Your Pre-Competitive "Strategy"

When I first started pokemon with Emerald I'd just take my 6 favorite pokemon I could find and slap 4 decently powered attacking moves onto them, level grind them for hours upon hours, then blaze through the game.
For me it was basically four attacks all the way.
I knew nothing about status and stat boosts.
I also did not know about priority so I always deleted Quick Attack from my pokes ASAP.
My first Lvl 100 was Joltean in RBY. I grinded against E4 many many times...

8-BIT Luster

Completely Unviable
Four attacks. I just found Pokemon I thought looked cool.
I knew nothing about viability, explaining why Mightyena was my "ace".
I'd also just slap some strong moves on Groudon and plow through the E4.


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I was about to bump this thread but I guess someone else already did :P

Got a blast from the past last night when I was in Super Training and happened to bring up my Venusaur (EV trained in Diamond, transferred to White 2, and then to Y) that I EV trained back in 2012 before I really knew how to make an efficient EV spread on a Pokemon. Apparently, I just gave him 100 EVs in every stat except for attack.

(I need some reset bags)
I was about to bump this thread but I guess someone else already did :P

Got a blast from the past last night when I was in Super Training and happened to bring up my Venusaur (EV trained in Diamond, transferred to White 2, and then to Y) that I EV trained back in 2012 before I really knew how to make an efficient EV spread on a Pokemon. Apparently, I just gave him 100 EVs in every stat except for attack.

(I need some reset bags)
I pretty much did the same thing in RSE to the Pokemon I trained for the frontier. You likely just force-fed it 10 of each vitamin like I did. :pirate:
In Platinum, my "Strategy" was to train my starter to insane levels (Torterra) then crush all my enemies :pimp:. I also decided that Starly was a fucking beast for finishing off a Skunktank with Quick Attack. By the time I got to the ice gym, I had like 4 level twenties and two level sixties. Needless to say, my Torterra and Starraptor werent faring too well vs the ice gym. After victory road it was - Catch a gabite then get a Garchomp. GG e4 :toast:
The worst thing that I remember doing was teaching my Aggron Fire Blast/Surf/etc in Sapphire just because it could use them. I didn't even know that its special attack stat was abysmal. I also didn't believe in using boosting moves at all.
Oh, this thread is amazing. I have to say.
Anyway, I basically knew nothing about Physical or Special moves and how they corresponded to stats...or natures, or status moves, or basically anything vital to competitive play. The first time I played FireRed was hilarious looking back on it. My Blastoise was basically 40 levels higher than everything else I had on my team, and it had a moveset something like Surf/Skull Bash/Hyper Beam/Bite. Then I had a Jolteon with Double Kick/Pin Missile/Thunder/Quick Attack. I basically caught whatever the crap looked cool, so I ended up with about 3 Water-types, Pidgeotto (It never actually evolved since I basically spammed Blastoise and Jolteon all the time), Jolteon, and a random Weezing with Self-Destruct...and I actually used the move consistently. Why, I'm not sure.
Platinum wasn't much better. I had a Machamp with DynamicPunch/Strength/Fire Blast/Hyper Beam. I didn't realize that it had No Guard, so because of it I basically taught DynamicPunch to everything that could learn it because I thought it was the most amazing move ever. Needless to say that when I went on Serebii I was rather disappointed to find that its accuracy was 50. Unlike a lot of people, I never really taught HMs to my main Pokes (Except Wailord which had like Surf/Waterfall/Dive/Ice Beam) and was furious when my brother taught my Palkia Rock Smash and Cut. I would usually catch a Bidoof or some random crap and teach it all the HMs.
I also came up with what I thought were genius strategies and wrote an entire Word document with what I thought were the best strategies for Pokemon. Unfortunately, that was on my old Netbook which is now fried, otherwise I would copy and paste that entire document in. I basically got coverage moves for EVERYTHING, ideally moves that would hit stuff that the Pokemon was weak to (Hence my Empoleon with Earthquake and Electric-resist berry). I had some ridiculous stuff like Dusknoir with Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse/Psychic and Aggron with basically all Special moves. Needless to say I was incredibly confused when everything in the Battle Frontier outsped my Pokemon. It's so hilarious now that I think back on it...but they were the good ol' days.
One day I wandered into what I think was an uber game with my untrained Diamond team with HMs scattered across.
Abomasnow (cause I thought Snover was cute) with rain dance and water pulse.
Lucario with Rock climb, aura sphere and dark pulse.
Floatzel with Blizzard, Dig and Surf (if only I knew his true potential).
Luxray with two bite attacks, thunder and discharge, a mixed attacker it might not be that bad.
Staraptor, probably very close to what you would see today except it had Fly.
and Torterra cause I'm a Turtwig guy. I think it had leaf storm, earthquake and crunch.

