I posted parts of my writings on my instagram page as a start, and I plan on expending soon. If you want to check it out, here.

Do you have a method?: No, not really. I just write whatever I feel at the moment of writing.

Favorites: I pretty much can read everything depending on my mood, but I LOVE Victor Hugo poetry.

Misc: I live in Lebanon so it's hard to find try to make out a name for myself here, but I'm trying!! I've been also thinking of writing a story that I started when I was near 14. I don't know but I'll polish it when I have time and see what I can do with it. The idea is still neat but the writing style shall be fixed.

Poetry thread; https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/degs-writing-archive.3568409/ (Outdated, but I shall update it soon.)

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