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Hey my name is Jad/DEG and this is my writing archive :^)

I needed a place to dump my writing, specially poems and articles so I thought, why not here? I have checked the sub-forum and saw the lack of writing threads so I added mine. The megathread is kind of dead and from what I understood its for single writings and can't be used to update my writing everytime.

I began writing around 3 years ago, inspired by others around me so I started with short stories which turned out okay but I found a passion in writing poems. I started posting them on another forum and got positive feedback so I decided to continue and write more. I evolved and started writing long poems instead of short ones pouring all my feelings in them. In my free time, I usually find myself writing poems or articles. I think I'm going to try writing stories again this summer.

(In alphabetical order)
A New Meaning

I have always repugned love,
Wrote about how it breaks the heart,
And said how I’m really tired of falling apart,
Talked about heartaches, stitches and doves,
Talked about how much loneliness is a friend,
That will never leave you even in the end,
I never felt anything deep inside,
And all I remember is how much I cried,
To the point that I needed to stain the floor with my blood,
To remember that I was alive and could feel,
I walked through dark hallways searching for the light so I could kneel,
In front of some sort of savior that could save me from that flood.
Insanity was taking over as I couldn’t find a shred of hope,
The pain was taking control over my body, I soon began to crawl,
Should I give up? Should I still hold tight on that rope?
Maybe I could find someday a way to break these walls.
Between life and death I wandered through this maze,
Until my eyes stumbled upon a sort person,
I could see again through this haze,
She was stainless, who washed away her sins?
I became attracted to that sweet scent of hers,
Guiding me slowly to paradise,
Setting me free from all my vices,
After all these years…
She smiled and talked to me,
Oh, that smile! Transformed my nightmares to dreams,
My mind was dazzled by her face, all I could see was she.
Is it love? Or it’s just her face’s gleam?
I couldn’t tell until her soft hand touched my skin,
Where I could feel myself being washed from my sins,
Black tears on my cheeks I surrendered to her love,
She hugged me tightly squeezed my heart,
Making it pump again with all its force, feeling like a new start,
Did I find truelove?
Fresh and new, I held her hands tightly passed through the walls,
Told her about my struggles and how she saved my life,
How I was manipulated by vice just like dolls,
How I wrestled every night that knife,
She put her hands on my mouth and smiled,
Pressed her lips against mine and kissed the pain away.
And through the wind that seemed mild,
You colored the grey,
And reminded me of colors,
Oh how much I love you,
You’re a star that shines brighter than others,
Planted that seed of love and took care of it until it grew,
And even if I put a thousand words together describing my love,
It will never be enough to pour all my feelings through this poem,
I guess I need to thank this time the love doves,
You sewed the heart that was once broken,
And it is my turn to protect you my dear,
I will let you know that my soul keeps on craving your voice,
And I’m going to be clear,
This is my choice.
I swear that my heart will never stop following your footsteps,
I will always be by your side like your shadow,
I will always be standing on your doorstep,
I’d die for you, that’s easy to say, though
I really will be your shield,
I am ready to betray my own friends for that, the storms and the darkness.
Because you are the person that healed,
My wounds and showed it the brightness.
Oh how much I love you! You are my savior,
And taught me how to not be a failure.
I learned that to be free,
You need to create the light in the darkness,
And not wait on your knees,
For the brightness.
I have always repugned love,
But you changed my perception,
And ended my deception,
Oh how I need your love,
Because my dear, I love you.


They told me, I can find happiness in love,
They told me, it can grow wings,
The feeling of being free as a dove,
White feathers, winds and rings.
Little did they know,
The feeling of growing things,
Blood stains on the snow,
Oh my poor limbs.
To be set free,
Like a falling tree,
Pain must collapse with your body,
Turning you to nobody.
That’s what they never told me,
Love is a magical mutagen,
What will happen?
Maybe, it’s just a hallucinogen.
Cause if love really exists,
It doesn’t know how to feel,
All I see are my wrists,
Engraved by steel,
Words… That will never fade,
That pushed me into depression,
Happiness for failed love, It was a fair trade,
That left me with countless questions,
With answers in my heart,
Marked by heartaches,
And when they start,
They move by heartbeat,
While I cry myself to sleep,
Full of answers yet so empty.
Memories engraved deep,
Hide the story of pain.
I never wanted to fall in love,
Because falling doesn’t sound worth it,
Yet I was victim of the doves,
Trying to liberate my spirit.
They have left me now,
But I’m not alone, that’s a vow,
Loneliness keeps me company,
When I’m away of society.
With the sound of wind,
The wars inside my mind,
My own groans,
And the cracks in my bones,
It communicates to me,
And it never lies,
And what would I be,
Without the cries,
And the pain that cuts deep,
I’ll be lost like a black sheep,
In the other world they call heaven,
A world with no misfortune.
I’m not dead,
This hurt that cuts deeply
Reminds me that I’m alive.
I trust the sound of doors slamming,
The wind blowing softly,
And I keep on grabbing,
My loneliness strongly.
They told me, I can find happiness in love,
I told them, that’s not what loneliness taught me,
They told me, it can grow wings,
I told them it generates heartaches.

Heaven's Cry

Tiny little kid I was,
Naive was my nature,
Living was my cause,
Not knowing the creature,
That hid in the dark,
I got raised with lies,
My mind turned to a catastrophic park,
I was blinded, my poor eyes
Growing older, slowly starting to realize
That I was oppressed,
All these words only symbolize,
The lies telling me that I was blessed,
The truth that I saw,
Was even more horrible,
Than all these flaws,
It was impossible,
To bear the pain that rules,
Wars, hate, crimes,
All I see is fouls,
That show no signs,
Of a better world,
These creature that I thought,
Living only in the underworld,
Turned out to be real, who brought,
The enemies to our territory,
Maybe some type of chemistry,
There’s no probability,
Maybe some hostility,
The truth will breathe,
We have created the creatures,
That crawl beneath,
We need preachers,
To erase the demons that we have unleashed,
The ones that our dark side has released,
Hope is fading slowly,
It is being eaten by the unholy,
Despair reigning over us,
Nothing can save us,
We can only wait,
For the sky to fall,
And take as bait,
The evil wall,
My dreams broken,
I sit here watch the world dying,
While hearing the melody of the unspoken,
And the angels crying.


