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I got X the day it game out and just recently picked up Y. So far I have just defeated the bug gym and I have a lv.16 Chespin (Acorn) and a lv.11 Pikachu (Vapiras). The problem I thought I did in X was use way to many mainstream pokemon. In Y I want to use overlooked pokemon and make a team of them. However I find myself on the road to using mainstream pokemon, so should I dump Chespin and Pikachu or keep them on my team? Iv'e already got them so level'd up and both are fully EV trained but I don't know. Tell me what you think..


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Just took a small break after some battles in the Battle Chateau! Also finally got the rank of Grand Duchess about a a day or two ago, which was pleasing, especially when I forgot all about the Chateau ranks, anyways...

I was grinding my Terrakion, more or less because I was bored, but I'm planning on participating in some Battle Maison matches soon. I hope to, one day, at least get a 100-win streak there with Azelf/Terrakion/some other 'mon that I haven't thought of yet. Probably Mega-Scizor, but I'm not 100% sure because MegaSciz, for me, is kind of a coin-flip depending on who it's facing. ~_~
I don't know how to ask ....

Is it possible in X&Y to "sort" all your box ? Because I've so many boxes and I would like to sort my box by #number of the pokemon in the pokesx

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