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Your nicks : Where are they from ?

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I'm a writer and a Roleplayer, and Vance was the name of one of my earliest RP characters. Because of events I don't remember, it morphed to Vansalon, which became my usual alias. My three primary PS! names (Seraph's Fire, Incandescent Star, and Falling Angel) come from the fact that I'm named after a Biblical Archangel (and Incandescent Star coming from an interest in astronomy that no longer exists).


I was watching an episode of pokemon called "True Blue Swablu" or something, swablu is my favorite pokemon, and also I wanted to use a really bad pun, so, *bam*: TruSwagblu happened.
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Earthbound Zero. Also known as Mother. It's a game known as the predecessor to the game which featured Ness in Super Smash Bros.
Resulted from an extremely odd and ill-conceived idea. I mainly use SwedishBiscuit since my real nickname is on too many forums.
So I was trying to make this epic space name so I took luna and it somehow became lunistrius and I don't really understand why :'|
back in 2009 my most successful maple character was KingSnail2 so I wound up using it for a bunch of stuff until recently when I looked at it and cringed so I got it abbreviated
My name is technically "internet slang" but is a real name, Opple means "To speak or to mingle". I found it interesting, my original thought for the name was Apple and Orange. xDD


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I might as well post in here again since I changed my username. The name Trickster doesn't have as distinct an origin as my previous names did, but it's partially because I think Loki is cool, partially a reference to the trickster cats from Shinsekai Yori, and partially because I love Whimsicott.
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