They left me between these walls,
Oppressed by the darkness surrounding,
Waiting for an angel falls,
Thought I could try some founding,
But it was impossible,
Suffocating in a world so hostile,
Between hell and heaven,
Trying to count to lucky seven.
They think giving me a stone,
Would ease the pain in my bones,
That’s what we all think,
Blood merging with ink,
Were blinded since were young,
Spiting no sense with our tongue.

People believe in dreaming,
The world that hides the screaming,
Yet I don’t believe in that other dimension,
It’s a useless invention,
I don’t dream,
Nor I hear screams,
I fade away with the darkness,
Who says it’s artless?
Between despair and hope,
Between the dark and the light,
I watch these two factions fight over the globe,
And I see darkness taking a bite,
Consuming little by little,
The innocent giggles.

On that stone, I sit,
Unable to sleep,
Should I quit?
Am I driving in despair to deep?
I pour in a glass some vodka,
To slip away from this insomnia.

Meaningless Actions

You think we’re not the same,
Cause we have different names,
But we’re all in the game,
I wonder who’s to blame.

I’m not a rock,
And you’re not a star,
Stop with the mock,
And think about who you are.

You go around and bring them down,
But do you know their feeling?
They are probably praying to drawn,
Trying, from these scars, healing.

Are you proud of yourself?
As he runs away and isolates himself,
In this world of pain that he made,
Don’t you think he’ll take that blade?

This was just a joke between you and your friends,
But hell between him and his misery,
He’s probably lost in your words of no sense,
Waiting for someone to save him from his anxiety.

All of that due to the words and actions that you spilled.
Turning you to a criminal, a soul that you have killed.
I’ll cover you with crimson roses as your time slowly pass,
To hide your poor body that had to bear that disfigured soul.

Your road ends here,
As the broken unite forces,
And try to make you disappear,
Your scream hides behind the galloping of the horses.
They run free.
As your world close on you,
Finding yourself crawling in the streets,
As your childish brain realizes that you grew,
Only by size, after all the threats,
You created, blinded by your own spirit,
You will be filled with regrets.

As soon as you realize your future isn’t vivid,
It will be too late to repair,
Your dark future,
After all these years,
You see that bullying didn’t build you a bright future.

Your Death

Dark clouds over my head are floating;
Will this dark storm ever end?
Everything is dark, and i'm choking
on despair, will light descend?

Sitting here, blaming myself,
was this really my fault?
You couldn't save yourself,
nor me, i couldn't stop this depression assault.

This world seems dead,
you took it with you;
the sky already bled,
that's not to you new.

Rose in my hand,
I lay beside you,
remembering while i demand,
your sand,
to not leave me.

My wish is impossible,
but they say everything is possible;
I'm not losing hope,
I'm holding on that rope,
called life;
But I can't wait to use that knife,
that will make my deepest wish,
shine in my heart and exist.

The city sleeps in this cold night,

Covered with white blanket,

Hugging it tight

Waiting for christmas, on this small planet.

Houses are shining in different color,

Under the sky that is sending snow angel,

This is christmas’s power,

Producing unique miracle.

Inside the colorful star,

A small happy family waiting in christmas eve,

That beautiful season that leaves scars in hearts,

When all the sadness leaves,

Replaced with happiness.

As the clock hit twelve in the morning,

Kids open the gifts forgetting the darkness.

And with no warning,

They get on their knees,

And pray silently,

While the Christmas gentle breeze,

Caress their little heart softly.

Not one of my best poem but here we go...

Everything starts from the beginning,

a new white page waiting to be filled,

happiness this year should be winning,

dreams trying to be fulfilled.

Page one we take our beer,

relaxing and watching the firework outside,

for an instant we forget our fear,

our sad feeling also goes and hide.

We turn to the second page,

where the start of our journey lays,

we break our old filthy cage,

leaving behind the haze,

walking the way we chose,

trying to complete our dreams,

leaving the past behind that froze,

that is now victim of a death scene.

(Most are co-written)

(Need to revamp my stories then post)
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Ok I have to say that I love how your poems' underlying flow portrays a disconnect on the surface, allowing the theme of the poems to really shine. The wording and rhyme scheme of each one is unique in its own way, despite the similarities of the theme. I absolutely love the feeling these poems give me like I am actually experiencing these. Thank you for sharing Dream Eater Gengar and I can't wait to see what else you have in store n_n
Well I'm no poet or writer but this seems like some good stuff, plus there's a severe lack of writing so it's good to see some popping up, welcome to the studio deg
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I found some time and wrote something suiting my themes like always.

Tainted by Sins.
I’m here to tell you the truth,
Not drown you in fake hopes,
I will be the voice of the youth,
Not sit silent and get tortured by your ropes,
I will be damned if I told you this world is pure,
And not infested with sinners and victims,
A world of despair, they told me to endure,
All the pain that tied me into a painful system,
Comes alive every now and then making me spit blood,
Give up? No! I remember he felt my pain; he paid for our sins,
But germs are hard to eliminate,
They grow and grow penetrate in our skins,
Is this humanity's fate?
To be stuck in this endless cycle of evil?
I refuse to believe we are numb to our enemies,
Can’t beat them so we join their side, upheaval!
Let my words light the dark streets and let’s find remedies.
Who started this curse?
Society did? But we are society!
Humanity dived too deep and used blank verses,
Nowadays teens, adults and even grandparents live in anxiety.
What’s the secret of such evil between us?
Is it because we try to find love in lust?
We are given a subject and we discuss,
But has anyone tried to create something from dust?
Girls posting half-naked pictures on instagram just to get hearts,
But little do they know the number of hearts doesn’t define beauty,
The real beauty is inside within your heart, love falls in pure arts,
And not in copy pasting, are you waiting for a mention to stop posting your booty?
From a bed to another, from a lie to another, from a crime to another,
Humans never ceases to show their wrath to themselves,
Even between two same entities that they call brothers,
War lies within; it controls us slowly and turns us against ourselves.
Humans hold pride in everything they have,
They talk and talk but yet their words are empty,
Their mouth opens and closes but never seems to calve,
Anything but lies, they can count to one hundred and twenty,
But always want more, tainted with envy.
This is the category of humans that are victim of the sin,
Be cautious they are contagious,
They replaced my pride with envy; they still separate the redskin,
I envy a better world, I don’t call myself a saint nor courageous,
But just a guy that doesn’t want to fall between the hands of evil,
I don’t want to be pierced by needles,
I don’t want them to creep in and torment,
Or take control of my body.
I admit, I am a sinner, they are like scarlet,
I want to be healed, turn them to white as snow,
Not going to be one of the heartless,
Resisting letting everyone know,
That my heart is bruised by the lies,
I’m a slave to the truth,
This is just the start to moralize,
Invent a world where we ruth,
And not be happy about other’s misfortunes,
To start a change you got to be the change,
Let off that golden tooth,
Build this new world and arrange,
Everything wrong, about me and you.

