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okay, round is over! thank you to everyone who submitted theirs. these came out beautifully and i can't wait to do another round soon!

without further ado...

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Rock / Fairy
HP: 82
Atk: 70
Def: 116
SpAtk: 75
SpDef: 95
Spe: 42

Abilities: Clear Body, Sticky Hold

New Moves: Rock Throw, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Power Gem, Lick, Harden, Iron Defense, Rock Slide, Bite, Crunch, Recover, Life Dew, Strange Steam

Slurpuff is able to secrete a sweet nectar that it can harden at will, forming a sweet helmet of rock-like candy around its head and neck. However, for this reason, it struggles to see, relying on its sense of smell to navigate its surroundings.

Its sugary nectar is used often to produce sweet candies within the Unova region, which its kind populated years ago. It uses its nectar to heal and comfort wounded Pokemon lost in caves.

Gravity Monkey
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Galarian Spinda

Stats: 60 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 60 / 60 (BST: 360)
Abilities: Own Tempo / Sweet Veil / Sugar Rush*
Moves Learned:
Lv01 - Tackle
Lv05 - Copycat
Lv10 - Powder Snow
Lv14 - Psybeam
Lv19 - Hypnosis
Lv23 - Metronome
Lv28 - Dazzling Gleam
Lv32 - Charm
Lv37 - Uproar
Lv41 - Psych Up
Lv46 - Skill Swap
Lv50 - Blizzard
Lv55 - Sheer Cold

*Sugar Rush – Upon consuming a berry, raises one random stat sharply.

thank you everyone who participated! if i missed yours, send me a bump in our convo and i'll add it. cheers!
All of those submissions are fantastic, especially the Flying Runerigus and the Dark Ursaring! The Ground Tsareena, Ghost Purugly and Grass Cursola are also among the most clever imo.

You missed the Additional Information from my submission btw.


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apparently i don't know how long a week is so here's my hour-late entry. possible trypo warning for the hat thing

loosely based on the rhodotus palmatus mushroom

HP: 100
ATK: 80
DEF: 105
SPA: 30
SPE: 95
BST: 480

Abilities: Effect Spore, Skill Link, Cover Yourself In Oil (physical moves have a 25% chance to do 25% of their normal damage)
Signature move: Sticky Fingers | Fairy, Physical, 25 BP, 100% accuracy, 30 PP | Hits 2-5 times; each hit has a 5% chance to steal the opponent's item. If Ludicolo-R is holding an item, its item is replaced with the opponent's stolen one.

This forme of Ludicolo is usually found in very dense forests. It was discovered to have a strong taste for oils, and is used frequently to clean oil spills.
While the mushroom on top of its head is completely inedible, the bubbles on it have immense nutritious value. Unfortunately, they taste awful.
It's very popular among young people for its cute blank expressions. Ironically, it's often seen in the wild with more energetic Pokemon, like Steenee and Bayleef.

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