Yeah I wasn't thinking of an actual strategy before I started learning competitive.
Oh, sheesh how embarassing. Ok I'll go.

In Pokemon Emerald I thought I came up with the best Battle Dome doubles strat ever. Rain Dance Plusle and Helping Hand Minum and a Gyarados in the back with Flamethrower, Ice beam, Thunder, Hyper Beam (it was a jolly Gyarados too). At that time I didn't know about EV training but I thought route 119 (i think, the one North of Lavaridge and East of Fallarbor) was glitched because I noticed my pokemon where gaining 20+ SpA on level up while I was training while collecting ashes. I did all my training there (and in firered against the man with the 3 seakings north of the mt ember hot spring)

After that experience I thought the battle frontier was unfair when I couldn't get past the 5 consecutive tourney (Which ever one was the one with the Brain)
In BW (my first game), I had Fusion Flare/V-Create/Fusion Bolt/Psychic Victini and a Haze/Dark Void/Nightmare/Shadow Ball Darkrai, with a Brick Break/Flare Blitz/Head Smash/Blast Burn Pignite. A trio to handle the E4 easily for me. When I replaced Nightmare on my Darkrai with a different move, my friend yelled at me for being dumb and convinced me to re-teach it (yes, it was the same friend that taught me EVs and IVs). Later, I had Brave Genesect with Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Bug Buzz and a Choice Scarf. The Genesect was my first level 100, too.


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My strategy in every game after emerald is have a decent team and then have one guy who can set up and sweep just about everything. In 4th gen I used a Gyarados with: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Waterfall, and Surf. Then in 5th gen I used a Volcarona with: Quiver Dance, Heat Wave, Bug Buzz, and Silver Wind. Also I once trained a Blissey with ice beam because I couldn't get pass Dragonites. >.<
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I used 4 attacking moves on every Pokemon i had usually giving them 4 coverage moves and always paying attention to stats.
Icy Wind
Ice Beam
Sheer Cold
But most of the time: This is a starter, but…
Hydro Cannon
False Swipe/Slash(depending what I'm doing)
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Back OT:
Black 2. Used a special Toxicroak and used Klinklang without Shift Gear. Thought Zap Cannon was reliable enough to KO anything.


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Hmm, my strategy for Emerald during in-game runs is like this:

1. Get a Ninjask
2. Swords Dance
3. Swords Dance
4. Baton Pass / Attack
5. ???
6. Profit!

Yeah I sucked.
Hyper beams
Hyper beams EVERYWHERE

And not only did I find myself needing four attacks, I needed four STAB attacks

The only reason I ever even beat any of the games at all is buying hundreds upon hundreds of Lemonades. :p


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I used to think status moves were a complete waste of time, and by "status" I mean anything that isn't an attacking move--Swords Dance, Thunder Wave, anything like those I found quite frankly frivolous and preferred to go all out towards my opponent. I honesty think that was my greatest mistake, but I can't remember anything else that I did that was really silly.
I went through all of Pokemon Diamond using an Infernape, called (Cringe) Cooly, that knew the moves: Ember, Flamewheel, Close Combat and Rock Smash ( I knew this move was terrible but I had no idea what a move deleter was.) I used Flame Wheel and ember because of a few reasons:1.) I didn't like flare blitz' animation 2.) I didn't know I could buy Fire Blast and 3.) I didn't know where to get the Flamethrower TM. It goes without saying, that I never beat Cynthia ( I couldn't figure out why her Garchomp did so much damage with earthquake).

EDIT: Oops, Forgot about the no starter rule
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Also this:
Lilligant@Sitrus Berry
Giga Drain
Teeter Dance
Leech Seed
Yeah, Taunt just wrecks it. My strategy:
Teeter Dance-Opponent hurts themselves in confusion
Leech Seed- Lilligant is at over 55 percent hp
Giga Drain-KOs

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