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I wrote something yay.

Life's Canvas.

Sit here beside me and let’s paint the canvas of life,
And trace the lines that separate us from death,
Listen to the sound of the knife on the wood and the fife,
Not to the screams and cries that torment us with their breaths.

Oh! Use every color to draw life!
Don’t leave the canvas lifeless
Even if it causes you pain more than a knife,
Don’t be the victim, be the witness.

And with your smile create a new life,
Don’t go by the flow you’re not an alewife,
Be the change that everybody craves.

Sit here beside me and let’s paint the canvas of life,
Forget the pain for a second and sleep to the sound of the fife,
The waves may crash on our canvas but that will not send us back to the graves.

e: exactly a month since my last post.
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Wow not a month later.


Your last words resonating in my ears,
Your scent stirring in my lungs,
The pain you left transformed into tears,
You killed me with your tongue,
Who would have thought these lips,
Could turn from the cure to the poison,
Remember the time we kissed under an eclipse?
Back then love was the reason,
Back then my soul was breathing,
Back then my life had a meaning,
What have I become?
To the poison you left, to death, I succumb.

See, there’s no more reason to stay awake,
But my body obliges me to stare at a blank wall,
I feel numb, surrendering against the snake,
That wraps my body while my soul starts to fall,
The curse is consuming it slowly,
The pain makes me scream and cry every night,
Manipulated by the unholy,
And when I have the urge to fight,
It’s just to get a glass,
Hoping for the time to pass,
A glass full of liquor,
And the time will pass quicker.
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Why did this poem turn so DARK, ''I'm sorry" lmao.

I'm Sorry.

Excuse me if this poem
Sounds personal but I hope
You can relate to you who are broken
Instead of just putting your neck between a rope

Your heart might be aching like mine
Your lungs might be collapsing like mine
Your mouth might be craving a cup of wine
Your hands giving signs can’t count past nine
Do you also hear these voices that haunt you?
These silent screams torturing your body
Do you know them? Have you gone through?
I’m nobody, I’m somebody
Please help me identify myself,
I’m crying, sobbing and screaming,
You that saved yourself,
Can you tell me what’s dreaming?

I’ll just stand on the top of that mountain,
Maybe the wind will be strong enough and push me,
I was never courageous enough to put my hand in the water fountain,
How will I be able to jump and set my soul and body free?

Allow me to spit blood and merge it with tears,
It’s going to look better with ink,
Going back through all these years,
I realize I only think and drink.

And I’m sorry if this poem is in disorder,
Just blame the voices, and thoughts that controls…
Listen, Listen, Listen! Order, Order, Order!
Ahh! The holes in my spirit are wider, control my soul
Let me write one more letter,
Maybe I’ll feel worse or better,
And I’m sorry for not being good enough,
And I’m sorry if I turn to snuff,
And I’m sorry if I use alcohol to kill the voices,
And I’m sorry for all the reckless choices,
And I’m sorry for everything I have ever done,
Said, or even thinking about a gun,
I’m the only one that say sorry around,
So don’t just scream “I’m sorry about your damn luck”
Or whisper “I’m sorry for what you’re going through”
I’m sorry for being offensive, hiding my wounds,
Walking down the street, will I be struck by a truck?
Luck is just a game I’ve lost, so let me say my final adieu
And the next time you sit by the rhine drinking wine,
Watch the flow closely you might see a dead fish,
And just remember the last words of mine,
Look up to the sky and listen to my last wish,

I’ve got my cross ready,
Take me to you already.

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I guess I'm finding more motivation to write.

A prey to time.
Tick Tock this is the sound of the clock,
That keeps on resonating in my ears,
Time sitting in the corner in a stance of stalk,
I have never felt safe for the past years,
I’m a prey to everything that exists,
Time, Love, Money, Anxiety,
They keep attacking me cutting my wrists,
And I can’t merge with society,
Because my demons they keep on tying me to the walls,
Consuming my motivation, my heart slowly,
Tick Tock this is the sound of the clock while I walk in these halls,
I wish I could shine in the future, or live in the past lonely,
But I’m stuck between these two worlds,
Opening cursed gifts, how can we call it the present?
Dying slowly, time is sending me now to the netherworld,
Maybe love can save me from this descent.
What am I even thinking…
Love? And from when does that exist nowadays?
It is the reason that our ship is sinking,
The reason that I’m in a malaise,
The reason my heart aches every night starring at that bottle of alcohol,
The reason my brain craves some liquor instead of sleep,
The reason I’m crying blood instead of water while I crawl,
The reason I’ve sunken down too deep.
But what if I had money?
Would I be able to find love?
No, no! I wouldn’t be able to call her honey,
Because money buys a one night session, not truelove.
It’s funny how money rule this world,
Without money, our species wouldn’t work,
They would tear each other’s limbs to create their own dreamworld
Without money, there would be no clerk,
We would visit to buy something from,
Without money, we would have to do everything without help,
But some people live in a world where they don’t have an income,
They wander the streets not knowing clerks while they yelp.
But we are all tied with strings being played by Anxiety,
It enjoys seeing us suffer,
It hates sobriety,
And it transforms people to alcoholics or snuffers…
My hands refuse to move,
We’re running out of time,
My words are a way to prove,
So are my rhymes.
Tick Tock this is the sound of the clock,
That ticks and creates chaos among humans,
I don’t run like them, I walk,
I open my arms and fall to your warmth,
Oh there’s no words that match your charm,
Dear Father, save my life before it turns to ruins.
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This is probably not my best poem but whatever.

