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The wait is finally over! Some of you already have the games in your hands; others will pick copies up in the next few days. As such, speculation time is over. This thread is for discussing your opinions about Pokémon X and Pokémon Y as you play through the games. This thread is not for discussing leaks.
If you do not have first-hand experience with the games, do not post in this thread.

Here are a few sample guiding questions to consider as you play through the game:
What surprised you as you played through the game?
What disappointed you as you played through the game?
How could they have improved the game to remove this disappointment?
What parts of the game do you enjoy?
Which Pokémon did you really enjoy using?
Which Pokémon ended up being a lot worse than you thought they would be?
Which gyms did you find the most challenging?

These are just a few questions—you can discuss anything as long as your discussion is informed by actual experience with the game.

Here's to a new generation of fun and adventure with Pokémon!
Impressive number of species immediately from the first route. I thought I was done having seen three species but remained to grind my Scatterbug a few levels ("Wallada", from the Umayyad/Arabo-Andalusian poet, XIth century), and found many more. I want to find out what pattern my Vivillon will be.

The first two zones provide you with 11 different evolutionary lines.

EDIT: What a disappointment! My Vivillon's only the regular one ("Meadow" form). As sad to say as it is, in that case I don't really want to keep it on my team.
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The PSS was kind of a shock to me, its fast and easy to acess. But now I miss the "building" that link the application with the pokemon world, like how would be a GTS instalation base, Pokemon Amie in the Fan Club or The Super Training working in a gym.
The PSS is just amazing, really, the first time I used it I couldn't believe it, for the first time in a pokemon game you can ask a stranger to trade, battle etc. Also like Forfruit said the number of species is just awesome, oh yeah and I almost forgot Pokemon Amie and Pokemon Super Training are very addictive and with the other functions from the PSS I lost many hours on the touch screen hehe.


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Got both games at my local games store at 8am this morning & started playing Y. I got a Hardy Chespin, & I am currently having a blast, having fun with the guys on #orangeislands on IRC. Turns out my state of Australia gets the Garden Pattern Vivillon after a lot of grinding... -.-'

Beaten the First Gym Trainers, but not the Leader yet, man those trainers were tough... 4 confusion hits in a row from the first guy's Ledyba, the second guy's Spewpa took forever to take out, & the third trainer was tough. Kakuna kept poisoning my Spewpa with Poison Sting (only for Shed Skin to activate the same turn), & Combee took Spewpa out, leaving me to take it out with Chespin! About to stop playing for the first time in three hours, & I currently have in my party:

Chespin: Lv. 11
Vivillon: Lv. 12
Bunnelby: Lv. 7
Azurill: Lv. 5

Enjoying the games so far, nothing too surprising for me so far. I hope the rest of you have fun with the games when the game gets released around your area, because I certainly am! ^_^

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Got my game ~5 hours ago. Route 1 is more beautiful than anything made in previous generations.

My Vivillion has the High Plains pattern, which frankly doesn't make sense to me because Rio de Janeiro isn't the most ~plain~ place I've heard of, but whatever

I caught a lv3 Pikachu with fucking Light Ball, it had better stats in battle than my lv8 Fennekin. Ridiculous.

Trainer music is amazing; I've heard anything other than it and the wild pokémon theme is sub-par, though.

Ralts <3

Flabebé seems to be really good; mine was Modest, somewhat vain, with 14 SAtk / 16 SDef / 11 Speed. I ain't even mad.

Does Viola having a Surskit mean Masquerain will get a MegaEvo???? Please GF

cant say

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Quacklin' for MVP. He cleaned out the first gym after my Fennekin got haxed to death by confusion from the first trainer's Ledyba. He's continuing to steamroll the early game
haha finished main story in 13:22..yeah someone can guess, that i dont like playing the storyline and really just play it for competetive reasons haha

still dont know what to think about the game..it reminds me very bad on colosseum/XD ..same Camera Angles, similar character modeling, hell even some texts and locations are somehow ripped off.. xD but still no Mirror B in the Games :(

aaand..the most annoying thing happenend in the desert where also the power station was..yeah i found the station pass very fast but that stupid Team Flare guy just stood right before the direction was so i couldnt get in and i tried the other doors which of couirse didnt work..i got a little panic with all these chasing dugtrios and trapinches AND SANDSTORM but then i found the issue: i had to move out from zhe area and go back and tadaa the guy did stand different..so annoying for a game rusher like me -___-
I think it's pretty cool how they made an Pokemon that no one was going to really use an interest point in it having different regional forms. That also helps in introducing PSS on a more global scale.


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Jesus christ, this menu ui is too good. Such a step up from the old game.

Also, who's idea was it to give Chespin rollout? because whoever it was needs to be praised because Quilladin and Chespin have been unstoppable with it.


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I think it's pretty cool how they made an Pokemon that no one was going to really use an interest point in it having different regional forms. That also helps in introducing PSS on a more global scale.
I'd have used it! :'(

I like the Fireworks, tbh. That was a pretty thing to add. :3 Most of all though I loooove the animations in battle. Braixen especially is cool as fuck, and the graphics are just fucking awesome.

For disappointments, idk the music doesn't excite me like Unova did, and I think there should be more new Pokemon, aaand... yea that's about all. The rollerskates are hard to run with but otherwise are cool sometimes!! Cool game graphics-wise :)

Also I've gotten lucky with natures, like starting with a Modest Fennekin!
To anyone wondering about getting the IVs/Nature/Gender you want on your starter, you'll have to go through a lot of dialogue and pick a stupid nickname for yourself (aaannnd receive the Pokedex afterwards) before grabbing the Pokemon. Extra time if you want to input your own name. No quick resetting here. Just be sure to save before you walk of the main path to the right, towards the group of kids. Otherwise you're locked in.
I love the game so far :).

I beat the 2nd gym so far, it took a longer time than I thought, there's already lot to do ! My team is Braixen, Floette, Amaura, Honedge and Vivillion as a temporary member. I'm planning to get Clauncher and Hawlucha to complete my team.

Braixen has an awesome animation when it uses ember : it gets its wand out of its tail, throw some flames, then turn the wand with its hand before putting back in its tail, that's amazing !

The gym leaders are stronger than I thought. I thought Viola would have been a piece of cake thanks to Fennekin but Surskit caused a bit of trouble. I lost to Grant because of hax and surprisingly good movesets (T-wave on Amaura ?) and bite from Tyrunt demolished my Honedge :(. 2nd time went fine though because I was more prepared.

Talking about Honedge, I love this thing ! Not only it looks awesome but with swords dance, a great defensive typing and high attack stats, it wrecks shit :P.
this game is incredible. Dunno how IGN gave it 9 tbh its far more superior than B2W2. Rollout on Chespin was a god send. Taught it hone claws as well to never miss (Y)
wonder trade has also been pretty sweet. Put crap pansear up for trade and got a japanese pikachu in return almost instantaneously :3! So fun
This game is beautiful. Everything about it is just gorgeous. It makes me happy.

But...7:1 gender ratio for starters my ass. I'm getting sick of my own nickname over here.

Edit: Try 16 got a female...with -spa nature. Well back to the drawing board.
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Who else got a headache exploring the entire city of Lumiose?

Lumiose = Illumis in French. (Illumise = Lumivole)
Strange that they picked a name so close.

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