Official XY OU Suspect Process, Round 3, Voting

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Baton Pass: Option #3

I did not see a good reason to keep BP in OU being posted yet. And I can think of a zillion reasons why this playstyle is shit so I went for the most restrictive option... !


Banned deucer.
Voting phase is over. We're still missing a few votes, but they would not make any difference. Here are the results of the vote:

Option #1: 8
Option #2: 40
Option #3: 17

Options #2 and #3 together achieved a supermajority of 87.6%. For these reasons, option #1 is ruled out and option #2 (Forbid the use of the move Baton Pass on more than 3 Pokémon on the same team) wins.

The complex ban will be implemented on our official simulator as soon as possible.
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