Her night.

She came to me with tears in her eyes
And blood on her wrist,
I couldn’t stand hearing her cries,
While she told me she didn’t want to exist,
She used a thousand words just to explain,
That this life isn’t her journey,
She’s tired of her demons controlling her again and again,
They turn around and around giving her worries.
She invited me to a cup of liqueur,
Just one, help me drown away my demons she said,
And I did, I just wanted to help her,
But they never left her, she bled and bled,
She cried the whole night,
Telling me how she’s been feeling dead,
She no longer knew the color white,
It was splattered with red,
I had no word to express my feelings,
I took her between my arms,
And starred at the ceiling,
And we drowned in the alcohol charm,
Her demons were trying to rescue us,
She said, they haven’t finished the torture,
And without any fuss,
They infiltrated me and made a disorder,
My chest was empty,
But her sad expressions filled it every time,
They were the tempter,
And she was the victim of the crime,
I was just a witness,
Her arms, her tears, her lips, her cries,
And the atmosphere’s grimness,
All around me were present until the sunrise,
She whispered me it’s okay if I feel pain,
At least I feel alive,
So when you’re ready to cut that vein,
Take my arm also maybe I will know how it feels to be alive,
As I kept her arms between mine,
I cried and told her that’s now what it is to be alive,
Pain won’t help you not even a glass of wine,
Darling, don’t deprive,
Yourself from life.
And now I know that I was right,
Because back then at least you were alive.


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Pierced Love.

Between a thousand faces,
Your smile was the one that got engraved,
In my mind and left in my heart traces,
Oh, for so long I have craved,
Such beauty wandering in my head,
With a voice of an angel,
For so long I have pled,
For someone to come in my life and change
Me, but each time I picture myself beside you,
I get stabbed in the back by reality,
It echoes in my body and through
My heart, and wrap my body with anxiety,
My soul is caged and you are the only one,
That has the key so can you free me please?
And don’t forget to bring a gun,
So we can dance one the last time under the breeze,
Before I kill my thoughts,
Erase these words that I hang on to,
But I don’t expect you to untie these knots,
Because I was the one that let that hate grew,
The only one that broke my heart was myself,
Cause I had that fixation on lust,
And I had it proudly on a shelf,
I was the one that broke your trust
With my lies and words,I never touched your heart, but your body,
My love was nothing but a house of cards,
I just needed somebody,
To heal my wounds with a kiss,
But what I created was much worse,
And misery replaced the bliss,
I admit my act was perverse,
And my wounds turned to broken heart,
That can’t be sewed, no, not anymore,
And I only realized it when I lost your art,
And I only realized when I lost everything that I adore,
And that was every night, when your reflection
Contaminated my surroundings,
And when the lack of your affection,
Turned my silent nights to me howling,
And when your smile no longer healed me,
But infected my skin and pierced through my heart,
And when my world turned to a prison with no hole for a key,
And every breath feels like I’m being impaled by darts,
From that moment I realized that I couldn’t live without you,
I never showed you my soul, my words, the flowers,
You only saw my devil until that adieu,
And darling believe me when I say I was devoured
By my sins, and I was controlled by them,
Sorry if I didn’t have the strength to break free until now,
Without you my heart live in a slum,
And darling believe me when I vow
That you’re my everything,
So let me put you under my wing,
And with in a high tune sing,
While offering you a ring.
Every night I hear your dog barking,
And that’s how I knew you’re with another, flirting.
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I'm so tired and I'm feeling dead, tried to write something small to reflect how I've been feeling these past days, sorry I couldn't achieve a piece of poem as great as the ones before. :)

I love her, and I hate her.
I haven’t talked you for a long time,
But your image is in my mind like a portrait on a wall,
Like a face on a dime,
I try to forget you, useless, I’m stuck in a downfall,
I want to erase you but your name crawls in my skin,
Your beautiful smile haunts my heart,
Just like a beautiful sin,
You played it smart,
Caught me in your webs,
Gave me your love and affection for some days,
And left me hanging on a thread,
While you went far away and disappeared in the haze.
My love is a chamber full of your pictures,
And alcohol on the table,
Full of figures and strictures,
Torturing me and reminding me how I’m unable,

To experience something as amazing as love.


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This poem literally turned out being something I wasn't even thinking about, I had a couple of lines that I wanted to put in a poem but they didn't work here so I'll probably write something soon.

Ghosts and Voices.

I have these ghosts in my room,
And these voices in my head,
Laughing all night reminding me of my doom,
And that’s what drowns me in a sort of dread,
You see these voices are the reason,
That I feel happiness and sadness,
I want to tempt treason,
That I feel relaxedness and madness,
But at least they allow me to feel,
Because when they are gone
,Nothing can help me heal,
From emptiness transforming me into its pawn,
These voices that keeps me alive,
These ghosts that whispers in the night,
Are not just elements that you can invite,
They just attack like knights,
They aren’t quite the ally that you desire,
Nor the enemy you despise,
They burn you like fire,
They fill your mind with lies,
But they keep you alive and torture you,
They tell you their secrets and you join their world,
One more needle in the voodoo,
They said, and I curled,
In the corner, I couldn’t take the pain,
As I’m imprisoned in this grim atmosphere,
And the chains tearing my skin leaving blood stains,
And one more tear,
They said, and I cried.


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Something new I tried, hope you like :3
Through the window.
In the valley through the shadow of death,
A little house resided between the trees,
The surroundings were calm with no breath,
And the door was locked with lost keys,
A little house with cracked windows,
Allowing a peek to the inside,
Looks like a place destined for a widow,
Which the memory of her being the bride,
Still haunts her every night,
When she's sitting beside the curtains,
Drowning her thoughts, and write,
About her hurting,
Alone, but not lonely,
Her servant keeps her company,
She puts her hands on these portraits slowly,
Just to hide the pain that leads the symphony,
Her mistress screams silently to scare away her demons,
But she doesn't know that these creatures are attracted to agony,
She searches and searches for reasons,
But she never found any, she pushed away vanity,
And decided that she wanted to join the deceased,
So at night when her servant was asleep,
Under the mattress she had hidden a bottle of alcohol and pills,
Ink on a paper she wrote a letter and hid it under a leap,
Cut her veins, shared a last drink and had a thrill,
In the morning the servant found out the truth and now lived in,
Darkness she was alone but not lonely because in the
End you were here looking through the cracked window, she saw you and smiled.
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"I never meant to write words that would make people feel like crying, I just never wanted to write a single word where I was lying." - Hotel Books (I always thought I would be okay).

Hidden Truth.
Cut me open, take my heart away,
Let me spill blood all over that paper,
Make me go through another day,
Then call a draper,
Fill me up with emotions,
And I'll feel empty,
Because darling I'm lost in the ocean,
Not swimming but drowning between plenty
Of sharks, I don't really try to escape,
But open my arms and welcome my fate,
It smiles says Hi and at my funeral drape,
My whole body and use it as a bait
To society, because darling I'm not any kind of human,
I'm the person that they fear,
With my words the flowers will be blooming,
Because to society I am rotten dear,
Instead of partying and searching for fine girl,
I sit in my room rhyme a couple of words to open the minds,
They search one that fits their fetishes a busty girl, a catgirl, a cowgirl,
And they say that you can't see beauty if you follow the blinds,
That's why I walk on a different path,
I'm not going to be lost in a silicone world,
She goes around, tease him then bath
together in just a night, she has horns that are furled,
He goes around invite her for a drink,
Drink the whole night to fill his lust,
Which was the only link,
He fondles and he thrust,
Just for the night, he has horns that are furled.
This is why our society is moving backward,
One step to humans, and angels curled,
One leap to humanity, and more hazard,
Please do not fall prey to this mutated humanity,
Follow my voice you're better off beside a verbal assassin,
That will take you away from this insanity,
I just have to open my mouth and win,
Guided by the lights away from sins,
Gifted by God with a eyes that can see,
Granted the power to creep under skins,
In your heart and bones my words are free,
I won't let you be blinded anymore, please listen to me
Just for tonight, I have wings that are furled.
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Hi I absolutely loved (pun wasn't intended sry :P) your poem "A New Meaning". Loved it. I felt like I was experiencing it myself, and I could imagine you with this person you spoke of in your poem. I also looked at "Hidden Truth" when writing this and I am fascinated. Your emotion is great! And I am…fascinated. I thought I was "okay" at poetry but I realized, to have good art you must have emotion! And my pieces normally don't have much emotion. As for your misery, I cannot say much as I have been depressed and lots of times I am, like right now but usually I just end up feeling sorry for myself ;^; I don't really have a different worldview I guess, but I suppose i could try to be more observant about the things around me, and of myself. I think I am going to check out your other poems here in this thread, hope you have a nice afternoon!
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Small poem n_n
Can you find me in the darkness?
My ally, my enemy,
These voices are harmless,
They are just trying to give me therapy,
But every time I hear a sound,
My heart aches and tears start to fall,
These voices are the wounds,
They make you crawl,
They make you scream,
They make you feel alive,
Because sometimes pain is like a gleam,
It's better than feeling empty and allow me to strive,
To fight for a better day,
To escape these demons that keeps on talking,
But demons aren't real, they are humans knocking,
Disguised for a Halloween party on friday,
And I'm the party of this everlasting Halloween party,
They enter bring friends and talk all night,
Every night I try to build an army,
With words that will guide me to the light,
With a bottle of alcohol and blood stains,
That will drown away these voices,
Sorry that I can't fight back I'm held by these chains,
And I need to endure choices,
That I never made or thought of,
Because when I think of dying,
It's not driven by the power of love,
I have for this topic and I'm not lying,
I can't control my thoughts,
Depression controls my brain,
Moves my system just for some shots,
"It's just for fun" it says, "you won't think of the pain",
I laugh and fill that cup, after all I trust these voices.


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Out of everything I have ever wrote, this has to be one of my favorite poem, I poured so much passion in it and I'm happy to share with you this :)
She's the reason we die, and so is love.
Bright smile to accompany a new day,
Smell of roses laid on my desk,
Green leaves on the side way,
Advertisement on the street for something burlesque,
People outside doing their favorite activities,
A good day isn't it?
Did you really think I'm not going go with my tendencies?
Too bad because this poem isn't made of happy bits,
Because there are people inside crying and sobbing,
Drinking a bottle of alcohol to drown away memories,
Waiting for a sort of calling,
From their loved ones but instead got one from their miseries,
Others wrestling away a kitchen knife or a bottle of pills,
Because every person that seek suicide is a fighter,
Do you really think he take that decision with no thrills?
Do you really think that it's that easy to be the writer,
Of your own life narrating your journey through the darkness,
Telling your parents and friends that you loved them for one last time?
You call them selfish and heartless,
And what they are committing is a crime,
But do you know that this decision comes from the heart,
And they hold the burden of being criminals?
Different reasons each playing a part,
To the death of individuals.
She was his reason of life and his oxygen,
Pretty easy to say right?
From a medicine to a toxicant,
Her sweet kiss became a bite,
And not a kinky one,
The bite that tears through flesh and make you scream,
Exchanging blood to poison clinging in until its done,
Haunting you with nightmares and not dreams,
He decided to end his suffering,
Because when there's no oxygen you choke,
And now that she's gone there's no more way of recovering,
He lights up one last cigarette and smoke,
Before he dies with his neck on a rope.
Love isn't the only reason misery exist,
Depression is the worst case,
Have you ever found yourself in the midst,
Of voices filling up all the space,
Reminding you every time that you're worthless?
Have you ever felt mixed emotions crowned by emptiness,
Absurd, right? A moment wordless,
Can't breathe due to the heaviness,
Of your past mistakes and your future endeavors,
But can we really think of our future if all we do is in live in the past?
I remember what you said "I love you forever",
And by definition forever lasts,
So if you don't care about me in the present you won't later,
So I'll keep on digging in the past where these words meant something,
I'll live in the past where forever was real with you traitor,
But when Depression tells you she loves you forever and starts blushing,
You know it means something, she will never leave you alone,
She's really a sadist and you are supposed to be a masochist,
Sit beside her take a knife as she tells you "Let me hear that sweet groan",
Whispering in your ear, drawing images of misery, sweet sound of assonance,
She repeats her words "I love you honey, talk dirty to me",
You plant that knife in your skin and let out a scream,
You hit your head continuously on a wall and now you're on your knees,
Who knew such love can be rough yet a gleam,
Because she keeps me alive and cherish me deeply,
Unlike other entities,
She kisses me on my cheeks stroke my hair and call me sweetie,
She protects me from my enemies,
Depression loves me more than everyone ever did,
We've been in a relationship for years, never doubted her,
I would never have imagined I'd end up like this when I was a kid,
I thought I'd take a blonde or a brunette and give her a "fleur",
Because french is the language of love and I do speak that fluently,
Will she have blue eyes or black eyes? Is the question that crossed my mind back then,
But now "Will she let me live or will I die hopelessly?" Oh she toy with me brutally,
Close your eyes I'll guide your path, I say amen,
If depression ever falls in love with you be sure she will never quit you,
Get up close the door on her face and run away maybe you'll escape,
Break up with her, forget about her is all you can do,
I promise you without her you'll be in your best shape,
That's what I did, That's what I tried to do,
But everynight when I'm in my room I take out and watch the tape,
Of our journey, because the truth is, Depression, I love you too.
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This was hard to write omg, but I really like the outcome.

Lost in your love.

Sweet sound enveloping my body,
Smile so bright save me from the darkness,
Little star in my possession, don't be naughty,
Don't try to return home cause without you I'm artless,
Wrap your arms around me and let's dance,
Soft skin touching mine,
Can you give me a chance?
Look in my eyes let me see my heart shine,
In yours, like yours shines in mine,
I can't stop starring in your eyes,
Got me hooked without a bottle of wine,
Open your mouth and say no lies,
Kiss me softly, feeling your heartbeat,
While the moon protects us in this effortless moment,
Promise me you won't cheat,
And leave me here broken,
Because I'm not testing your feelings,
I live by them, they control my life,
I'd sacrifice my soul to grant you healing,
My love isn't a teenage dream, I want to make you my wife,
My arms will be open every time you need a hug,
Life will hurt you but I'm ready to take the beating,
I won't let anything touch your soft skin, not even a bug,
And I won't give up even with all these bleeding
Wounds, because without you I am dead,
Still breathing but empty from the inside,
Hurtful stitches with you I forget that I bled,
I once died,
Protecting someone that I loved,
Not because I was weak,
But because in the end I was unloved,
I also need a break,
You know, from this everlasting sadness,
And the moment you speak all these clouds disappear,
Substituting my darkness with gladness,
Even when I'm taking these arrows for you, I cheer,
Because you will be present to heal my wounds,
Just with a smile, a kiss or some words,
Break the screams with your sound,
I need tenderness as a guard,
And whenever you hug me I look up to the sky,
Little star in my possession don't let me cry,
Alone, because you're my everything.


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aaaaa I like the outcome of this poem

Imperfection tainted with perfection,
Wanderer that knows his way home,
Follows his own directions,
As he looks and roams,
For his source of life,
Absorb the light,
Going in the danger with no knife,
Searching for the hand that write,
The book that gives him hope,
Plans for the future,
A bit of light that could help him cope,
Look for the tutor,
That guides the world with love,
Cross on his back he wanders,
Blood tainting its body for truelove,
As he walks and wonders,
Where could he be washed,
Oh wanderer guided by his Father,
You're not lost yet surviving at any cost,
With no worry because in the end you're returning to your Father.


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Living the busy life yo'

Throne of roses.

This is the book of my life,
Full of lines and rhymes,
Full of bullets and knives,
Full of witnesses and crimes,
I’m just a young boy,
That has been broken, beaten and bruised,
And seen misery over joy,
Sitting with a pen and a paper confused,
Of which misadventure will I talk about,
Will it be a heartbreak, or a chapter on a broken road,
Why not just pour my heart and soul out,
And show you an episode
Of such life, because I’m not alone,
There’s a lot out there that reads my poems
And relate, I’m sharing my throne,
Because the throne doesn’t make me a poet,
It’s the tears that are shed,
The blood that runs between my words,
The feeling of coming back from the dead,
When they finally quit the ward
Of their mind, trapped yet free,
These people label me as their voices,
I do it for them instead of drowning in a sea,
Of Alcohol, they are voiceless,
That’s why I write,
Because when I speak about myself,
Is for you to find the light,
Follow the road and discover yourself.

Whether when I write about my heartbreaks
Or anything else, she’s the fuel to my motor,
And when I’m full of heartaches,
I become less and less sober,
Because I drink to forget you,
While you drink to have fun,
Enjoying yourself at parties calling him your “Boo”,
While I’m sitting here with a gun
Beside a bottle of whiskey,
Questioning myself which trigger will I pull next,
Do you ever miss me?
Never drunk enough to forget to text
You, if heartbreaks really should teach you lessons
Guess I’m not learning them,
I sometimes decide to write down my blessings,
But in the end all I get is an empty paper and a sad hum,
If I were forced to write poems about happiness,
I’d just use words to express my feelings to loneliness,
Because she keeps me company every night,
When everything is quiet,
She whispers me soft words,
But the best guards
She left, were,
“Darling the only heart that is going
To beat for you is yours.”
And that’s what protects me every night,
While I’m asleep.


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This is what I submitted for the Writing room contest, I'll post it here just in time for Halloween.

Portal to my nightmares.
At nights I venture my deepest nightmares,
Because my mother always told me to face fear,
I get lost in the back of my mind holding my tears,
I get lost in the mist, no clue what will appear,
But I keep walking to meet my own nightmares,
My own demons that keep whispering unknown words,
Between the letters pain and despair,
Woods that smile and laugh with no birds,
Vibrating down my spine making me shiver,
Some nights I want to stop walking,
And break free from this quiver,
But my curiosity kept on knocking,
What will I find when I go through these woods?
And that’s what I decided to do that one night,
I turned the lights off and stood,
Right beside my bed ready to fight,
I slipped in, and let my soul fade in the darkness,
The voices got stronger and I found myself once again
Between the laughing trees, how do I start this?
All these demons trying to infiltrate my brain,
Not allowing me to continue further,
Taking me trip after trip between the trees,
Blinding me from the angel’s feathers,
Which mother always told me would be the keys,
To pass through that endless despair,
To live inside my nightmare I must turn it to reality,
And it felt like that one day where,
People dress up scares people and flee,
But the problem is these are not humans,
These are my own demons,
Poisoning every thought and image,
A sort of silent screaming,
Obliging me to diminish,
What I stand for and what I’m searching,
As the whispers turned me slowly into one of them,
And all my body started aching,
I gave up to the hum,
And felt on my knees,
I never got to this point before,
I wanted to know if there’s a way behind these trees,
I slowly lost consciousness and I laid on the floor.
Darkness ruled around, I thought I had rejoined my world,
What I got was a mere treason from myself,
My imagination was the only one furled,
Trying to make my nightmare and I oneself
I could still hear the laughs faintly,
But I was present in front of some mansion,
That had nothing saintly,
All it did was sing my nightmares anthem,
Dark coated gate squeaking with every step I took,
Protecting the surroundings like a sort of treasure,
But its majesty was tainted by a broken hook,
And as I stepped inside a change came to the weather,
Two broken worlds colliding,
Opened the starless sky,
Two broken worlds with every creature hiding,
This nightmare was not my ally,
It tried to erase me from existence,
A forbidden area a place for the Gods,
Creating more and more distances,
Between reality and fraud,
I realized that there was no turn back,
As the broken gate turned into a prison cell,
On the other side a girl with hair dyed black,
Smiling while casting a spell,
As she disappeared slowly behind the mist,
I had faced a branch of my imagination,
Which will now coexist,
And will keep on exercising temptation,
Until I succumb to these voices,
Wind efrauling my shoulder,
As a sort of spirit cursing my choices,
As I had to face this landholder,
Rotten roses on the pavillon embracing the moon’s light
As I, which was the only source of luminosity,
Allowing me to catch sight,
At all of this monstrosity,
Laid between the roses a sort of skeleton,
Which dared venturing in the devil’s paws,
A sort of a live specimen,
Of what could be my future cause,
A group of bones on the doormat seemed worse than,
Some spooky sceptical skeletons sightings,
That terrified people in my world with their clan,
I hope they can see one day why I was frighten,
Alone between huge trees smiling and encircling a mansion,
Furnished by a thousand of rotten flowers,
Cursed by a sort of sanction,
While here I stood in front of that door for hours,
Until I had the courage to put my hand on the knob,
And open this cracked wooden door,
With my eyes closed and a throb,
In my heart and my whole core,
The voices in my head got louder and stronger,
My eyes saw the lights once again,
As darkness tainted no longer,
And I was protected from the rain,
Candles on an antique wooden table,
Beside a rocking chair that started to move alone,
My mind was going insane and unstable,
Until this point I always thought the unknown was the clone
Of fear, but after meeting my nightmare my mind went insane,
What was scarier, seeing in the murkiness or feeling the shadows,
That question became harder to answer after going through this pain,
As I looked around on all these glows,
Ruling over my being with all that strain,
I could see the separated stairs that lead to the top floor,
A mysterious place filled with everything I feared,
The flames started to flicker engaging a war,
Against the shadiness that appeared,
To reign over the atmosphere,
A grim figure stood on the stairs,
With a doll between its hands,
Waving its hairs,
I felt like I was in its land,
Its laugh echoing through the voices,
As it threw the doll at me and faded away,
I took it in my hand and saw a sort of joyous,
Face that told me to follow the way,
The doll had a carved smile,
And tinctured by blood on its back,
Its skin had a strange tactile
Sensation from its head to its back,
I slowly realized it was made out of human flesh,
Maybe it was the skeleton’s outside,
It looked like it was just fresh,
My heart pulsated fast I felt like I died,
Maybe have I in this world?
I stepped slowly on the first stair,
Maybe it would open and swallow me to the underworld,
I took a long stare,
And I couldn’t distinguish anything in front,
It was too dark for my pure soul to see,
And I was forced to face this stunt,
I arrived to the spot where the creature flee,
A long hallway was brightened with candles,
Portraits on the wall watching every single step,
Looked like some sort of pictures taken from different angles,
For a halloween photography project,
Black and White pictures of a family wearing vultures masks,
Two clowns looking at each other without their rainbow wigs,
Some sort of puppet clearing a farming task,
Two old masks dancing in a jig,
At the end of the hallway the same old scene,
But the portrait was hanged alone,
I was right when i thought kids scared more than teens,
It wasn’t some sort of ordinary mask or a clown,
A kid dressed in a white robe staring at you,
Through a skeleton mask with horns,
It was sitting on a sofa with no crew,
Beside it a doll that was torn,
I heard the same laugh behind me,
I turned around, nothing.
Closed my eyes, I was beside a sea,
The waves were strong, they were crushing,
The voices were now closer than ever,
I wondered when my brain would explode for them to be set free,
A small boat was present by the sea however,
The same kid was sitting on its knee,
But this time the creature was silent,
I took a step closer and the doll started to bleed,
A soft voice of a woman crying,
Played around me, a sort of plead,
The doll turned slowly to blood,
A dark red engulfed my hand,
It was not a mere drop but a flood,
Like the propriety of a human body banned,
From the heavens for all of its sins,
The cries and the voices clashed,
And cut deeper in my skins,
As I felt my whole body being slashed,
The creature turned its head,
Its face resembled the doll’s,
The hum of the dead,
Chanted while the kid crawled,
At me, its carved smile dripping blood,
Approaching slowly writing my fate,
With its claws that started to bud,
I was just a bait,
To a useless trap,
As the creature jumped on me I closed my eyes,
I felt a burning stab,
In my stomach then I heard the cries,
Of my own body, As I felt down hopeless,
All I had left was my agony,
I closed my eyes and thought of this toneless,
World that kept on taking away my sanity,
I closed my eyes and wished goodbye to everything,
I smiled and was glad to quit this nightmare.
Woke up in the middle of a room with not a single thing,
But something fell from the air,
It was the portrait of that kid but the doll was no longer present,
My hand was still covered with blood and my stomach wounded,
But this time the voices completely went ,
I laid my back on the wall astounded,
Lost in the middle of nowhere,
I closed my eyes and let my thoughts guide,
Stood up and walked unaware,
Of where my own voice will decide
To take me, I continued walking until I hit a sort of glass,
It was a window that had the same scenery as always,
Some trees and roses tarnished by the grim grass,
An everlasting state of haze,
I put my hand on the glass and printed a bloody shape,
Looked behind me and saw a skeleton holding the doll,
Approached to the group of bones, there was no escape,
Even the portrait was now on the wall,
As I touched the doll a glimpse of my past took control,
A scene where I stood under the rain contemplating a case of murder,
It was not just a random soul,
Not some kind of car accident taking a worker,
I was the victim that was lying under a tree,
You see nightmares only comes when you create them,
Every ghost is a spirit that is waiting to be set free,
And not every wanderer goes on a happy hum,
You see my mother always told me I have changed,
I was always lost in this chaos,
Ruled by some sort of feeling that I was estranged,
Needed a sort of psychological seance,
But in reality I just needed to face my own nightmares ,
I opened my eyes and woke up on my bed,
The same shelves, technology and chair,
I felt like I finally broke through the dead,
I sat on the sheets and looked behind my head,
And froze in fear, the same portrait of the kid,
I checked my hand it was clean and I slid,
My hand under my shirt to find no wound,
Someone knocked on the door and opened it slowly,
I thought that I had drowned,
Into my nightmare and the unholy,
Forever. I could see long black hair while peaking,
But a familiar voice talked while opening the door,
It was my mother, she was seeking,
Me “Do you like it? This is yours”.
She pointed the portrait while her other hand was behind her back,
I trembled. “Maybe you will change like you wanted.” she continued,
She also threw at me a pack,
“Open it, this is what your great grandfather left you as a tribute.”
With my hands shaking I unwrapped the gift and got what I didn’t want somehow
And from this moment I knew my nightmares and I became one now.


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okokok 2019 is MY year, changing lot about life. AND I'm gonna start writing again! I guess I could take requests about a topic? No promises I'll get it done though ;P


Have you ever seen someone perfect?
Someone that you just picked,
And cannot get enough,
Tough or just full of fluff,
Their laugh, or just their smile,
Talked today or for a while,
Some imbalance in your mind,
And you’re lost in the wind,
As the storm kicks in,
And your world spins,
Not the kind of destructive storm,
The ones that has an artistic form,
Break in and change my life,
Listen to the sound of the fife,
Once again, my relic sound,
Lose everything that we found,
Your laugh is a symphony,
That I recall vividly,
A symphony that we play during cold,
A symphony to remember when we get old,
Perfect smile, perfect eyes,
Do you also have perfect lies?
Or do you just come pure,
A sort of cure,
Cure me from my ache,
Cure me after this bite from the snake,
Cure me from these illusions,
And lead me the way to conclusions,
The face has become the mask,
Uh, my I ask?
How are you still perfect,
How did I become such an addict,
How did you evade from the sins,
Hey, how you’ve been?
So many questions even the lamest,
Still I remember you say I’m the greatest,
Let’s skip the next few lines,
Won’t include for you more lines,
You see we all have that perfect,
A person that to them we connect,
A friend, a lover, an idol, a family member,
Who burns inside like a chimney in December,
I was taught and agree,
That only us have the key,
To what we call conception,
And that perfect is perception,
That’s why I see you as perfection,
While you cite me all your flaws,
It doesn’t matter how many flaw,
You have my heart will always follow,
My perfect person that feel hollow.


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I'm still broken, but stronger.

Nothing feels the same anymore,
There’s always this greed,
We always need more,
Even if in the end we bleed,
I don’t know why but,
Pain is addictive,
We feel nothing cut after cut,
Wound after wound, still not restrictive
And behind that cut, love flows,
And behind that, the brain knows,
But he keeps on following the heart,
Looking at a half cracked glass,
A paper full of words, an art,
Another obstacle I cannot pass,
What is enough, how to explain,
Where should I put the blame,
I fix my eyes on this cracked mirror,
I’ve never seen it as clearer,
I’ve never seen my heart bleeding,
Until now, a hole in my chest,
My eyes started reading,
I did my best,
Not to stutter but I couldn’t believe,
My words started to leave,
Half-done, I had no control,
I cannot colour my soul,
Every damn time I look,
I feel shook,
Sadness takes over,
Like what have I become,
In a constant hangover,
Feeling more and more numb,
Insecurities taking over,
I’m far from perfect,
To these thoughts I’m an addict,
Anxiety holds my heart gently,
It starts to beat intensely,
As she kisses it sending the flow,
To my mind,
This is where I feel low,
Fear has turned me blind,
Drunk on overthinking,
Creating different scenes,
Scenes full of tragedies,
Perfect for screens,
Sadly, this is reality,
She holds my heart,
Tell me to not worry,
We’re making art,
Lines turning blurry,
A cry for help, this is not me,
Leave me alone let me be,
Punch this mirror break the glass,
Anxiety cannot control me,
Thoughts as fragile as this,
This isn’t a curse, this is a bliss,
A bliss opening my eyes to reality,
Leave me alone, I know that I’m flawed,
I know that I made mistakes,
I know that I fell taking this road,
I know that every once I break,
But I’m working on myself,
Anxiety, don’t tattoo my failures on my heart,
I’m fighting for you, I’m fighting for me,
Your crystal world, I’m leaving that,
I’m standing up, full of scars,
I’m standing up, full of fire,
Raise my heads look at the stars,
Tell them to not look and admire,
My shattered heart beating,
My chaotic mind thinking,
My whole system still sober,
This will never be the end,
One day, I will mend,
But until then, I’ll wear my wounds proudly,
And keep on fighting my own voices.

Kaiju Bunny

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I did not know you did writing :o I love these dude, especially your latest piece. There's a lot of emotion there, and that's brilliant. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more :blobnom:

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